Voice Amplifier For Preaching

Published March 19th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Preachers play a crucial role in today’s society. They bring the good tiding of God to the people and may spend hours a day speaking at the top of their voice to be heard correctly. This could be a strenuous activity for your voice, and getting a good voice amplifier could help the preacher save his voice and reach more audiences.

Voice Amplifier for Classroom

This article will examine the detailed guide to purchasing and using voice amplifiers for preaching. We shall examine the factors that will influence the purchase of the voice amplifier. We shall also consider the budget and conclude with the best amplifier every preacher should have for their congregation.

Preaching budget for sound system

The budget has an important influence on the type and model of voice amplifier to be purchased. We recommend that the preacher budget between 50USD and 150 USD purchase a quality voice amplifier for preaching.
That being said, there are other factors capable of influencing the price of a voice amplifier. These factors include inflation, tariffs, taxes, delivery cost, etc. All of these factors should be carefully considered.
In addition, some voice amplifiers come with unique features that make them more expensive than they ought to be. Some of these features include a dual mic, mp3 player, FM radio, and so on. Buyers must consider if these features are helpful to them and use this information to make their budgets.

Number of the Audience

The number of audience or congregation should be carefully considered before the preacher purchases. Voice amplifier comes with varied output power and, as such, have different purposes/ uses. Some voice amplifiers will be helpful in a larger congregation, while others will be too overwhelming for a smaller congregation. Knowing this information will tell the preacher which type and model of voice amplifier should be purchased.
For a congregation of 20-80 members, we recommend that the preacher gets a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. This congregation of members is relatively small and comparable to a kindergarten class and does not require a powerful voice amp.
For a gathering of 80-120 members/audience, we recommend that the preacher man get a voice amplifier of power with 10-18W. These congregations are medium size and are comparable to primary and secondary classes.
We recommend a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W for an audience of more than 120 members. These classes are usually the size of university halls.

The preaching Hall’s Area

The preacher should carefully consider the size of the preaching hall area. Larger halls will require a more powerful voice amplifier than small halls. The result of using a small and less powerful voice amplifier for a large hall is that the sound range is too insufficient to cover the entire all. Also, using a much more powerful voice amplifier for a small hall area will cause the sound to be too overwhelming for the congregation.
Knowing the hall size means that the preacher will learn the required voice amplifier suitable for the hall.
A Small hall size of about 40 meters will require a portable voice amplifier with an output power of 4-10w. These halls are comparable to kindergarten classes.
A medium-size hall of about 80m will require a voice amplifier with a much better output power of 10-18w. These halls are comparable to secondary and primary classrooms.
For much larger rooms of about 1000 sq meters, we recommend a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W to be effective.

Duration Of the preaching

The duration of the preaching needs to be considered before purchasing a voice amplifier. It would be embarrassing to struggle with battery life and charging while tiring to preach to your congregation.
All amplifiers are built with different battery life and for other purposes, and it will be ideal to purchase one that fits your specific needs.
If the preacher intends to preach for more than 8 consecutive hours, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W. These amplifiers come with an amplification time of up to 2o hours and will charge fully in about 3-5hours
For preachings of less than 8 hours, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of 15W. They usually offer an amplification time of up to 10 hours consecutive use and take about three hours to charge fully.
For preachers, we recommend WinBridge WB001, WinBridge S209, WinBridge S309, and WinBridge M800.

Handheld Wireless Microphone for preaching

The handheld wireless microphones are the most suitable microphones for preachers. They offer the preacher the flexibility of moving around without restraint from wires and are very portable. In contrast to the headset, wireless microphones are held in the hands. Its portability means that the preacher can handle the microphones without noticing the burden of carrying them.
They allow the preacher to move freely across to his congregation and enjoy interactions with them.
Here are some highlights of the pros and cons of having a handheld voice amplifier for preaching.
Pros of handheld voice amplifier
1. Portable: the handheld microphones are portable and lightweight, allowing for an effortless handle by the preacher. They can work around the congregation easily without the stress of feeling he is carrying anything.
2. Flexibility in movement: The wireless handheld mic offers the speaker flexibility to move around without any restriction from wires
3. Volume control: The wireless microphones usually have a close control feature that allows the speaker to increase or reduce volume without being close to the amplifier.
4. Battery life: It comes with rechargeable batteries that have strong battery life.
Cons of handheld voice amplifier
1. Bad Uhf pairing: The wireless voice amplifier is prone to bad UHF pairing and sometimes struggles to pair with the pa system
2. propagation limits: The farther away from the amplifier system, the more distorted the signal and sounds. It, therefore, puts a limit on movement.
3. Battery life: compared to the wired voice amplifier, the wireless handheld voice amplifier does not offer a lasting battery. The frequent charging may be frustrating to the user of the microphones.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for preaching to Audiences

