WinBridge Microphone

Published November 10th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Every purchase of your Portable PA System or Voice Amplifier from WinBridge includes the main amp and a microphone. Each package has a wired handheld microphone, a wireless handheld microphone, or one of each.
Because of its dynamic vocal and cardioid nature, WinBridge mics have excellent feedback suppression and an excellent frequency response of between 80-18000 Hz. They’re durable, water-resistant, and have a high gain before feedback capability. It’s ideal for giving a speech or when singing.
A sliding On/Off switch is included in the microphone. It features a steel mesh screen to protect it from strong hits or damage, as well as a heavy-duty structure and well-manufactured construction. It’s a cardioid microphone, which means it only picks up noise in one direction. Because of this pickup pattern, directing vocals may be easily distinguished from background noise.
You can purchase U5 Handheld Microphone for S92 Pro and S7 Dynamic Mic from our store. Sold at retail or in bulk. You can message us with your inquiry. We offer big discounts based on order quantity.

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