WinBridge Farms Restaurant PA System

Published November 7th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article explains the appropriate models for the PA System in Farm restaurants and the functions of these models.
Model: WinBridge T9 Portable PA System Karaoke Machine
Functions: WinBridge T9 is Powerful & Ultra-Portable, Compact & Functional & Flexible Karaoke Speaker System
Excellent for anyone in meetings or seminars, or guiding a tour.
Newest Bluetooth 5.0, DSP Technology!Faster speed, More stable transmission, Longer distance.

Model: WinBridge H5 Portable PA System
Functions: WinBridge H5 comes with a wireless microphone that has a great future in controlling the volume. Perfect size for the quality of the sounds and it is very loud for such a small system. Both the mic and speaker are rechargeable…the sound is actually PERFECT for speaking. Can play music off radio, USB, Bluetooth, Micro SD, AUX; Well made and speaker has Echo feature.

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