WinBridge Rugged Portable Voice Amplifier

Published November 15th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article will talk about the features and main functions of the rugged amplifier M800 wired and wireless.

Model: WinBridge M00 UHF

WinBridge M800 UHF Features:
1. Two-color injection molding, waterproof
2. WinBridge acoustic amplification electroacoustic system with a loud and clear voice
3. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control to support synchronous teaching material through the internet
4. High-capacity 3.7V 4400mAh lithium-ion battery
5. Supports TF card & USB flash disk
6. Supports power bank function for emergency charging

WinBridge M800 UHF main functions:
1. Waterproof and Durable Design: With TPU+ABS material sporty design the speaker enjoys an IPX5 waterproof rating, which can resist splashproof but cannot be fully submerged.
2. UHF Wireless Headset Microphone: 2 in 1 Rechargeable wireless headset Mic is only used for sound amplification, which is neither a waterproof mic nor a Bluetooth Microphone. With a detachable design, the headset can also be used as a mini handheld microphone if you like.
3. Bluetooth 4.2 Chip: The voice amplifier can be used with Bluetooth search-enabled capabilities devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and so on, some Bluetooth-enabled-searched devices.
4. One-Key Recording: With a built-in 4400mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, a personal voice amplifier can be a power bank for emergency charging when and where.

Model: WinBridge M800

WinBridge M800 Features:
1. Firm and Sturdy! This Portable Amplifier is well built, it’s firm and very sturdy when held in the hand
2. Voice Speaker Can play music from your iPhone via Bluetooth
No worry no power to charge your devices outdoors anymore as it is can be a mobile power
3. The rechargeable battery ( 2*2200mAh ) lasts a long time (10-12 hours) between charges and charges quickly once plugged in
4. The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably
5. Especially for Outdoors as it is IPX5 Waterproof & Dust-proof & Shockproof! It’s also a Megaphone

WinBridge M800 main functions:
1. Make your voice heard: Powerful headset microphone and the speaker deliver amazing sound & superior clarity. The max 18 watts sound can cover about 10000 sq. ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room.
2. Long Working Time: Rechargeable voice amplifier built-in a 4400mAh big lithium battery which could last for up to 12 hours of playtime after fully charged. And it only takes 3-5 hours to fully charge.
3. Personal Amplifier: Portable speaker amp can also play music from a TF card AND flash drive. Comes with a belt strap that can attach with clips to the amplifier and then can be worn around the neck or through belt loops.
4. Waterproof voice amplifier: IPX5 Rated Waterproof voice amplifier: Shockproof, Splashproof, and Dustproof.
5. Portable Speaker and Microphone: the voice amplifier supports microphone input and music play simultaneously. M800 is not just a voice amplifier but also can be used as a portable speaker. It has a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 with a working range of up to 32ft. Easy connection to Bluetooth, AUX, TF/USB input.

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