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WinBridge Voice Amplifier For Coaching, we recommend WB001, S96, M800, and S388.

 winbridge voice amplifier for coach

For Coach

Are you a life coach and a speaker? A quality voice amplifier that is portable and easy to use can be your reliable partner and essential gadget. However, talking is exhausting, and there could be instances where you need to speak in an informal setup, so you’ll need a handy PA system that you can bring outdoors or indoors without hassle.
With the portability of the voice amplifiers nowadays, you can do so much with them! You can talk and move around the room without holding the microphone. It allows you to use your hands in illustration and hand gestures or do your coaching style freely.
Aside from hands-free talking, you can use a multifunctional voice amplifier to play music in the room or listen to lesson material without bringing a sound system or prominent speakers. You can record your talk while it allows you to become productive in so many ways while engaging your audience in an interactive coaching session.
Since you can use the voice amplifier’s flexible belt, you can hang it around your waist or shoulder or simply put it in one corner if you use a wireless headset. In addition, you can choose from small to medium or big sizes of our units that will suit your preference.
WinBridge Voice Amplifiers come in wired and wireless versions, so you’ll get plenty of choices to choose from. They are multifunctional and have great value for your money. We offer it in retail and wholesale. Please send us a message now for your inquiries and quote needs.
Recommended WinBridge model: WB001, S96, M800, S388.

WinBridge WB001

WinBridge WB001

Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers Operation is straight forward Lightweight and Compact.

Winbridge S96

WinBridge S96

Portable PA system with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone,20-22 hours super long working time.

WinBridge S388

Portable Voice Amplifier with Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone, Wire-Free, Hands-Free.

Winbridge M800

Rugged Voice Amplifier with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone, Build-in Mic for phone calls.