WinBridge PA System for Speech

Published November 16th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article describes the models and features of the PA Systems suitable for speech and the reasons why they are recommended.

Recommended Model: T9

Reasons for recommendation:
1. Builts in 4000mAh power battery boasts up to 8-hours of continuous playing with one full battery charge. Portable Speaker is equipped with detachable handles for easier carry.
2. T9 Portable PA speaker system can be conveniently powered by AC whenever you are near a wall socket, excellent for anyone in meetings or seminars, or guiding a tour.
3. UHF wireless microphone builds in rechargeable lithium battery support 5 hours continue working. Simply touch the buttons on the mic to set up the frequency and pair it with the speaker, easy to use.

Recommended Model: K10

Reasons for recommendation:
1.12.1V 7500mAh A-powered battery with 7-8 hours of battery life.
2. microphone using UHF wireless through the wall technology, high sensitivity dynamic microphone core, signal stability, and clear sound quality;
3. Multiple speaker devices wirelessly connected in series, easily meet the needs of large venues;

Recommended Model: H5 Plus

Reasons for recommendation:
1. The wireless voice amplifier can also be a wireless loudspeaker, making your voice reach 1500㎡. You can easily pair the speaker.
2. This is a rechargeable voice amplifier with a built-in 3600mah battery. After fully charged, The voice amplifier with speaker can amplify voice for 8 hours, the wireless microphone headset can last for 4-6 hours, and the transmitter can last for 4-6 hours
3. Switch to UHF mode and pair the voice amplifier with a wireless headset microphone, lapel microphone, and stand microphone, you could use whichever you want.

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