Voice Amplifier For Public Speaking

Published March 24th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Public speaking requires a good sound amplifier that will protect the speaker’s voice so that the audience would hear clearly without them having to stress themselves. A goof voice amplifier will reduce strain on the speaker’s voice.

Voice Amplifier For Public Speaking

Information sharing is crucial in public, and misconception and misinformation can happen due to bad voice amplifiers. Many speakers do not understand factors that need to be considered before buying a voice amplifier. Due to this lack of information, people end up with the wrong sound amplifier for their public speaking.

Knowledge is vital, and this is why before buying an amplifier. With detailed knowledge about amplifiers, you are on your way to purchasing the best voice amplifier for your sound public speaking.

This article will show you the various factors that need to be considered before buying and voice amplifier. Also, we will show you some of the best WinBridge voice amplifiers that will be perfect for your public speaking.

Speaker’s budget for sound system

Before buying a voice amplifier, the first factor that must be considered is a budget for your voice amplifier. You need to know the price range for the best voice amplifier in the market and amplifiers perfect for your public speaking. Knowing the price range of the best sound system in the market will give you a better image of what type of amplifier you will be getting.

To get a good voice amplifier, we recommend that you budget between 60 USD and 150 USD, which will be perfect. You should note that these prices are subject to factors that may influence them. Some factors that could influence the price of the sound amplifier may include inflation, special features, shipment fee, and many more.

However, the price stated above should be suitable for a good sound system, regardless of the factors that may influence the price.

The public venue Area

Before buying a voice amplifier for your public speaking, you must consider the venue that will be used for the speech. The venue can influence the productivity of the voice amplifier you will be getting. If you do not buy a suitable amplifier for your platform, it could be catastrophic to the speech.

It is crucial to know the size of the public venue area and the distance the voice amplifier will be covering. Voice amplifiers vary and serve different purposes. Some are built to cover a shorter range and are meant for small venues, while others can cover a longer distance and are perfect for more extensive venue areas.

Buying a voice amplifier meant for a smaller venue for a bigger platform means that the amplifier will project the speaker’s voice well enough for the audience to hear clearly.

For a public venue area of about 40m, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power within the range of 5 -10W. This will be perfect for a smaller venue size.
In a public venue area with an 80m, we recommend that you buy a voice amplifier with a voice output power within the range of 10-18W. The amplifier will be suitable for medium venue size.

Furthermore, if you will be using a venue size of more than 80m, you should consider getting an amplifier with a voice output power of 20W, suitable for a larger venue area.

Duration Of the public speaking

Another crucial factor that should be considered before buying a voice amplifier is public speaking. This is crucial because it can save the speaker a lot of embarrassment, especially when you buy the wrong sound amplifier for public speech.

The duration of the public speaker has to do with whether the voice amplifier will last as long as the duration of the speech. It is vital to consider the battery life of the voice amplifier before buying. You do not want a dead voice amplifier, or rather one with a low battery. This could embarrass the speaker and make the audience lose focus.

Knowing how long the speech will last will give you a clearer picture of your buying amplifier. As we know, voice amplifiers come with different specifications and battery life. Some have shorter battery life, and others have longer battery life. These varied voice amplifiers serve different purposes.

For public speaking of more than 8 hours of consecutive work time, we recommend that you go for 20W voice amplifiers as they have stronger batteries that can last up to 22 hours. So the speaker does not need to worry about low battery or charging during the cause of the auction. Also, it takes about 3-5 hours to charge fully.

A shorter activity of fewer than 8 hours should go for a voice amplifier with an output power of 15W. It has more than 15 hours of amplification and can be charged fully within 3-4 hours.
Buyers should consider how long it takes to charge the amplifier fully. Some amplifiers have a longer charge time but a good battery.

Handheld Wireless Microphone for public speaking

Handheld wireless microphones are suitable types of microphones for public speaking. They are comfortable to carry and do not come with all the wires that make speakers uncomfortable. The handheld microphone uses a transmission system to send information given by the speaker to the amplifier. The amplifier then makes it audible enough for everyone to hear.

Although the wireless handheld microphone is perfect for use in public speaking, you must understand its pros and cons before getting an amplifier with one.

Here are the pros and cons of using a wireless handheld amplifier.

Pros of Handheld Microphones
● It is easy to carry around and is lightweight.
● It does not have wires that make users uncomfortable
● It does not limit the user’s movement, unlike the wired microphones does
● It is suitable for outdoor use
● It is easy to connect and operate
Cons of Handheld Microphones
● Transmission may be easily intercepted
● It May cause discomforting sounds when being used
● It does not have a stronger connection when compared to wired microphones.

