Voice Amplifier for Teachers Buying Guide

Use this buying guide to get the right voice amplifier for teachers’ expectations and a budget that is less than $150.

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Teachers’ Confusion

More and more teachers will buy voice amplifiers to assist in teaching to save their voices and protect their throats. How do you choose the amplifier system that suits your own teaching environment?

  • My vocal cords have some obstacles, how do I  choose a suitable voice amplifier for my classroom?
  • There are more than 80 students in my classroom. What voice amplifier should I purchase to project sound to the entire classroom?
  • I often have to teach outdoors, and my students can’t hear me clearly. What should I do?
  • To allow the students to hear me, particularly those at the far end of the room and those with hearing problems, what should I use?
  • By using a voice amplifier, can I walk around the classroom and teach with ease, even while using a facemask.
  • Should I choose a wired or wireless voice amplifier? What are the advantages of each?
  • Our classroom requires students to interact frequently, how should I choose a voice amplifier?
  • My voice is always too soft in class, and the students always complain that they can’t hear clearly. What can I do?

Are these questions familiar to you?

Choosing a voice amplifier is not easy when there is so much to consider. Hopefully, we’ll be able to simplify things through this quick guide. We will teach you how to choose the right voice amplifier for teachers step-by-step. Read on!


Your Budget Range

The budget of this guide ranges from US$50 to US$150, so you can buy the most cost-effective voice amplifier for teachers.



Number of Students

Customers can choose the power of the voice amplified by the number of students in their classroom. The power of different amplifiers varies, as well as the effect and quality of amplification.
So teachers of different ages can choose the most suitable voice amplifiers for themselves by their teaching scenarios and the number of students in their classes.
For kindergarten teachers, our recommended amplifier is the one with an output power of the 5-10W voice amplifier. The reason for the recommendation is that the output power of the 5-10W voice amplifier is suitable for the number of students within 30-80.  The number of kindergartens is generally in this range, so this type of voice amplifier is the most suitable.
According to the size of the primary/secondary school classroom and the number of students in the classroom, we recommend 10-18W voice amplifiers for primary/secondary school teachers. This is because the number of students applying for voice amplifiers with an output power of 10-18W is 80-120. The classrooms and number of students in primary and secondary schools are generally within this range, so this type of voice amplifier is the most suitable.
For the number of students at university or outdoor teaching, we recommend 20W and above voice amplifiers for university or outdoor teaching teachers, as these high-power voice amplifiers allow 180 people to hear clearly.

Voice Amplifier for Number of Students

Number of Students Output Power Price Range
10~20 5 Watt $50
20~30 5~7 watt $50~70$
30~50 5~10 Watt $50~$70
50~80 10~15 Watt $60~$80
80~100 10~15 Watt $60~$100
100~120 15~20 Watt $70~$120
120~150 20~25 Watt $80~$130
150~180 25~30 Watt $120~$150

The Voice Amplifier Classroom Area

Before shopping for a voice amplifier, you need to know how much area is, and the number of teachers, and students. Because not all power voice amplifiers’ amplification effect is the same, the area of amplification is also different.
The classroom area should be related to the voice amplifier’s output power and the sound transmission distance must also be considered. There are also parameters to consider in a voice amplifier.  Not all power voice amplifiers’ parameters are the same.


First of all, for kindergarten teachers, our recommended voice amplifiers are the ones with an output power of 5-10W.  The reasons for the recommendation are that the output power 5-10W voice amplifier is suitable for the applicable site area within 40 meters, kindergarten classrooms, and the number of people generally in this range, so this type of power voice amplifier is the most suitable.

Depending on the size of the primary/secondary school classroom and the number of students in the classroom, we recommend 10-18W voice amplifiers; because the applicable site area is within 80 meters and the classrooms and numbers of primary and secondary schools are generally within this range. So this type of power voice amplifier is the most suitable.
Depending on the size of the university or outdoor classroom and the number of students in the classroom, we recommend 20W and 20W+ voice amplifiers for teachers in university or outdoor teaching.  It is because of the long sound transmission distance of these high-powered voice amplifiers, which can reach 1000 square feet.

