WinBridge Carry Case S92 Plus

Published October 31st, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Store your S92 Plus Voice Amplifier and UHF wireless microphones in this black carry case. You can protect your S92 Plus from dust, water spill, rain, and breakage. This well-built hard case has a zipper enclosure so you can keep the wires and belt straps.
The case comes with a removable organizer so you can keep all the parts and ensure they are in place. Made with thick material so it will last long and padded dividers for gadget protection. Since it is built for rugged use, you can now carry your S92 Plus anywhere without a hassle.
Your S92 is sure to be crush-proof and weather-resistant with this sturdy and trendy carry case. It features a soft and moveable handle for convenience. We can customize upon request and meet the required MOQ.

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