WinBridge Amplifier Protective Case

Published November 15th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article is to describe the main functions, description, and information of the amplifier protective case WB010.

 WinBridge Voice Amplifiers Speaker Carry Case WB010

WinBridge WB010 main functions:
1. Especially designed for WinBridge voice amplifiers; It’s awesome in that you can play your unit while it’s in its case。
2. Lightweight and durable material offers excellent protection with our WinBridge portable pa system.
3. The WinBridge Waterproof Mini Cover secures your speakers and also keeps saving your voice amplifier accessories like charger or cable, which make you carry your all sets together.
4. You can use the voice amplifier speaker in the mesh pocket with cutouts in the front. It includes one strap for carrying.
5. The only one who provides an excellent alternative to a voice amplifier.

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