Voice Amplifier

WinBridge voice amplifier for Covid 19 keep people social distance. Recommend WB001, S209, M700, M800.

 winbridge voice amplifier for For Covid 19

For Covid 19

Talking over a facemask is a real struggle. Because of the Covid19 virus, part of our daily normal is wearing a face mask for protection. It is very challenging for many because they have to exert more effort to make their voices loud to be heard.
WinBridge voice amplifiers are helpful these days to address the problem of talking over a facemask. No one can deny the stress of speaking while wearing a facemask. Voice amp is what our frontliners need now because they need to be heard without shouting or speaking with too much effort. Doctors, cashiers, food attendants, guards, and anyone whose task or job involves talking to a person while wearing a mask need this.
The flexibility of voice amplifiers to our frontliners will enable them to speak with ease and avoid burnout at work. In addition, breathing difficulties can be experienced while wearing a facemask so speaking louder requires more effort than usual. This is minimized with the use of voice amplifiers.
Due to the challenge we encounter due to Covid-19 voice amplifiers are helpful right now. We know how difficult it is to deal with the tension of speaking while wearing a face mask. Therefore, we want to deliver you a useful product and your partner in taking care of your voice.
Recommended WinBridge model: WB001, S209, M700, M800.

WinBridge WB001

WinBridge WB001

Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers Operation is straight forward Lightweight and Compact.

WinBridge S209

WinBridge S209

High powerful mini voice amplifier, Support Bluetooth, TWS Mute ,LED Display, Sleep mode, clearly sound.

WinBridge M700

Personal voice amplifier, features bluetooth, record, FM, rechargeable battery , High quality clearly sound.

Winbridge M800

Rugged Voice Amplifier with wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone,Build in Mic for phone call and the sound of Siren.