Winbridge Voice Amplifier Accessories

Published November 9th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Model: U5 handed microphone
Feature: This U5 Handheld Wireless microphone adopts UHF wireless technology, wireless transmission distance up to 50m, the wireless signal is very strong and even can through the wall; It built-in 1800mA lithium which can support 10 hours ultra-long standby time.

Model: U7 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Set
Feature: Stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable design. UHF high-frequency wireless technology with a long transmission distance. WinBridge special high fidelity original sound amplifier. Easy to use and carry.Built-in 750mAh high capacity polymer battery. Suits any audio device with MIC in function to realize wireless amplification.

Model: S5 Wired Headset Microphone
Feature: WinBridge S5 wired headset microphone, with its customization gooseneck structure near the mouth. It could sit quietly over your head and does not fall off. You can change the distance between your mouth and the microphone.

Model: S6 Portable Collar Clip Microphone
Feature: The fun-based Voice Amplifier with this clip-on microphone can make you more comfortable and enjoyable. The mode clip-on microphone can be fixed on the music instruments for amplification which is popular for music lovers.

Model: U10 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Feature: Multifunction Wireless Microphone, Max 150 feet working distance, Support working with Camera, laptop

Model: M10 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Feature: Long standby charging case, and convenient storage of products at the same time. Perfect for you to play with YouTube/Facebook Live Streaming, TikTok, Vlog, Interview, and other outdoor video recordings. Say goodbye to messy cables and poor noise cancellation, just plug the receiver on your phone or computer, clip the microphone to your collar then you could start recording or taking video. Little Finger Size, the compact body won’t take up so much room or add too much weight to you when carrying around. Mini Clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar or pocket.

Model: WB010 Voice Amplifiers Speaker Carry Case
Feature: This Portable, fashionable, light, and great min protective cover case is designed for WinBridge voice amplifier pa systems, with a wrist strap and metal carbine which give you more ease of use to amplify your voice freely while teaching, presenting, etc.

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