Voice Amplifier for the Classroom Area

Classroom Area: Square Meter Output Power Price Range
50~100 5 Watt $50
100~200 5~7 Watt $50~70$
100~250 5~10 Watt $50~$70
200~400 10~15 Watt $60~$80
300~500 10~15 Watt $60~$100
400~800 15~20 Watt $70~$120
600~800 20~25 Watt $80~$130
800~1000 25~30 Watt $120~$150

Wired or Wireless Voice Amplifier

For teachers who want to purchase wired or wireless voice amplifiers, we have listed the advantages of each and the user applications. For teachers who cannot decide whether to  choose wired or wireless voice amplifiers for use in the classroom, you can check below:



Advantages of Wired Voice Amplifiers:

1. Wired voice amplifier is lightweight, compact, and portable.

2. Operation is straightforward, even without checking the manual. Just plug and play.     

3. The sound output is clear. 

4. Easy to use

5. You can adjust the belt 

6. You can put the volume high or low  easily



Applications Where Wired Voice Amplifiers are Not Easy To Use:

1. Not suitable for strenuous movements
2. Unwilling to carry straps and voice amplifiers


Advantages of Wireless Voice Amplifiers:

1. The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably
2. Wireless voice amplifier comes with a wireless microphone that has a great future for controlling the volume.
3. The max sound can cover about 10000 sq. ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room.



Applications Where Wired Voice Amplifiers are Not Easily Used:

1. Wireless microphone is easy to run out of power needs frequent charging, and it is tedious to use.
2. Microphone pairing voice amplifiers often can not be paired, UHF pairing is more difficult.
3. The voice amplifier with a long time, the propagation distance will be relatively short.


Wired or Wireless Voice Amplifier for Teachers

Wired Voice Amplifier Wireless Voice Amplifier Lapel Voice Amplifier
Wired Microphone Wireless Microphone Wired Microphone
With a headset With a headset lapel
Around the Neck Around the Neck  
Handree Handree Handree
  Need to charge the Microphone  
Need to Wear the Machine   Need to Wear the Machine
Portability Portability Portability
Personal Voice Amplifier Personal Voice Amplifier Personal Voice Amplifier
Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable
with Mask with Mask with Mask

The Voice Amplifier Power Requirements

For the teacher’s class time and course schedule, we recommend different models of voice amplifiers to customers according to the battery of the teacher using the voice amplifier and the length of time it takes to charge the voice amplifier.


If a teacher has more than 5 hours of continuous class time per day, we recommend using this model, which has a large battery with nearly  20 hours of battery life, a wired microphone that does not require additional charging, and a fast-charging feature that takes up to three hours to fully charge, making it ideal for use by teachers in continuous teaching.

This voice amplifier with fast charging has both Bluetooth and music playback function, can play music through Bluetooth devices, U disk, TF card, music playback for music classes and dance classes with about 10 hours, suitable for music teachers.
For teachers who need to use the voice amplifier teaching all the time, we recommend the large battery wired voice amplifier, the wireless microphone can generally only up to 5 hours of continuous use, this type of voice amplifier does not need to charge the wireless microphone, can continue to amplify up to more than 10 hours, continue to play music for about 10 hours, can meet the teacher’s normal teaching time.


The Voice Amplifier Power and Price

Class Time (per day Battery Power Price Range
1~2h 1050 mAh $50
2~4h 1050 mAh~1800 mAh $50~70$
4~5h 1800 mAh~2500 mAh $50~$70
5~7h 2200 mAh~3000 mAh $70~$100
7~9h 3000 mAh~4400 mAh $80~$150
voice amplifier for teacher with mask

Voice Amplifier for Teachers with Mask

In the face of the Covid19 pandemic, teachers teaching in classrooms are now required to wear masks, a situation that may lead back to teachers teaching in classrooms with lower voices and speech that may be inaudible to students. We recommend that teachers use high-powered voice amplifiers.


High-powered loudspeakers are the most suitable aid when teaching and using masks at the same time. These types of loudspeakers all have the most basic feature of the output power of 20W or more.


