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Published November 2nd, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

“The HUMAN VOICE is the most PERFECT INSTRUMENT of all. “ Arvo Part
Indeed, the human voice is powerful in so many ways. Your voice is your success. Your voice is your freedom. Your expression. Your voice is the organ of the soul.
We want to share our story.
WinBridge is known as a top manufacturer of portable voice amplifiers and PA systems. We are proudly located in Shenzhen, China and our major market cover the US, UK, and Asia. We boast of our Voice Equipment products that aim to care for the human voice while providing comfort, convenience, and the highest quality of craftsmanship and technology.
WinBridge is a company created to deliver and innovate high-quality audio equipment that can provide optimum benefits to our product users. It is our goal to become your reliable partner while keeping our promise to give 100% commitment to our global customers for solutions and service.
For the past __7__ years, WinBridge has innovated top-notch Voice Amplifiers with multifunction features and exceptional designs. From entry-level to professional models, our Voice Amplifiers sold millions of units all over the world. Every year, our Technology Team carefully plans and studies to develop upgrades and new products for the improvement and launch new versions based on the latest technology.
To keep up with the demands of our growing customers, we also introduced portable Bluetooth PA Systems that serve their purposes efficiently and effectively in different industries. Whether you are a teacher, coach, speaker, instructor, performer, music enthusiast, or student- we ensure that our products were carefully inspected and checked, and the lifespan would go a long way so you can use them for years.
Our tagline- Is your Voice. We Care! – is our expression of sincere concern to our customers. We aim to bring continuous support and lasting relationship to our partners and distributors worldwide. When you use your voice to do your job, it is our duty to protect you by creating well-crafted, superior, and convenient handy gadgets- our voice amplifiers and portable PA systems.
WinBridge products are proudly made in China! Yes, made in China! But not all Made in China are fake. We cannot really blame the market for having the impression that when they find out the product is made in China, they think it was of low quality or fake. But ours is an exemption! Some would opt to buy products from China knowing it’s way cheaper than the original brand, or some are what they call copycats from China but would regret it in the end because it only lasts for a few months or so, but some can prove that China products work otherwise. We last a long time! Thanks to the thousands of companies who became our loyal clients for years!

Rest assured that our products are carefully manufactured and shipped to your doorsteps. Our defect rate is only 0.3% and should there be a broken piece or damaged item, we would be happy to replace it and ship a replacement right away. Our products come with a _______-year warranty so you’ll be confident to buy from our store. We have warehouses and repair centers in the US, Philippines, and other selected distributors globally that can cater to your orders and repair needs.

Why trust WinBridge? Because we value TRUST! We will not be where we are right now without the trust of all our clients around the world! In return, we are inspired and driven to provide customer satisfaction while delivering a high quality of service through our premium products.

We listen to your VOICE. We highly value your reviews and feedback. Whether it is good or bad, we take it as an opportunity to grow and become better as a company. We welcome bloggers, customer reviews, and influencers who are willing to collaborate with us! We are responsive in our social media marketing channels and we want to reach out to you in any way possible. Your input and suggestions are very important to us!

As the saying goes, SHARING IS CARING! 2020 is such a troublesome year for the whole world. No one became exempted. Everyone is struggling. Many people lose their jobs, and the economy is down. Everyone needs hope. We all look forward that the world will heal and we will all coming back to our normal lives. WinBridge believes that becoming a channel of help can make a difference to make our world better again. To share a portion of the blessing we receive may not be a very big move, but we believe that it can support and help someone who has a passion to uplift others in his own little way.

Our pledge is, that for every single unit of order that we receive, $1 will be shared with our Donation Fund. Yes, you got it right! 1 Voice Amplifier= $1. Once we reach a total of $10K, we will look for a poor Teacher or Student in any part of the world to assist with their studies or give her a chance to make her life better with the amount we can collect from our Donation Fund.
We encourage you to be a part of this drive. If you want to nominate a student or a teacher, kindly send us an email at info@wwinbridger.com. Tell us why you think they deserve the donation so that we can put them in our database for future selection. We would like you to help us by sending this good news to different schools that you know. We want to become your PARTNER and be a bridge to someone’s dream!

Lastly, WinBridge is committed to bringing value to the world by becoming a good steward. We believe that caring for others is part of our overall goals. This motivates us to give back through the charities we partner in. We hope to build more programs to help the poor kids around the world and to support deserving teachers who, in their own ways, unconditionally give their love to children with their incomparable passion to teach.

We would love to connect and partner with you! You can reach us through our platforms and write us an email: info@wwinbridge.com.

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