These are the pro and cons of using a handheld microphone which would guide you to know whether or not it will be perfect for your event.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for public speaking

A wireless Lavalier microphone is also perfect for public speaking. It is a small microphone device with a receiver that connects to other pa systems. The microphone receiver can be placed on a microphone jack or any other UFH wireless signal transfer from a microphone to the receiver making the device a wireless amplifier.

Read more: WinBridge U7 Multi-Function Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Set.
Functions of the wireless lavalier microphones
The Lavalier microphone comes with many features that could be useful for your public speaking. Some of them include.
1. Build-in batteries: this type of microphone comes with an in-built battery with a power of 750mAh. The microphone is rechargeable. It also with receiver and transmitter with batteries that last more than 6 hours. It takes an average of 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.
2. Lightweight and portability: the microphones are portable and lightweight, hence easy to carry. Weighing in at just 1.5s/1.66 ounces, its size and weight make it highly portable.
3. Work with 3.6mm earphones: the lavalier microphones work with the new 3.5mm multi-earphones for real-time monitoring, listening to the background music, and your voice. Compatible with a smartphone.

Interaction With the Audience

Public speaking should not always be one-sided. It could also be interactive, which is more fun and educative. Knowing people’s thoughts about your speech could bring more life to your event. This is why you should make a provision for an extra microphone. An extra microphone will enable the speaker better communicate which the audience and also consider their opinion.

When there are two microphones in public speaking, one can be given to the speaker while the other mc can be given to the audience. This will eliminate any inconvenience that may arise from having to pass the microphone from one person to the other.

We recommend that the speaker gets an amplifier with two microphones, preferable comes with a handheld microphone and any other type of microphone. Buying an amplifier with two microphones will help save the cost of purchasing an extra microphone for the amplifier.

Live public speaking with Mask

The use face mask is mandatory for everyone present in a place where there is a large gathering of people. This is done to reduce the spread of the deadly covid-19, spreading like wide fire since 2019. Speakers at public events are not exempted either, and they are required to wear their face masks while giving their speeches. This could prove very difficult for them.

Wearing a face mask while giving a speech could be very hard; having the mask will prevent the speaker’s voice from being audible, and many voice amplifiers will not be able to pick up the speaker’s voice, which could be terrible for the event. This is why this factor should be considered before getting a voice amplifier.

You will need a voice amplifier that will pick up the slightest sound made by the speaker while giving a speech with a mask on. Fortunately, WinBridge has the right products for that. WinBridge has a team with experience in making voice amplifiers that can pick up the slightest sounds made by a user.

WinBridge is trusted, and its products have been tested and approved by people worldwide. With their wide variety of voice amplifiers and other related products, you can rest assured that you will be able to pick the right amplifier that will be suitable for use while wearing a mask.

Voice Amplifier for outdoor public speaking

Outdoor events are becoming common these days, and selecting a suitable voice amplifier for your outdoor public speaking could be tasking most time. You need to understand that not all amplifiers are built for outdoor events. Some are specifically built to be used indoors and do not have the output power for an outdoor event.

Some voice amplifiers are specially made for outdoor events. They were made to have better output to amplify the speaker’s voice. They are also made to withstand the bad weather and want to affect the event. These amplifiers are built to be rugged, and some come with some special features like waterproof that will allow speakers to use the amplifier under the rain without fear of it getting damaged.

The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity

The battery life of the voice amplifier should be considered. It is an important aspect that can cause a lot of embarrassment and difficulties for the user if the buyer does not consider it well. When buying a voice amplifier, you must purchase one with a battery life that will last as long as the event. An amplifier with the right battery life or stronger battery life will be suitable.

You should always check for the battery life of the amplifier that you will be getting.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Many people with damaged vocal cords refuse to give their public speeches or cancel their public speaking events because they will not be adequately heard. This sh\ould not be so. All you need is a suitable sound amplifier that will ideally pick up your damaged voice and project it to the audience.

People with damaged vocal cords do not need to stress their voice, or else their voice will end up being further damaged. This could be inevitable with a bad or the wrong voice amplifier.

WinBridge provides you with a wide variety of amplification products perfect for a person with a damaged vocal chord. All you need to do is use the information from this article to choose the right WinBridge product for your event.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by public speaking

Getting a voice amplifier like we have side can be very tasking, this is mainly because there are many voice amplifier products in the market to choose from it will be so easy to choose the wrong one.

