Voice Amplifier For Yoga Instructors

Published March 23rd, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Free movement while communicating clearly is an essential condition for every yoga instructor. This is why choosing the right voice amplifier gives you freedom and flexibility while improving client satisfaction. Before purchasing a voice amplifier for yoga, factors include battery life, stability, and power reach.

Voice Amplifier For Yoga Instructors

This guide will help you decide on the perfect voice amplifier for yoga, considering several factors, including the hall’s size, budget, students’ scope, and many more. We recommend S388 and H5 WinBridge voice amplifiers as our top pick for yoga instructors.

Yoga instructor’s budget for sound system

Yoga instructors should budget between 50 US dollars and 160 US dollars for a good voice amplifier. This price is subject to economic and fiscal factors like inflation, taxes, discounts, etc. You should consider any other economic factors as this helps set your budget range.

Number of yoga students

Yoga instructors should consider their class size before purchasing a voice amplifier. Different voice amplifiers have deterrent purposes, and a perfect amplifier may be unsuitable for specific events or reach.
For a small yoga class of 30-80 students, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. This voice amplifier is suitable for small types and will ensure that the instructor is heard clearly.
A yoga class of more than 80 to 120 students will require a much stronger output power. We recommend an output power of 10-18W. This will ensure that all students can hear the yoga instructor clearly.
For a large class of up to 180 students, we recommend going for a voice amplifier with 20W+ output power. These high-power amplifiers mean all students will hear the instructors clearly regardless of their size.

Yoga gym area

Another factor that a yoga instructor must consider before purchasing a voice amplifier is the size of the yoga gym area. It is crucial to take note of the distance between the speaker and his students. Also, the instructor should consider the size of the gym, as getting a smaller amplifier for a large room could prove to be frustrating.
Some amplifiers cover large areas, while some are unsuitable for larger rooms. This must be carefully considered before a purchase is made.
For a yoga gym within 40 meters, we recommend a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. These rooms are much smaller than a kindergarten class, and therefore 5-10W is the required sound coverage.
In addition, a Yoga instructor should go for a more powerful amplifier for a gym with a size of 80 meters. We recommend an amplifier with an output power of 10-18W. These speakers are capable of covering the entire room more effectively.
In the case of a larger room, we recommend going for an amplifier of 20W+ for a more effective result. Sometimes getting the wrong amplifier could distort the activities of the instructors. This is why these factors must be carefully considered.

Yoga teaching time per day

Struggling with battery life and charging can be distracting during your yoga exercise. This is why it is crucial to not the teaching time per day to make the right purchase to meet your needs. You don’t want to be stuck with an amplifier with a work time of fewer than 5 hours for a class of 8 hours.
Also, knowing how long the yoga teaching will hold will give you an idea of the type and brand of voice amplifier to purchase. Many voice amplifiers are built for different reasons, and all come with varying battery capacities. We will therefore base our recommendation on the timing of the yoga class.
For a yoga class of more than eight consecutive working hours, we recommend a voice amplifier of 20W. The reason is that the amplifiers come with large batteries that have up to 20 hours of amplification time. Users do not have to worry about a dead device and have enough backup time in the event of delay timing. They are also straightforward to charge and can be fully charged within 3-4 hours.
Furthermore, for a yoga class of fewer than 8 hours working time, we recommend a wired voice amplifier with an output power of 15W. These amplifiers have an amplification time of 10-15 hours. The difference between the wireless mics and the wired is that the wireless usually has a voice amplification of fewer than 5 hours.

Walk around

Movement is a major activity in yoga classes. The instructor needs to move around freely, stretching and bending. He also needs to use both hands freely without feeling any restraint. But this could be a problem, as with traditional speakers he needs to hold a microphone. We recommend using a voice amplifier for this problem.
Voice amplifiers make it easy for the speaker to move freely without restraint on the body. While many voice amplifiers come with different features, we recommend getting voice amplifiers with the following features:
● Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth connection means that the microphone can connect to the amplifier without a wired connection. This makes it easier for the speaker to move around without hindrances. Yoga instructors should note that not all Bluetooth devices have the same connection or battery life.
Some devices have a stronger connection and produce a clear sound than others, while others have better battery life. All of these factors must be considered before purchase.
● Noise resistance
Wireless voice amplifiers are usually designed with a filter to eliminate white noise and other undesired sounds. A wireless headset microphone is the best option here as it provides barriers that cancel out high-frequency waves and produces better experiences.
● Battery life and power
Battery life and power should also be carefully considered if you intend to move around a lot. Wired amplifiers can prove messy and uncomfortable when moving around. Rechargeable batteries get rid of the wires and give more unrestricted movement.
● Inbuilt features like Aux connection, USB port Micro Sd card, etc
This feature may also prove useful and allow the instructor to play music sounds while moving around the studios. This method is more effective and efficient. The micro sd card port means the instructor can download the recording into an sd card and play it during the class.

