WinBridge 6 in1 Cable

Published December 9th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This 6-in-1 charging cable has been discontinued, this article will recommend other related amplifier charging equipment.

Recommended Model: 9v plug for S92, S92 Pro&Plus, H5.

Reasons for recommendation:
1. This is the 9V plug for S92, S92 Pro&Plus, and H5.
2. Input:100-240V-50/60Hz 0.26A max.
3. output:9V-1A.

Recommended Model: 5V 1A plug for WB001, S619&UHF, M800&UHF

Reasons for recommendation: This is a 5V 1A plug for products like WinBridge WB001, 511, 278, S619&UHF, M700, M800&UHF, U7, U8 Pro, and US-Standard.

Recommended Model: Mic USB cable for S619&619UHF, M800&800UHF

Reasons for recommendation: 5V 1A Mic USB cable can be used for S619&619UHF, M800&800UHF.

Recommended Model: Mini USB cable for WB001.

Reasons for recommendation: This data line is suitable for WB001.

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