Why we choose a voice amplifier?

Published February 28th, 2023

Written by WinBridge Team

The following is a division of the functional requirements of the voice amplifierr:

① Amplification effect: the so-called voice amplifier, of course, the most important is the amplification effect, which is also our original intention to buy it; for the use of classroom teaching, the amplification effect directly affects the quality of teaching, which should be the most important performance we should focus on when buying the voice amplifier used in class.

② Range capacity: we know that a classroom 45 minutes, the public class inside the university will generally have 1 to 2 hours, which also put forward high requirements for the range capacity of the voice amplifier. If the range is not enough, in the usual use of the process will give you a lot of trouble.

③ Stability: This is one of the important performance indicators that affect the user experience. The key factor affecting the stability of the voice amplifier is the connection mode, the main connection mode on the market can be divided into wired, Bluetooth, FM, 2.4G, UHF and so on.

④Portability: To a certain extent, it will affect the user’s daily experience, for the portability of the voice amplifier, you can consider the weight of the product, the microphone wearing mode and carrying mode.

If I had to make a choice, I would recommend the WinBridge M801 wireless amplifier from a combination of brand value, performance stability and user reviews.

WinBridge M801 Features:
*IPX5 waterproof, with Siren and Shockproof
*Long Battery Life
*Led Display
*Easy to Connect, Power On and Play

The second amplifier worth choosing to buy is the WinBridge WB002

WinBridge WB002 Features:
*Easy to set up and use
*Lightweight and compact, Convenient to carry
*Built-in 1500 mah battery, keeps run 15 hours
*Designed for indoor use

I wish you can choose a suitable voice amplifier for you here.

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