When using a 20-watt voice amplifier, the effect of amplification is very good. The farthest it can reach is 1000 sq. feet. It can let up to 180 people hear clearly.


These types of voice amplifiers generally have Bluetooth capabilities. If the teacher has throat discomfort, she can record her lessons in advance. In the classroom, the Bluetooth device will play the audio in the voice amplifier.

For music classes, these types of voice amplifiers can be used as a music player alone.

voice amplifier for teacher with mask

Whether to Teach Outdoors or Not

For different teaching scenarios, we recommend the use of different voice amplifiers. Teaching can be done indoors or outdoors.

For indoors, consider the area and the number of people to choose the right voice amplifier. For outdoor, consider the type of movement and environmental factors when choosing.


For outdoor teaching, our most recommended is a fall-proof, waterproof, and dustproof voice amplifier. When using this voice amplifier outdoors, do not worry about the impact of strenuous exercise and sudden rain on the voice amplifier. This voice amplifier has more than 10 hours of amplification time so you can have enough power to use.

This loudspeaker has a wired and wireless style. You can choose from different models. Teachers can buy by checking on the included functions to match their lifestyle.

This voice amplifier can also be used as a music player outdoors. As long as the U disk is inserted, the voice amplifier can play the audio such as when teaching in the gym or yoga class. This voice amplifier can bring great help to teachers.

Music playback time can reach more than 8 hours. You can use the mic or the headset or use both at the same time.

voice amplifier for teacher with mask


Students’ Interaction in the classroom

For interaction in the classroom, we recommend two choices of microphone amplifiers to teachers. By whether the teacher and students interact, teachers choose whether to buy this voice amplifier with two wireless microphones.
The biggest feature of this voice amplifier is that it can be connected to two wireless microphones at the same time so that the teacher can use the wireless microphone in the classroom to lecture and ask questions to students, and the following students use the wireless microphone to answer, which plays a good effect on the interaction in the classroom.


The voice amplifier with two wireless microphones also has the function of Bluetooth, which can be used to play music through Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and computers.

Students and teachers can sing and read aloud together through the wireless microphone, which can bring interaction and a great help to teach, while inserting a U disk and TF card can also play music, without the use of special Bluetooth devices.
If you need to interact with students in the classroom, you need to buy a voice amplifier with two wireless microphones, if you do not need to interact with students in the classroom, you only need to buy a voice amplifier with one microphone.

Voice Amplifier for Teaching Offline and Online at the Same Time

Due to the global pandemic, the teachers are those who faced difficulties and challenges when teaching their students. Today, classes are done either offline or online. If there’s one helpful gadget that assisted teachers during this time, they are the voice amplifiers!
Voice Amplifiers can assist teachers in the new normal manner of teaching in the following ways:


  • Speak loud and clear.

Voice Amplifiers will assist teachers in exerting less effort in their delivery of teachings to be discussed with their students. Voice amplifiers will perform the work for them instead of giving their lectures loudly or manually amplifying their voices.

As a result, teachers will not strain their voices while giving lessons since they can speak quietly, and the voice amplifier will deliver a clear and loud message to the students.


  • Reduce your mental stress.

One of the most formidable obstacles that a teacher must overcome is stress. It’s impossible to avoid, especially when pupils don’t receive or understand what the teacher is saying, resulting in a barrage of questions.

However, it may have an impact on their ability to teach in the future. Voice amplifiers can reduce mental stress since they will present lectures to the students loud and clear, and the teacher will have confidence in all of their efforts in discussing how well the students understood the lessons.


  • Learning that is more efficient.

Teachers can deliver loud and clear lessons to pupils by utilizing the voice amplifier, which provides the highest audio quality for improved learning. Students will be able to hear the information without any sound barriers, typically caused by low-quality audio output from some microphones on teachers’ devices.

Examples include those utilized in online classes, which will be established as the ‘new normal’ mode of schooling in pandemic situations.


  • The presentation is similar to that of a classroom.

Suppose the teacher prefers to use a chalkboard, whiteboard, charts, or any other teaching approach. In that case, the voice amplifier can be worn on the waistband and used to discuss the lesson with the connected microphone if the teacher has a board at home. Because the Voice

The voice amplifier is also equipped with Bluetooth, the teacher can use the wireless microphone. The teacher can pick between the two options based on their preferences.


