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Learn more about the detailed process and working environment of WinBridge’s voice amplifier equipment.
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WinBridge Generation Process

WinBridge has more than 10 years of experience in the production of Voice Amplifiers and PA Systems, skilled in production technology, and high-quality products, which are sold all over the world.
WinBridge products require strict product testing, rigorous production technology, and comprehensive product testing before they can be provided to customers. The demand for high-quality products is a consistent requirement of WinBridge, and we hope to recommend the best products to our customers.

WinBridge Product Quality Verification

WinBridge products are currently sold to dozens of countries around the world, and we have received thank-you letters from customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries!

Making Molds

Product structure drawing confirmation→mold design→mold core/mold base/parts/copper purchase→mold core drilling and milling→CNC→Heat treatment→Die machine processing→CNC finishing→Wire cutting→EDM (spark machine) processing→Mold Mold saving (polishing) → Mold blank drilling and milling processing → Mold assembly → Mold test → Test mold shell material structure assembly confirmation → Appearance treatment (high gloss/pattern) → Test mold confirmation appearance and structure assembly → Trial production → Mass production.

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Mold Injection

Procurement of raw materials → baking material (add toner/color if there is color) → molding (mainly detect size/color/shrink/cloak/dissolve line/parting line/different color) → shell material appearance process (silk printing/plating/ Laser carving/painting.

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Make the Voice Coil

The direct definition of a voice coil is the coil through which the speaker passes current. It is an important part of the mechanical wave system of the electrodynamic speaker, and it can also be said to be the heart of the speaker. The performance of the voice coil will affect the sound intensity characteristics of the speaker, sound intensity level, impedance curve, distortion, transient characteristics, speaker parameters, sound quality, etc., especially related to the speaker’s power and life.

Inspection and Testing

We have IQC to test all raw materials to ensure the quality of the products from the source. We have a high-temperature test, salt spray test, swing test, button life test, and current and voltage test. So our product defect rate is less than 0.3%.

Product Assembly

The assembly is carried out in strict accordance with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), each step of the procedure has a special person responsible, and QMC is responsible for management and control.

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Need Sample

Before determining the need for an OEM of voice amplifier, you may need to understand the quality of our products. You can buy samples from our online store to learn more.

Aging Test

Each machine will undergo an aging life test, discharge at the maximum volume, and then recharge so that two cycles are performed to ensure that the battery is charged and discharged and the indicator lights work normally.

Acoustic Test

The horns we produce include internal magnetic horns, external magnetic horns, single coils, and double coils. The curves and related acoustic measurements of the horns must be tested in a silent room.

Logistics Delivery

WinBridge products are currently sold to dozens of countries around the world, and we have received thank-you letters from customers in the United States, Britain, Canada, etc.