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Published December 18th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Are you looking for a supplier of wholesale portable smart speakers? There are many advantages you can get when you choose Winbridge! As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of voice amplification gadgets, you’re sure to get only the high-performance and quality of our products.

Thanks to the innovation of WinBridge portable smart speakers! These speakers were designed and manufactured with a wide range of controls and functions. Our Bluetooth speakers can be used in schools, and outdoor setups like parks, offices, and homes.

1. Schools
If you are a teacher, instructor, or professor who seeks to improve your class, wholesale portable smart speaker voice amplifiers from WinBridge are a great help to you. You can play mp3s and videos with high audio quality around the classroom. You will easily bring it to your class and connect it to your device easily through Bluetooth.
You can use our portable smart speaker instead of using the internal or built-in audio from laptops, mobile phones, and other devices that you use during the class for a much better experience.

2. Coaches and Instructors
If you are a Zumba or dance instructor, and commonly prefer the park to be the venue, our wholesale portable smart speaker will be heard even with a huge crowd attending the activity. High-quality audio output may hype the crowd even more and give everyone a great time doing Zumba.
WinBridge wholesale portable smart speaker can produce the sound of mp3s from your device with a good balance of high and low tunes. Also, our Bluetooth speakers are built durable. You can easily bring or carry it to different places, free from the hassle of carrying other heavy speakers.

3. Offices
Meetings, seminars, and other office agendas will be easier when all the attendees will easily understand what the speaker is saying. WinBridge wholesale portable smart speaker is great for office use.
WinBridge cares for our beloved customers! Our wholesale portable smart speaker can be used with a microphone. The microphone helps you exert less effort in talking rather than keeping your voice loud just to make sure everyone hears you.

4. Online Store Hot-Selling product
Adding another gadget to your online store? Our portable smart speaker will give you an advantage when you’re selling voice amps and PA systems with Bluetooth speakers. With the well-engineered design of our Bluetooth speakers, they will be able to produce a high-quality, clear, and loud sound.
Using our portable smart speaker will make any quiet room into a fun, exciting, and sometimes even relaxing place, even if you are staying at home. Turn it into an instant Karaoke system! It can produce high-quality sound even when connected to your mobile phone.

You’ll enjoy benefits when you purchase wholesale portable smart speakers from WinBridge. We offer discounts for bulk sales. We can also cater to basic packaging customizations if you need them for your brand. We have a team of experts who can assist you even after sales. Send your inquiries to info@wwinbridge.com.

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