Wired microphone

If you consider purchasing a wired microphone voice amplifier, here we have compiled a list of advantages, disadvantages, and applications of a wired voice amplifier. All of which should be considered before the purchase of a wired mic.
Advantages of a wired microphone
The significant advantage of using a wired microphone headset voice amplifier is that it produces a much clearer sound. Wired voice amplifiers usually have a much higher output power and battery life than wireless mic voice amplifiers.
Also, the wired mic amplifiers are fairly lightweight, making them easy to carry around by the speaker. Talking about ease, the wired voice amplifier comes with a belt strap that can be adjusted for the convenience of the user.
In addition, wired microphones produce a clear sound output in comparison to wireless microphones. This is because its amplifiers usually have high output power.
Finally, the controls are close to the speaker, easily reducing or increasing the speaker’s volume without any stress.
Disadvantages of Wired microphones
The following are the major disadvantages of a wired microphone.
1. It is unsuitable for strenuous movements and may not be suitable for yoga classes.
2. It could also be uncomfortable for the users as they may not like the straps and belt clip.
We do not recommend wired microphones for yoga classes, as this may not allow the instructor to express himself in class fully.

Wireless microphone

The wireless microphones are more suitable for yoga classes as they allow more movement freedom. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless microphones that every yoga instructor must be aware of:
Advantages of wireless microphone
1. The wireless microphone comes in an adjustable headset mic that fits comfortably on the speaker’s head. Yoga instructors can now work around using their full hands while the headset gently rests on their heads.
2. It is loud enough to cover a large room. The wireless microphone may not be as loud as the wired, but it is definitely loud enough to cover a room of about 10000 square feet.
3. The wireless microphones come with a close control feature that allows the user to adjust the volume easily.
Disadvantages of Wireless microphones
1. Wireless mic voice amplifiers have a lower battery life than wired amplifiers and, therefore, easily run out of power when used for a long time. Frequent charging is a stressful process and can be frustrating.
2. Often the Uhf pairing can be very difficult or may refuse to connect. This is when the microphone doesn’t connect to the amplifier through a Uhf Bluetooth connection.
3. Sometimes, propagation connections may be poor. This means the farther you take the wireless mic from the amplifier, the more distorted the signal.

Interact with the student

Interaction with students may require an extra microphone for the student to speak with. It may prove ineffective if both the instructor and the student share the same microphone. We recommend purchasing a voice amplifier with two microphones to solve this problem.
This voice amplifier has the unique feature of connecting two microphones to its system at a time. This is a cost-effective method of promoting good interaction between the yoga instructor and the students. Also, students can now actively participate in the yoga class by asking their questions and giving suggestions.
Another feature of the double mic voice amplifier is Bluetooth. The Bluetooth allows the instructor to play music while talking simultaneously, making the class very active and interesting. The Bluetooth connection can pair with phones, laptops, and other devices with the Bluetooth feature.
In Addition, the U disk and Tf card can also be used to play music in the class while talking with the microphones. We recommend the WinBridge S92 Plus for effective interaction with students.

Yoga teaching with a mask

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new safety culture of wearing a facemask, which has proven a hindrance to effective communication, as facial cues are covered, and sometimes the sound of the voice may become unclear.
We recommend a voice amplifier to solve this problem. Not just any voice amplifier will be suitable for this scenario. We recommend a voice amplifier with high power output. These amplifiers can amplify the speaker’s voice several meters away from his position.
An excellent example of a high output power voice amplifier is speakers with an output power of above 20W. These speakers can reach over 1000 square feet and cover more than 180 students who hear the speaker.
Yoga instructors like to record their teachings on their phones so as to concentrate on physical activities. The wireless voice amplifiers come with a Bluetooth connection to other Bluetooth-enabled devices-the instructors can playback, fast forward, or further control the voice amplifier.

Anti-fall and rugged voice amplifier

Before purchasing a voice amplifier, the client should ensure that the device adopts an ani-fall and rugged design. This anti-fall safeguard design prevents the voice amplifier from falling and sustaining damage. The safeguards include a strap that allows you to fasten the amplifier tightly to your belt, which prevents the device from
mishandling. Another
safeguard employed is the use of a headset microphone, which seats comfortably on the head of the user. These headsets are adjustable and can easily fit any user. Unlike the traditional mics, which are held by hands and are prone to fall, the headset is a safer way of handling the microphones and extending the device’s lifespan.
We recommend any WinBridge voice amplifiers, as they employ many anti-fall and rugged designs. WinBridge speakers are made of rigid, durable, and lightweight materials. They are easy to carry around and convenient for use. Find out more about WinBridge voice amplifiers.

