Voice Amplifier For Training

Published March 18th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Training can be a very tedious exercise, and most times, the speaker may struggle to amplify the speaker’s voice during these events. Especially in business training, it is essential that the trainer is understood clearly and followed attentively by his student. This is why they need the best portable voice amplifier.

Voice Amplifier For Training

Voice amplifiers are an essential accessory every trainer should have. It allows him to speak audibly to the students and communicate efficiently during a training session. Getting a proper voice amplifier is also beneficial to the speaker’s health as he will be speaking for an extended period.

Table of Contents

  1. Training budget for sound system
  2. Number of trainees
  3. Event venue area
  4. Duration of the training
  5. Assistant trainer
  6. Handheld Wireless Microphone For training
  7. Interact with the trainees
  8. On-the-spot training with A mask
  9. The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity
  10. Voice amplifier for outdoor training
  11. Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord
  12. List for voice amplifier required by training
  13. Conclusion

This article will examine the complete guide for purchasing a voice amplifier for your meetings. What are the factors to consider? We shall also recommend some of the best WinBridge voice amplifiers that every trainer should have for their training session.

Training budget for sound system

Before you purchase a voice amplifier, it is crucial to know the current market price for the voice amplifier. Trainers are expected to budget 50USD and 150 USD to buy a good voice amplifier. Other factors can influence the cost of a voice amplifier. Other factors include inflation rate, delivery cost, tariffs, and many others. Carefully consider these costs.
In addition, some voice amplifiers will come with additional features, which will influence the cost of the voice amplifiers. Some of these features will include Fm radio, mp3 player, and others. It is essential to consider whether those features are helpful to you as they can influence the cost of the speaker.
You must also know that the best voice amplifier for your training may cost you more to get.

Number of trainees

The number of trainees in the training session may also influence the voice amplifier you should get. The larger training session may require you to purchase voice amplifiers with high output power. This means that the more students in training, the higher the output power needed.
For smaller training sessions of aboub30-80 students, the trainer will need a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. This is sufficient to amplify the speaker’s voice to the entire class.
A medium training session of 80-120 trainees will require a stronger voice amplifier with an output power of 10-18W. This means that all trainees will hear the speaker clearly and efficiently.
A larger class of more than 120 trainees will require a voice amplifier of more than 20W output power. These training sessions are usually the size of a university hall and will need a stronger voice amplifier to be effective.

Event venue area

The area size of the training session is also an essential factor to consider. A larger area will need a more powerful voice amplifier to be effective. This is because the more significant the room, the more voice range is required.
Getting a small voice amplifier for a large venue area may prove insufficient and frustrating, while getting a powerful voice amplifier for a small venue area may be too overwhelming. It is why this factor should be carefully considered.
With a training area of 40m, we recommend the trainer get a voice amplifier of 5-10W output power. These are small classes, usually within kindergarten classes, and will not require much power.
For a training area of 80m, the trainer will need a more strong voice amplifier. Voice amplifiers of the output power of 10-18W are usually sufficient for these sizes. The classes are usually comparable with primary or secondary classes.
Larger classes, usually the size of a university hall, will have to get a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20w to be effective.

Duration of the training

The duration of the training session needs to be carefully considered before the purchase of a voice amplifier. Voice amplifier comes with different battery life to suit multiple purposes. And some of these voice amplifiers may not be suitable for sets of scenarios.
This is why they should be carefully considered.
Sometimes people make the mistake of getting a 5-10w voice amplifier for an event of up to 10 hours. You will find out that before you are halfway through the training, the voice amplifier battery will be below, and then the struggle of charging begins. Some voice amplifiers are built to last for longer hours, and others may be used for a shorter period.
For a training session of more than 8 consecutive hours of amplification use, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W. These voice amplifiers usually come with a more significant and long-lasting battery life. They offer amplification time of up to 20 hours and can be charged fully in less than 5 hours. Users can talk for long hours without worrying about charging.
For training hours of less than 8 consecutive hours, we recommend a voice amplifier of 15w output power. These voice amplifiers offer an amplification time of 10-15 hours and are usually charged fully within 3 hours.
You should also note that the wireless voice amplifier has less battery life than the wired voice amplifiers. If battery life is what you are keen on, we recommend wired voice amplifiers.

Assistant trainer

Like with all events, interaction is keen. Most trainers usually have an assistant trainer who helps contribute to the session and gets the mic to the trainees who have questions to ask.
We recommend a WinBridge voice amplifier with more than 2 microphones for these instances. The assistant trainer will use these extra microphones to contribute to the training session without the stress of sharing the mic with the trainer. He can also pass this microphone to the trainee to ask questions and contribute.
In addition, there is a dedicated microphone for the trainer to speak and contribute to the session at will. Usually, these extra microphones come as headset wired microphones or handheld microphones. Any microphones are suitable for these events, whether excessive exchange and movement are required.
As earlier emphasized, the extra microphones will allow the assistant trainer to contribute to the training sessions.

