Voice Amplifier

WinBridge has a special PA system suitable for business training, such as S96, S92 Pro, and H5 Plus.

 winbridge voice amplifier for Business Training

For Business Training

Are you doing presentations in a business meeting? A good voice amplifier that is portable and simple to use can be a trustworthy companion and necessary equipment. However, speaking is exhausting, and there may be times when you need to talk to a medium-sized audience, so you’ll need a portable PA system.
WinBridge voice amplifiers can be used during business training, whether in an indoor or outdoor setup. It helps you amplify your voice, so you don’t need to exert effort in speaking louder. The voice output is crisp, loud, and clear.
You can accomplish so much with voice amplifiers nowadays because of their portability! Without holding the microphone, you can speak and walk around the room. Moreover, it enables you to freely move your hands and make hand gestures while in business training.
Aside from hands-free talking, you can use a multifunctional voice amplifier to play music in the room or listen to lesson material without bringing a sound system or big speakers. You can record your talk it allows you to become productive in many ways while engaging your audience during the training.

Recommended model: S92 Pro, S96, H5 Plus.

WinBridge S92 PRO

WinBridge S92 PRO

Wireless voice amplifier with headset and handheld mic, portable, Bluetooth, loud, high sound quality durability.

Winbridge S96

WinBridge S96

Portable PA system with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone,20-22 hours super long working time.

WinBridge H5 plus

WinBridge H5 Plus

Voice amplifier with wireless headset mic, Supports simultaneous use of wireless、wired microphones.