Voice Amplifier for a Music Teacher

Music teachers need to emphasize their lessons by talking clearly and at the right volume in class. But, when they talk aloud, it can cause fatigue in their throat area that can give them voice problems. Thus, they need to keep muscle stress to a minimum.


The esophageal muscle is considerably affected when we converse for an extended period, especially with music teachers who offer lessons to their students for several hours.


Teachers will not need to shout for students to understand clearly what is being said if they use a voice amplifier. Teachers will be able to give their students the finest education possible by staying in good shape.


With the help of voice amplifiers, music teachers can now enjoy teaching while protecting their voices. The Voice Amplifier is equipped with USB Aux, wherein you can connect it to your laptop or desktop to give a power supply.


While the voice amplifier is connected to your device, it is also charging power to itself, so you do not need to worry about the voice amplifier’s capability. Teachers can use the voice amplifier for their entire class schedule.


Always invest in a good headset and sound equipment. Clear audio is critical when teaching.


Get a good microphone, preferably with a wireless headset so your students can hear you loud and clear and you can hear them as well, whether you’re doing a live class or recorded one.

A Music Teacher Purchase Advice
Items Need Other
Microphone Wireless  
Speaker 5~20 Watt Within 80 students
Battery 1000~2500 mAh  
Record Yes  
MP3 Yes  
Bluetooth Yes  
UHF Yes  

Voice Amplifier for a Dancer Teacher

If you’re a dance teacher and you need a voice amplifier and Bluetooth speaker to help you in your dance class, you need a voice amplifier.


If you teach dance lessons in a small or medium-sized class, you can choose a wireless headset microphone so you can dance freely while talking loud and clear.


The best voice amplifier has a variety of features that can be used simultaneously. Let us discuss the different functions you can get from a Winbridge Voice Amplifier:


  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    The latest technology for Bluetooth connectivity gives an excellent experience to its users. Winbridge voice amplifiers and PA systems carry a top-notch performance when it comes to Bluetooth connection. Take note that not all Bluetooth speakers have the same quality when it comes to sound output. When choosing the best voice amplifier, check all the functions that come with it such as the wattage and connectivity coverage.

  • Battery and Power Life

    Chargeable devices are more useful and economical instead of using disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. If you want a long-lasting voice enhancer device, choose one with a battery life of at least 5-8 hours or more.

  • WinBridge voice amplifiers have enduring and durable batteries so you can use them for a longer time. Since the charging cables are mostly USB-port capable, you can have more options in getting it re-charged.
  • With rechargeable batteries, there are no more messy wires when you use them. Wireless gadgets are very convenient and even the charging cables are just long enough to be kept in a small case. They are very portable you don’t need other adapters or cables to make them work.
  • Noise Cancellation

    A wireless speaker’s circuit design should minimize white noise and undesired ambient sounds, allowing you to have a wonderful and fulfilling listening experience! It should filter out and cancel out background disturbances so that you don’t have to crank up the volume to hear the sound clearly.


  • For wireless headsets or microphones, the active noise-canceling function may reduce excessive or unwanted noise because its structure provides a barrier that filters high-frequency sound waves. This way, the noise is reduced by actively eliminating or filtering lower-frequency sound waves.
  • Added Features and Functions

    Aside from amplifying your voice, there are basic and enhanced features that you can get from a Winbridge voice amplifier. It comes with a built-in recorder, FM radio, TF/micro sd card port, Aux and USB ports, etc. There are specific functions that you can get from different models, so you can only buy the unit that will fit your needs.

A Dancer Teacher Purchase Advice
Items Need Other
Microphone Wireless Dance moves more freely
Speaker 5~30 Watt  
Battery 1000~4400 mAh  
Record Yes  
UHF Yes  
Lavalier Mic Yes  
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes  
Aux and USB ports Yes  

Voice Amplifier for a Physical Education Teacher

Physical Education teachers need help amplifying their voice when teaching. If they are teaching in a gymnasium or wide-open spaces, it affects the volume of their voices so they need a powerful mic that can let them speak loud and clear. The good news is, that we have a wide selection of voice amplifiers for you.