Handheld Wireless Microphone For training

Handheld wireless microphones contrast the headset wireless microphones held in the hands. They are usually made of durable materials and are very lightweight. Being portable means that the speaker can handle the microphones without noticing the burden of handling them with hands. They are very suitable for the training session that requires interactions and the exchange of microphones.
If you are still unsure whether to get a wireless handheld microphone, the subsequent paragraphs will highlight the pros and cons of having a handheld voice amplifier for training.
Pros of handheld voice amplifier
1. Portable: the handheld microphones are usually very lightweight and easy to handle by the user. The speaker can work around easily without the stress of feeling he is carrying anything.
2. Flexibility in movement: Because they are wireless, they offer the speaker flexibility to move around without any restriction from wires
3. Volume control: The wireless microphones usually have a close control feature that allows the speaker to increase or reduce volume without being close to the amplifier.
4. Battery life: The wireless microphones come with a rechargeable battery with long-lasting life /
Cons of handheld voice amplifier
1. Bad Uhf pairing: The wireless voice amplifier usually has bad UHF pairing and sometimes struggles to pair with the pa system
2. propagation limits: The farther away from the amplifier system, the more distorted the signal and sounds. It, therefore, puts a limit on movement.
3. Battery life: compared to the wired voice amplifier, the wireless handheld voice amplifier does not offer a lasting battery. The frequent charging may be frustrating to the user of the microphones.
Wired microphone For training
The wired microphones have long wires that connect them to the voice amplifier, unlike the wireless mic. They are usually in situations where battery lives are most helpful. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing a wired microphone for training. These reasons should be carefully considered before purchasing a wired mic amplifier.
Pros of wired microphones
1. Clear sounds: The wired microphones produce better and clearer sound than their counterparts. As there is no distortion in the quality of sound or signal, the sounds are better
2. better battery life: the wired microphones amplifiers have a better battery life than the wireless and can be used for events with longer durations
3. Lightweight: The device is built to be lightweight and easy to handle. The user must be convenient when using the device
4. Easy handling: the wired microphones usually come with straps and hooks to allow for eBay handling when being used
5. Better control system: The control system is much closer to the speaker for adjustments.
Cons of wired microphones
1. The wired microphones are unsuitable for strenuous movements and may not suit yoga classes.
2. The straps may be uncomfortable for the users as they may not like the straps and belt clips.

Interact with the trainees

As stated earlier, this training session may require interaction between the trainer and the trainee. Sometimes the trainee may have some information to contribute or even questions to ask. It will be inconvenient if the microphones are shared between the speaker and the trainee.
This is why we recommend the trainer purchase a voice amplifier with at least two mics. One of the mics can be dedicated to the trainer, while the other is shared between the trainee.,
We also recommend wireless microphones, as the microphones will be passed from one speaker to the other to make contributions. Others choosing wireless could deny some features, including longer battery life; they are best suited for interactive sessions. The wireless handheld is best suited for the interactions.

On-the-spot training with A mask

The advent of the pandemic and covid-19 now means that people must learn to leave and cope with the pandemic. One of the changes this pandemic has brought is using the nose mask. The nose mask is a preventive way of ensuring that the virus is not passed from one person to another.
Mask wearing is not without its issues. It has resulted in distorted communication among people. Also, it prevents people from hearing the speaker correctly, leading to misinformation and poor communication.
It is where the voice amplifier comes to play. Trainers who wear masks can now get their voices amplified adequately to their trainees without any issue. We recommend a voting amplifier with a strong output power of morethan15w. These voice amplifiers can get the speaker’s voice across 1000 sq meters without distortion.
Employing the used amplifier also means that the user will pass information clearly to their trainee.

The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity

The battery life of the voice amplifier is an essential factor all trainers must consider before they purchase a voice amplifier. All voice amplifiers are not built the same. Some will come with a more substantial battery than others. This must be considered well.
For longer meetings of more than 8 hours, we recommend that the user get a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W. These devices come with a more prominent and long-lasting battery life. They can offer up to 20 hours of voice amplifiers to the speaker. They are also fast to charge and usually complete within 3-5 hours.
For a training session of less than 8 consecutive hours, we recommend that the trainer get a voice amplifier with an output power of up to 15W. They usually offer 10-15 hours of amplification time and charge entirely within 3-5 hours.
Also, a wired voice amplifier offers better battery life than wireless voice amplifiers.

Voice amplifier for outdoor training

During outdoor training, the trainer must consider factors that may influence the success of the sessions. Such factors will include the following:
Weather conditions: Outdoor events are prone to harsh weather conditions, and getting the wrong voice amplifier could damage them. When purchasing a voice amplifier for outdoor use. It is essential to ensure that they are built to be weatherproof. They must be waterproof and made with durable materials to withstand these conditions.
Anti-fall and rugged designs: The products you are buying can withstand damage from falls.
Output power: outdoor events require more output power than indoor events. We recommend a voice amplifier of 20W plus output power.
All of these should be carefully considered before a purchase is made.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Continuous yelling at the top of your voice could damage your vocal cords. This could result in a cracked voice, loss of voice, and even physical damage to your vocal cords. Trainers can avoid injuries to the vocal cords by employing quality voice amplifiers.
If the trainer already has a weak or damaged voice from illness or stress, he can use the voice amplifier to amply his voice during any other training. A personal voice amplifier is also perfect for patients with challenges in talking or patients just recovering from operations.