The wireless lavalier microphone is a tiny microphone attached to the preacher’s body to help amplify his voice. Now, the receiver of this microphone can be connected to any mic jack or UHF wireless signal transfer from a microphone to the receiver making the device a wireless amplifier.
Check out the: WinBridge U7 Multi-Function Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Set
Features of the wireless Lavalier microphone
Some of the functions of these wireless Lavalier microphones include the following:
● The wireless lavalier mics are stylish and come in comfortable designs for the preacher
● Easy handling: the mics are very easy to handle and carry around
● The mics have an inbuilt 750mAh battery life
● Uhf pairing with long transmission range.
Functions of the wireless lavalier microphones
1. Work with 3.6mm earphones: the lavalier microphones work with the new 3.5mm multi-earphones for real-time monitoring, listening to the background music, and your voice. Compatible with a smartphone.
2. Light and portable: the microphones are very portable and lightweight, hence easy to carry. Weighing in at just 1.5s/1.66 ounces, its size and weight make it highly portable.
3. Built-in batteries: the inbuilt batteries are 750mAh rechargeable: Both receiver and transmitter built-in 750 rechargeable batteries can give you up to 6.5 hours of usage; they take about 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

Interaction with the Audience

Interaction is a crucial part of teaching. Most time, the preacher would want to hear the audience’s contribution to the subject matter. Sometimes he may ask questions or be asked questions by the audience.
We recommend that the preacher gets a voice amplifier with at least 2 microphones for proper interaction during the sermons. One mic is personalized to the preacher, while the other is shared among the congregation who have contributions or questions to ask.
Using a dual wireless microphone for interactions will save you the cost of purchasing two microphones. The lack of wire also means that the mic can be easily exchanged between members during sermons.

Live To Preach With Mask

In recent times, there has been a requirement to use masks in public gatherings in recent times. The implication of the mask during sermons is that the preacher is not heard audibly enough. The mask covering his mouth is a form of hindrance to the tone of their voice.
Also, the mask prevents the audience from reading the facial expression of the preacher, which is crucial in communication.
The implication of this is the distortion of information and misunderstanding of what the writer intends to say. The voice amplifier is a proper solution to this. The voice amplifier helps to amplify the preacher’s voice so that the entire audience can hear him.
We recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W to amplify the preacher’s voice correctly. These amplifiers are so powerful that they can boost the speaker’s voice across 1000 square meters.

Voice Amplifier for Outdoor preaching

Not every voice amplifier is suitable for outdoor purposes. Some are built to be used in favorable situations. Others will be subjected to the outdoor offers’ harsh conditions. The preacher will need to consider factors like the weather, speaker’s durability, ruggedness, battery life, and so on before he decides to purchase a specific content.
The preacher needs to ensure that the voice amplifier is waterproof, primarily if used outdoors on a rainy seasoning. Water is capable of damaging a non-waterproof voice amplifier.
It would help if you also considered the durability of the voice amplifier. WinBridge voice amplifiers are made with the best and highest quality materials, making them very durable and adaptable to outdoor conditions.
Finally, one other point to consider is that the voice amplifier has an anti-fall safety design. This safety design helps prevent unnecessary falls that can damage the voice amplifier in the long run.
It would be best if you also considered the duration of your meetings and the battery life of the voice amplifier. There may not be available ways to charge the voice amplifier during outdoor events, so there is over-reliance on the saved battery. The preacher should ensure that the voice amplifier has a significant battery life to be used during this scenario. We recommend an amplifier with more than 18W, as they come with more vital battery lives than smaller amplifiers.
We also recommend that the preacher consider the output reach of the voice amplifier. The preacher may need voice amplifiers with an output power of 20W to be effective.
We recommend getting the WinBridge H5 Plus with Headset Lapel Lavalier Mic Transmitter. This amplifier is suitable for all types of outdoor preaching. It is waterproof, rugged, and anti-fall, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions. The speaker does not need to worry about the amplifier getting damaged even when used in the rain.

