What Is WinBridge

Published November 12th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article describes when WinBridge was founded, what it sells, and what the company’s philosophy is.

Voice Amplifier Manufacturer: WinBridge is a global leader in voice amplifying technology Since 2007. We offer a “Speech Aid” to help amplify the teacher’s voice to let your voice could be heard by students and save your throat. This includes Portable Voice Amplifier, Portable Karaoke speaker, and Wireless Microphone, it covers business meetings, professional teaching& Speaking, Tour guide, Entertainment, Promotion Event, Parkinson’s patient… WinBridge is pioneering Voice Amplify for those who let their voice could be heard anywhere hands-free.

About Our Team: We have a whole chain of employees related to amplification products, and our team of employees is dedicated to solving the problems of our customers. Our philosophy is “Your Voice, We Care”.

What Are Some Good Voice Amplifiers
This article will talk about our good amplifier models and features, these amplifiers have good functions as well as excellent quality, suitable for most people’s use.

Recommended model: WB001

Reasons for the recommendation:
1.WinBridge WB001 is lightweight, compact, and portable.
2. Operation is straightforward, even if you could without needing the manual. Just plug and play.
3. This speaker with a microphone headset can be positioned near your mouth with its flexible gooseneck design. The headset sits on top of the head so it is stable and won’t fall off.

Recommended model: S92 Pro

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. The main pa speaker unit has a very good build quality, solid feel, and is well-made.
2. The amplifier gives off a good clear sound, you could easily make a presentation to a group of 100-200 people and be heard clearly.

Recommended model: M800

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. Rechargeable voice amplifier built-in a 4400mAh big lithium battery which could last for up to 12 hours of playtime after a full charge. And it only takes 3-5 hours to fully charge.
2. IPX5 Rated Waterproof voice amplifier: Shockproof, Splashproof, and Dustproof.

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