WinBridge Voice Amplifier

WinBridge voice amplifiers can be used to amplify the human voice during music teaching. Recommended S92 Pro, S96, S388.

 winbridge voice amplifier for Music Teaching

For Music Teaching

Teaching music is fun. However, it can be tiring for most teachers. Our WinBridge voice amplifiers are an all-in-one music gadget that is excellent for teaching music to class. It is a mini PA system that comes with a microphone and a mini voice amplifier.
Teachers face numerous obstacles every day since they cannot teach without speaking. Not all teachers have a lively demeanor. Some professors have a soft-spoken tone. During prolonged speaking, some teachers experience throat irritations and issues.
With WinBridge voice amplifiers, music teachers don’t have to worry about talking in front of a small to medium or even a big class. The voice amplifiers have other functions like the recorder, mp3 player, USB, and TF card slot, and you can use from wired or wireless headset microphone.
Not every student has excellent hearing. Teachers experience a variety of conditions in the classroom. Therefore, to have a good or engaging lesson, they must shift depending on the situation of each class they attend.
WinBridge’s portable voice amplifier system can make your music class interactive and lively. Teach music with excitement and enjoy the crisp, clear sound, plus excellent sound output. Our recommended models are S92 Plus, S92 Pro, H5, and our mini PA System WinBridge T9.

Recommended model: S92 Pro, S96, H5 Plus.

WinBridge S92 PRO

WinBridge S92 PRO

Wireless voice amplifier with headset and handheld mic, portable, Bluetooth, loud, high sound quality durability.

Winbridge S96

WinBridge S96

Portable PA system with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone,20-22 hours super long working time.

WinBridge S388

Portable Voice Amplifier with Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone, Wire-Free, Hands-Free, Perfect for Teachers.