WinBridge Handheld Microphone Dynamic Cardioid Unidirectional Mic S7

Published November 8th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

WinBridge S7 microphone has outstanding feedback suppression due to its dynamic vocal and cardioid nature. They’re tough, moisture-resistant, and capable of high gain before feedback. It is perfect for vocal speech or singing purposes.
This mic is crafted with a sliding On/Off switch. It has a heavy-duty build, is well-manufactured, and has a steel mesh grille to protect it from hard knocks or breakage. It is a cardioid mic- which means it picks up noise uni-directionally. This pickup pattern means directional vocals are easy to isolate from background noise.
You’ll get this handheld wired microphone in some of our PA System packages like WinBridge T9 or purchase it separately to be used with your current home system. It has an excellent frequency response of between 80-18000 Hz.
When you use this microphone in your Karaoke session, you’ll enjoy the clarity and seamless voice sound output. Built with XLR jack 3m cable, you can use it at a certain distance at your parties, small karaoke events, and family occasions.
Sold at retail or in bulk. You can message us with your inquiry. We offer big discounts based on order quantity. Our sales team is ready to answer your inquiry and quote requests. Send us a message now, and we’ll assist you.

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