Before getting a voice amplifier for your public speaking event, you must consider the following factors:
● Power Output: Before getting a voice amplifier, you must consider the amplifier’s power output. For outdoor public speaking, you will need an amplifier with a larger power output that will amplify the speaker’s voice in such a way that the audience will be able to hear clearly. An amplifier with a smaller power output will not suit this event.
● Battery Life: You should also consider the battery life of the amplifier before getting one. Buying an amplifier with the wrong battery life for your public speaking could be devastating and cause the speaker a lot of stress and embarrassment.
● Connectivity: When having an outdoor event, connectivity is very crucial. Connecting the microphone to the amplifier should be easy, and there should not be any form of distortion.
● Special Functions: special functions includes some unique qualities or accessories that the amplifier may come with. This quality may make the amplifier perfect for public speaking events. Features like waterproof qualities allow users to use the speaker under the rain without fear of it getting damaged.
● Ruggedness: Voice amplifiers built for outdoor events are strong and more rugged than other voice amplifiers. The amplifier can withstand any form of weather while using the amplifier.

Here is some of the best winBrigde voice amplifier that will be perfect for your public speaking event.
WinBridge H5 Plus
WinBridge H5 plus is one of the unique products that WinBridge offers, which comes with any special features that will be suitable for your public speaking event. The amplifier provides and clear, crisp sound that more than 50 audiences can hear. It is built so that it can pick up the slightest sound b]made by the user and amplifies the sound clearly without any form of distortion.

Features of the H5 Plus
● It has a well-made structure that is very rugged and does not allow for echoing.
● It comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker.
● It has Bluetooth 5.0 which allows the device to connect to any other device which supports a Bluetooth connection. Such devices may include your iPhone, Andriod devices, iPod, iPad, and many more.
● The Bluetooth specification has up to a range of 33ft connections.
● The Bluetooth speaker is small in size and is rather loud when compared to other bigger speakers.
● The amplifier has a lightweight and is relatively easy to carry.

Functions of the H5 Plus
● Long Battery Life: the amplifier comes with an in-built 3600mAh lithium battery which is rechargeable. After a full charger, the battery can work for 6 to 8 hours. It also comes with a wireless microphone headset that can last for 4 to 6 hours.
● Clear and powerful sound: The amplifier can act as a mini loudspeaker. The amplifier can reach a range of up to 1500m². It has an easy pair system that allows the amplifier to be paired to more than one microphone with the pairing mode.
● All-in-one Bluetooth Voice Amplifier: It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing users to pair with any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. The amplifier also supports other connections such as the TF card, U disk, FM radio, and Aux Cord input.
● UHF Microphone Supports: With this amplifier, you can also switch to UFH mode and connect just one wireless microphone at a time. It also supports wired microphone connections.
● The amplifier is suitable for teachers, speeches, outdoor events, and more.

● Speaker
● Wireless headset microphone
● Wired Lapel mic
● Stand mic
● Aux Cable
● Charger for speaker
● USB cable
● Transmitter
● Manual

WInBridge T9
The WinBridge T9 is another beautiful device that is perfect for public speaking. The speaker delivers a clear, crisp sound that more than 50 audiences can hear. The amplifier is free from any type of noise or distortion.

Features of winBrigde T9
● The amplifier is perfect for meetings, public speaking, teachers, seminars, or guide tour.
● It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which enables the user to connect to any device that supports a Bluetooth connection.
● It also supports other connection types such as the card, USB cord, AUX cord, and many more.
● It comes with a unique microphone reverberation processing that helps beautiful the speaker’s voice and removes any distortion.
● It has a well-designed structure that makes the amplifier attractive and does not allow for echoes.

Functions of WinBridge T9
● WinBridge comes with an in-built lithium 4000mAh battery that can last more than 8 hours after being fully charged.
● It comes with a Karaoke microphone which has 40W power. The amplifier can also be used as a portable loudspeaker.
● The amplifier can easily be [powered by an AC outlet while being used.
● It comes with a remote which allows users to control the amplifier from a distance. The remote control also makes it easy to control the sound amplifier.
● The wireless microphone uses a UHF transmission and has a lithium battery, which allows the microphone to last up to 5 hours after a full charge.
● The portable Bluetooth speaker comes with special features that make it perfect for parties and public speaking.

● Speaker
● U30 UHF microphone
● S7 handheld microphone
● Remote Control
● Charger
● AUX cable for webcast
● AUX cable
● USB cable
● User manual


Getting an amplifier for your public speaking could be tasking due to the many products out on the market. It is now very easy to get the wrong amplifier for your event, and this is why we have been able to give you the various factors that will guide you to getting the amplifier for your event.

You should consider getting your amplifier from WinBridge. They have a team dedicated to providing the best service to you when it comes to voice amplifiers. Their products have been tested worldwide and have proven that they produce the best voice amplifiers.

With their wide range of products available in the market today, they inevitably have the right product for your event.

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