Voice Amplifier for Tour Guides

Published December 22nd, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This guide can give consumers who are in need of a voice amplifier a lot of help, to meet the expectations and budget of costume players for a voice amplifier. The price of each voice amplifier in the guide is less than $160.

Voice Amplifier for Tour Guides

The Confusion of Tour Guides

During the trip, in order to allow tourists to hear clearly, more and more tour guides now choose to buy an amplifier for the trip, this way you can protect your throat but also allow tourists to hear clearly. How to choose the right amplifier system for your tour guide? I speak for a long time every day and my throat is very uncomfortable. How can I choose the right voice amplifier for my travel commentary?

  • My travel group is very large, there are about 100 people. What kind of voice amplifier should I buy to project my voice to the whole travel group?
  • I often conduct tour narration indoors, and the room is so noisy that tourists cannot hear my narration.
  • What should I use in order to make my voice clear to every tourist, especially on the outside of the tour group and those with hearing problems?
  • By using a voice amplifier, can I easily give a narration on the trip even when using a face mask?
  • Should I choose a wired or wireless voice amplifier? What are the advantages of each?
  • How should I choose a voice amplifier for our trips that require frequent interaction with tourists?
  • My voice is always too soft on the trip and the tourists always complain that they can’t hear me clearly. What can I do?

Selection 1: Your Budget Range

This guide will recommend the appropriate voice amplifier according to consumer needs, the price of the voice amplifier is not set in stone, will change with the trade policy, Black Friday, and other holiday discounts, the usual price of the voice amplifier in the 50 U.S. dollars with 160 U.S. dollars price range changes, consumers can choose the most suitable for the use of the guide according to their spending power voice amplifier.

For consumers who want to purchase wired or wireless voice amplifiers, we present in the following article the advantages of wired and wireless voice amplifiers or applications that do not easily use wired and wireless voice amplifiers. For tour guides, choose a wired or wireless voice amplifier to use on the attractions of the trip based on the advantages listed.

Advantages of wired voice amplifiers:

1. Wired voice amplifier is lightweight, compact, and portable.

2. Operation is straightforward, even if you could without needing the manual. Just plug and play.

3. Sound clear, easy to use, and you can adjust the belt and volume easily

Applications where wired voice amplifiers are not easily used:

1. not suitable for strenuous movements

2. Unwilling to carry straps and voice amplifiers

Advantages of wireless voice amplifiers:

1. The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably

2. Wireless voice amplifier comes with a wireless microphone that has a great future for controlling the volume.

3. The max sound can cover about 10000 sq. ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room.

Applications where wired voice amplifiers are not easily used:

1. Wireless microphone is easy to run out of power needs frequent charging, and it is tedious to use.

2. Microphone pairing voice amplifiers often can not be paired, UHF pairing is more difficult.

3. The voice amplifier with a long time, the propagation distance will be relatively short.

Selection 5: Voice Amplifiers for Tour Guides With Mask

In the face of the Covid19 pandemic, guides presenting attractions in indoor attractions are now required to wear masks, a situation that may cause guides’ voices to be lowered during narration. We recommend that guides use a high-powered voice amplifier during attraction presentations.

High-powered voice amplifiers are the most suitable aids when explaining the attractions and putting on the mask at the same time. These types of voice amplifiers all have one of the most basic features, that is, the output power of 20W or more.

When using a 20-watt voice amplifier, the effect of amplification is very good. The farthest it can reach is 1000 sq. feet. It can let up to 180 people hear clearly.

These amplifiers usually have Bluetooth capability. If the tour guide’s throat is not comfortable, she can record her commentary of the sights in advance. During the tour of the attraction, the Bluetooth device will play the audio from the voice amplifier.

When faced with an attraction that requires the use of music, these types of amplifiers can be used as a music player alone.

For tour guide and tourist interaction, we recommend two different wireless microphone voice amplifiers for tour guides. The tour guide chooses whether to purchase this amplifier with two wireless microphones by whether he needs to interact with the tourists.

The biggest feature of this voice amplifier is that it can be connected to two wireless microphones at the same time so that the tour guide can use the wireless microphone on the bus to explain the knowledge of the scenic spots and ask tourists questions about the attractions, and the tourists below use the wireless microphone to answer, which plays a very good effect on the improvement of the tourist atmosphere.

The amplifier with two wireless microphones also has the function of Bluetooth, which can be used to play music through Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and computers.

Tourists and tour guides can sing and read aloud together through the wireless microphone, which can bring interaction and help a lot in traveling, while music can be played by inserting a U disk and TF card without using special Bluetooth devices.

If you need to interact with tourists on your trip, you need to buy a voice amplifier with two wireless microphones, if you don’t need to interact with tourists on your trip, you only need to buy a voice amplifier with one microphone.

Selection 9: Voice Amplifier to Play Music for A Tour Guide

In the tourist attractions to each destination, many tour groups will choose to take the bus to the destination, in the process will be very boring, so we recommend the tour guide to use the following high power, with the good sound quality of the voice amplifier.

The first recommendation is the wireless model 30W amplifier, this amplifier is being these features: It comes with a wireless microphone that has a great future in controlling the volume. Perfect size for the quality of the sounds and it is very loud for such a small system. Both the mic and voice amplifier is rechargeable… The sound is actually perfect for speaking. It plays music off the radio, USB, Bluetooth, micro SD, AUX, well-made, and voice amplifier has an echo feature. Music playing time is between 4-7 hours.

The second is a 40W wireless amplifier, which can play 4-6 hours of music time. It has a Powerful & Ultra-Portable, Compact & Functional & Flexible Karaoke Speaker System. Newest Bluetooth 5.0, DSP Technology! Faster speed, more stable transmission, longer distance, enhance utility & performance of microphones-processing. The reverberation of the mic and beautify your voice microphone through the DSP chip. Both the mic and speaker are rechargeables… The sound is actually perfect for speaking. Wireless UHF pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical instruments such as a keyboard or guitar.

Both of these voice amplifiers are perfect for playing music, whereas the second voice amplifier has the function of karaoke, for the need to use travel scenarios of music, these two amplifiers are the best choice for a tour guide.

Do you experience difficulty talking when you wear a mask? Do you need to speak louder and adjust the volume of your voice every now and then?

Do you feel stressed and tired at the end of the day because of talking non-stop? If your answer is “yes,” then you need to buy these voice amplifiers!

5W amplifier: Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers Operation is straightforward, Lightweight, and Compact.

18W amplifier: Rugged Voice Amplifier with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone, Build-in Mic for a phone call, and the sound of Siren.

20W amplifier: Portable Voice Amplifier with 20W output, USB-PD, Rapid charging time, Runs for max, Low howling.

25W amplifier: Wireless voice amplifier with headset and handheld mic, portable, Bluetooth, loud, high sound quality durability.

30W amplifier: Multi-Function Portable PA system, Bluetooth, Wireless, Recording, Echo, Compact, Small Size Loudly Voice Amplifier.

40W amplifier: Portable Karaoke machine, Built-in Soundcard Remote Control, multi-function Bluetooth Voice Amplifier.

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