When you have a class of around 30-100 students, a voice amplifier is helpful. It allows you to talk and adjust the volume of your voice. Since it is portable, you can use it in many ways. You can use a belt to secure or wear it around the shoulders or waist. You can use a wireless headset mic or a wireless lavalier so you can clip it to your shirt or collar while teaching hands-free.


PE teachers need energy when teaching sports or exercises. Without a voice amplifier, it is easy to be exhausted as they need to exert effort when talking. When doing some sports or body movements, using a wireless headset mic is so convenient because they can execute the steps while speaking with a clear, loud voice.

Here’s one outdoor voice amplifier and a PA system that is highly recommended for PE teachers: WinBridge H5 Plus with Headset Lapel Lavalier Mic Transmitter. See the features below:


This wireless portable voice amplifier for physical education teachers is a unique package because you’ll get a Bluetooth wireless headset and a lavalier mic transmitter. The main speaker may look small, but this loudspeaker delivers 25 Watts of powerful sound that can cover 25000sq.ft and around 50+ people.

  • Power Output
    This 25W voice amplifier is great for small to medium-size audiences. You can experience clarity and high-quality sound output with this mini PA system.
  • Multifunctional Loudspeaker with Audio Ports
    This indoor or outdoor PA system also supports Aux input, TF Card, U Disk, FM Radio, and One-click Recording.
  • Wireless Microphones
    A wireless headset, a lapel mic, and a clip mic are included with this wireless voice amplifier. You are free to use whatever you want. However, when the transmitter is used with the lapel mic or clip mic, only one microphone can be used with the speaker. So, if you’ve paired the headset, you won’t be able to use the transmitter or the lapel mic
  • Rechargeable Battery
    With built-in 3600 mAh rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, The speaker can play music for 5-6 hours, the headset can last for 3-4 hours, and the transmitter can last for 4-5 hours.
  • Lightweight
    This portable voice speaker measures 9.06 * 8.50 * 3.54″ in size. For only 3.27lb, this lightweight loudspeaker is compact and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Latest Bluetooth Technology
    With 5.0 Bluetooth, you can play music from any Bluetooth device.
  • Pairing
    Connecting two units is possible and can produce louder and more powerful sounds so you can cover bigger and wider spaces. TWS function enables you to connect 2 units for a more powerful sound.
A Physical Education Teacher Purchase Advice
Items Need Other
Microphone Wireless Easy to move around outdoors
Speaker 5~30 Watt  
Battery 1000~4400 mAh  
Waterproof Yes  
Windproof Yes  
Rugged anti-fall Yes  
Bluetooth Yes  
UHF Yes  

Voice Amplifier for a University Teacher

For two years now, teachers around the world have experienced struggles when teaching. To continue classes, students had to take online modules and lessons. Face-to-face classes are scarce for now but will soon open up with some restrictions and health protocols.


For university teachers, Winbridge partnered with schools, colleges, and universities worldwide to help them teach both in online and offline setup. Our world-class amplifiers help teachers teach in class quickly, even when using a facemask or recording their lectures.


One of the ways to promote inclusivity is to send pre-recorded videos of yourself giving the lesson. Unfortunately, live streaming or live lessons take up a lot of bandwidth, so students with weaker Internet connections may not participate or complete the session.


To make pre-recorded lessons lively, you should use a good microphone during the recording. With the use of voice amplifiers, you can create high-quality recorded lessons. Aside from that, there are different features that you can use for multitasking. We recommend one of our best voice amplifiers: WinBridge S92 Plus


WinBridge S92 Plus is a voice amplifier that is recommended for teachers, coaches, or speakers that can be used for class presentations, reports, meetings, public speaking, and conferences.