List for voice amplifier required by training

Trainers have access to a wide variety of voice amplifiers in the market, and picking the right one that suits their needs may prove to be complicated. Selecting a suitable voice amplifier will go a long way in ensuring that the training sessions are very successful. In subsequent paragraphs, we shall examine factors to consider when purchasing a voice amplifier for training:
The following are the factors to consider before you buy a voice amplifier for training:
● Output power: Yoga instructors should consider the output power of the voice amplifier before making a purchase. Larger classes will need an amplifier of 20W+ and would be suitable for outdoor events. For smaller classes, instructors can purchase amplifiers with an output power of 5-10W.
● Wired or wireless mics: A wired or wireless microphone may be suitable for t training depending on the trainer’s preference. If your choice is output power over space, we recommend wired mics have improved.
● Connectivity: For easy connectivity, we recommend the wired mic. The wireless mics often have UHF pairing issues, which can be frustrating. Trainers can talk while their voice is amplified with their wired amplifiers.
● Special features: Yoga instructors should consider features like Bluetooth connectivity, U disk, and others that allow them to use the mic and still play music simultaneously.
Here are our top picks for amplifiers that every trainer must have in their sessions:
WinBridge S92 PRO
Some of the exciting features of the s92 pro are as follows
● A 2pcs U8 wireless headset microphones
● Quality sounds from the speaker
● Suitable for a large number of rainy events
● Well made speaker unit with a solid structure
● Can pair both wireless handheld microphone and headset microphone at the same time
● Loudspeaker system which allows for USB, drive, micro SD card or AUX
● A 2pcs of U8 wireless headset microphones and speakers with quality sound, suitable for a session of 100-200 people.
● A well-built system with quality materials
● The speaker and microphone system serves as a perfect tool for a meeting with a large gathering.
● Both handheld microphones and headset microphones can be connected to the amplifier simultaneously, allowing interaction during meetings.
● Two wireless headset microphones
● Main Machine
● Waistband
● Portable case
WinBridge S96
The WinBridge S96 voice amplifier is a wireless voice amplifier with 20-22 working hours over consecutive hours. They are suitable for outdoor training sessions and large classes and are rugged and durable materials. The speaker is lightweight and very portable to carry around.
S96 comes with a UHF wireless microphone, which is one feature that makes it great for the instructor. Its wireless feature means that the speaker may move around freely without worrying about wire connections and restrictions
Summary features
● Wireless microphone
● 20-22 consecutive working hours.
● Portable PA system
● It comes with a U5 handheld wireless microphone and U8 wireless headset microphone, with a speaker that gives out quality sound, which is suitable for a gathering of 100-200 people.
● A wireless voice amplifier and two portable microphones can cover a considerable distance apart from each other. You can also easily adjust the volume by hitting the + or – button on the microphone.
● The speaker amplifier has a solid structure and excellent design. It also provides quality sound for its users.
● Both handheld wireless microphones and wireless headset microphones can connect to the speaker amplifier. This will promote interaction in a meeting.
● Waistband
● portable speaker
● Wireless handheld microphone
● Wireless headset microphone
● User manual
WinBridge H5 Plus
WinBridge H5 plus portable speaker is built for a smaller class of about 50 students. They produce quality and clear sounds without signal distortions or even white noise issues. It is capable of producing a clear sound for all trainees to hear.
The amplifier comes with additional features, including a Bluetooth speaker. Its Bluetooth 5.0 allows it to connect to other Bluetooth enabling devices easily. They are lightweight and will usually weigh 3.27lb. This makes them quite portable for the user to carry around. Other notable features include the FM radio station, a form of entertainment. Finally, the device is built with an Echo feature.
Summary features
● The sound output power of 30W
● The lithium battery has a strength of 2500mAh
● 5-8 hours amplification time
● A 3 hour charging time
● Music playtime of 4-7 hours
● Makes use of a TF card, AUX cord, USB cable, and many more connections.
● Movable PA System: This amplifier serves as a portable PA system that can easily be carried around during meetings. It has a size of portable size and weighs only 3.37lb.
● Supports UHF wireless Microphone: The amplifier comes with the UHF mode, which allows it to pair with a wireless headset microphone, standard microphone, and a lapel microphone. The amplifier can only allow one wireless microphone at a time.
● Battery: The amplifier has an inbuilt 3600mAh battery which allows the amplifier to be used for 6-8 hours. The wireless microphone headset can be used for 4-6 hours.
● One Wireless microphone
● One speaker charger
● Aux cable
● Transmitter
● Wired Lapel Microphone
● Speaker


Looking for the right voice amplifier with a powerful sound that would be enough to get your training the quality sound that it needs might be tasking. You need to consider factors, such as whether or not to use the power output of the amplifier, the type of microphone speaker you will be needed, the voice amplifier microphone headset, and many more. This is why you need WinBridge voice amplifiers.
With winBridge sound products, you can rest assured that all these factors will be considered for you before giving you the right voice amplifier and other related products. Their products are free from background noise and provide clear sound for you and the trainees to enjoy.

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