Voice amplifier for outdoor yoga

Not all voice amplifiers are suitable for outdoor scenarios, and a yoga instructor must conduct his research before deciding to purchase one. Factors like the weather, size of the outdoor studio, movements, and many more must be carefully considered before a purchase is made.
For instance, you do not want to buy an amplifier without a waterproof feature for an outdoor event. We recommend our favorite, the WinBridge H5 plus with Headset Lapel Lavalier Mic Transmitter for outdoor yoga classes. They are designed with waterproof, rugged, and anti-fall materials and are suitable for outdoor events
In addition, the instructor should consider the output power. A lower output power amplifier may prove useless in outdoor events. We recommend getting an amplifier of more than 18W for outdoor events. These amplifiers usually have a battery life of more than 10 consecutive hours and would last longer without charging. We also recommend getting a wired or wireless WinBridge voice amplifier.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Speakers often struggle to be heard clearly and audibly due to drowning noises. They work to get the attention of their audience or students and have often resorted to shouting. Continuous shouting puts a strain on your vocal cords and can damage them temporarily, or at worse, permanently.
Furthermore, damage to the vocal cords may be caused by more physical events, like accidents, physical damage to the cords, sickness, and many others. Such damage brings hindrance to effective communication between the Yoga instructor and students.
We recommend getting a voice amplifier to solve this issue. With a voice amplifier, the speaker need not shout to be heard, as their voice is amplified several meters away. WinBridge manufacturers offer the best quality voice amplifier to ensure that your vocal cords are well protected from damage. These amplifiers can amplify even the faintest of sounds and are therefore recommended for people with a damaged vocal cord who can’t speak aloud.
Furthermore, patients recovering from surgery who cannot speak well or aloud should be given a voice amplifier to enable them to communicate with loved ones. Their predicament should not deny them a voice that is heard.
You can avoid straining your vocal cords by getting a WinBridge voice amplifier.

List for voice amplifier required by Yoga instructor

Yoga instructors can choose from a wide variety of voice amplifiers available in the market. However, they must understand that not all voice amplifiers suit their specific needs. Selecting a suitable voice amplifier will go a long way to ensure a successful yoga class. The instructor should consider the following factors before purchasing a voice amplifier.
● Output power: Yoga instructors should consider the output power of the voice amplifier before making a purchase. Larger classes will need an amplifier of 20W+ and would be suitable for outdoor events. For smaller classes, instructors can purchase amplifiers with an output power of 5-10W.
● Wired or wireless mics: We recommend wireless microphones or headsets for yoga instructors, as this affords them the freedom to move and carry out strenuous activities. If your choice is output power over space, we recommend wired mics have improved. Outputs.
● Connectivity: For easy connectivity, we recommend the wired mic, as instructors have a stronger signal and can easily connect with the amplifier, unlike the wireless, which usually has UHF connectivity issues.
● Special features: Yoga instructors should consider features like Bluetooth connectivity, U disk, and others that allow them to use the mic and still play music simultaneously.
Here are our top picks for amplifiers every yoga instructor must have
1. WinBridge S388
The S388 version is a portable voice amplifier with wireless microphones and free handling. This microphone is perfect for Yoga instructors and teachers. S388 is suitable for a small class of about 50 students. It is made of rugged and anti-fall materials to reduce the impact of wear and tear on the device. the wireless microphone has good stability and a filter system to eliminate white noise. Also, its strong battery life makes it a popular choice among yoga instructors
Summary features
● Portable PA system
● wireless microphone headset
● Strong battery life
1. WinBridge S96
The WinBridge S96 voice amplifier is a wireless voice amplifier with 20-22 working hours over consecutive hours. The speakers are suitable for outdoor yoga classes and large classes and are rugged and durable materials. The speaker is lightweight and very portable to carry around.
S96 comes with a UHF wireless microphone, which is one feature that makes it great for the instructor. He can move around freely without worrying about the wire mesh.
Summary features
● Wireless microphone
● 20-22 consecutive working hours.
● Portable PA system
1. WinBridge h5
WinBridge H5 plus speakers are built for a smaller class of about 50 students. ITs gives out a very clear sound with no distortion or white noise. The amplifier comes in a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth 5.0 allows the users to pair the PA system with other Bluetooth enabling devices to play songs and even recordings. The amplifier is lightweight and only weighs about 3.27lb. This makes it easy for the Yoga instructor to carry around. Other special features include the FM radio station, a form of entertainment. Finally, the device is built with an Echo feature.
Summary features
● The output power of 30W
● The battery strength of 2500mAh
● 5-8 hours amplification time
● 3 hours charging time
● Music playtime of 4-7 hours


Getting the best voice amplifier can improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of the yoga class. Their students hear the instructors more clearly regardless of the background noise or distraction. Also, they can get an immediate response from their student through the use of a second mic.
Also, voice amplifiers with two microphones or headsets mean improving the interaction between the speaker and the audience. There is no need to share one mic, as both mics can connect to the amplifier simultaneously.
Therefore, we recommend that every yoga instructor get a suitable WinBridge voice amplifier to meet their needs.

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