  • Power Output
    This 25W voice amplifier allows you to be heard loud and clear by many people within a 50 ft range. Available for groups of 50-150 people and can be heard clearly.
  • Multifunctional Loudspeaker
    This voice amplifier is multi-functional and portable, it can be also used as a PA speaker with aux ports and provisions for USB and TF card ports.
  • Wireless Microphones
    A wireless voice amplifier With two portable microphones, you can place the unit in the center of the room and transmit some distance from it. You will get around 50 ft! And the U8 wireless mic can easily be split into the headset and mini handheld models. Can adjust the volume via pressing the “+” and “-” on the mic.
  • Rechargeable Battery
    It has a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery that takes 3 to 5 hours of recharging time and 12 hours of maximum working time.
  • Latest Bluetooth Technology
    With its latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, this voice amplifier can be used as a speaker by connecting your device via Bluetooth.
  • Pairing
    It comes with two U8 wireless headset microphones that can be paired or connected to the speaker/amplifier at the same time.
A University Teacher Purchase Advice
Items Need Other
Microphone Wireless or Wired  
Speaker 10~30 Watt  
Battery 2200~4400 mAh Within 200 students
Bluetooth Yes  
Record Yes  
UHF Yes  

Voice Amplifier for Vocal Paralysis

When the nerve impulses to your voice box (larynx) are interrupted, vocal cord paralysis occurs. The muscles of the vocal cords become paralyzed as a result of this. A patient with vocal paralysis cannot speak or experience difficulty in speaking.


The capacity to talk and even breathe can be compromised by vocal cord paralysis. That’s because your vocal cords, also known as vocal folds, are responsible for more than just sound production.


When you have vocal paralysis, a voice amplifier can help you in many ways. Since talking is hard, a voice amplifier can help you communicate and lessen the symptoms that come with it. When you have this sickness, you can experience hoarseness, or your vocal pitch is very low. You cannot shout and even speak louder because it affects your breathing.


While on treatment, it is advisable to use a voice amplifier that can help amplify your voice to talk with ease and lessen the difficulty. Here at WinBridge, we created voice amplifiers that are good for medical problems. One of our highly-recommended models is WinBridge S278 UHF.


This lightweight, wireless voice amplifier is very handy and useful both indoors and outdoors.


• S278UHF voice amplifier comes with a wireless microphone for hands-free talking and with user-friendly features.

• This is a portable multifunctional voice amplifier, which supports Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, plug in TF card to play music, recording, AUX and USB drivers, and the voice amplifier can work for 12~15 hours on a single charge.

• Equipped with a wireless microphone, it can work for 3~4.5 hours on a charge. The microphone can not only be worn on the head but also be used as a handheld microphone when working.

• Can easily expand your voice within 1500 square meters

Purchase Advice for Vocal Paralysis
Items Need Other
Microphone Wireless or Wired  
Speaker 5~25 Watt  
Battery 1000~3000 mAh Within 100 students
Bluetooth Yes  
Record Yes  
UHF Yes  

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by Teachers

Do you experience difficulty talking when you wear a facemask? Do you need to speak louder and adjust the volume of your voice every now and then?

Do you feel stressed and tired at the end of the day because of talking non-stop? If your answer is “yes,” then you need to buy these voice amplifiers!

WinBridge WB001

WinBridge WB001

Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers Operation is straight forward Lightweight and Compact.

WinBridge S208

WinBridge S208

Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers with Bluetooth, Recording and Sleep mode, Runs for max, Low howling.

WinBridge S209

WinBridge S209

High a powerful mini voice amplifier, Supports Bluetooth, TWS Mute, LED Display, Sleep mode, and clear sound.

WinBridge S398

WinBridge S398

Portable Voice Amplifier with 20W output, USB-PD Rapid charging time; Runs for max, Low howling.

WinBridge M800 UHF

voice amplifier with wireless headset mic supports simultaneous use of wireless microphones and wired microphones.

WinBridge M700

The personal voice amplifier features Bluetooth, record, FM, rechargeable battery, and High-quality clear sound.

WinBridge S92 PRO

WinBridge S92 PRO

Wireless voice amplifier with headset and handheld mic, portable, Bluetooth, loud, high sound quality durability.

WinBridge H5

WinBridge H5

Multi-Function Portable PA system, Bluetooth, Wireless, Recording, Echo, Compact, Small Size Loudly Speaker.

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