The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity

Preachers should know that not all voice amplifiers are suitable for long durations. All voice amplifiers come with different battery capacities and are helpful for different scenarios. You must ask questions from an expert to understand the battery capacity of these voice amplifiers.
If you intend to preach for longer hours, you should go for the high output amplifiers as they come with long-lasting batteries. But if the sermons are relatively short, then low output power amps are just as sufficient.
For sermons that last over 8 consecutive hours, we recommend that the preacher choose a voice amplifier with more than 20W. This will offer the speaker up to 20 hours of amplification time. Also, they charge quickly in about 3-5 hours.
For sermons that last less than 8 hours, we recommend that they purchase a voice amplifier with an output power of 15W or less. This amplifier usually offers 10 hours of voice amplification and will charge fully in 3 hours.
Finally, wired voice amplifiers offer better battery capacity than wireless voice amplifiers and are a better choice if you are keen on the device’s battery capacity.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

There is always the temptation to shout when you are preaching. Being heard clearly and understood without misinformation is crucial to preaching. But this shouting is prone to damage the vocal cords of the speaker.
The voice helps reduce shouting on damaged vocal cords and weak voices. It removes the stress of raising the voice loudly. Voice amplifiers are an excellent way to preserve the quality of your voice and tones.
Sick people or recovering patients can also use the voice amplifier to amplify their already weakened voice. Winbridge voice amplifier is designed to get your voice out conveniently without the need to stress your voice.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by preaching

The following are some of the best WinBridge speakers for preachers:
1. WinBridge WB001:
The Winbridge WB001 lightweight, portable voice amplifier is one of the best voice amplifiers for preachers. They are also excellent for meetings, teaching, and even tour guides. The voice amplifier is very user-friendly and can be used by all ages. It is best for the kindergarten class of up to 40 meters and has an output power of 5W.
● User friendly: It comes with a user guide and is very easy to operate by the elderly without any complications.
● Lightweight and portable: The device is very light and portable to carry around when used. It weighs up to 138g
● Output power: It has an output power of 5W
● Battery life: The voice amplifier can last up to 7 hours when used consecutively
Functions of winBrigde WB001
1. Dual microphones: The WB001 has a personal microphone for preachers and congregations to interact easily. One particular mic is dedicated to the congregations to ask questions and contribute.
2. Adjustable headset: It also comes with an adjustable headset that can project his voice across the congregation. The flexible headset allows him to use his hands freely.
3. Portable PA system: The Wb001 comes with a portable and lightweight PA system easily attached to the speaker. The speaker does not need to bother about the weight of the pa system.
4. Hight output power: The WB00 has an amplification time of up to 8 hours, sufficient for a music class.
Aseeories of WinBridge WB001
1. a waistband
2. the PA system
3. the wired microphone
4. a USB cable
5. and a user manual.
2. WinBridge S209
The WinBridge S209 is a powerful and portable voice amplifier that can amplify the preacher’s voice across 50 students at a time. Its portability and light nature makes it worthwhile for preachers and audiences who have difficulties with their voice or are just recovering from an illness.
Features of the WinBridge S209 voice amplifier
● Perfect for the sick: They are perfect for ill people who find it very difficult to talk and pick up the slightest sound. Their portable nature also means the user can easily carry them around.
Adjustable clip and belt strap: The speaker comes with an adjustable clip to allow users to attach the PA system to themselves. Users also have the option of a belt strap, all of which are designed to be convenient.
● Automatic power safe mode: The speaker will automatically turn off if no device pairs with it after about 30 minutes. This helps to save the battery and reduce overcharging.
Bluetooth feature: the S209 comes with a Bluetooth feature to pair with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
The function of the WinBridge S209 speakers
The S209 is very functional as they help reduce damage to the vocal cords, thereby saving the speaker’s voice. They also come with Bluetooth functions that allow them to play music from their mobile phone or laptop. This makes them suitable for music teachers and yoga instructors.
Furthermore, the Bluetooth and recording feature means that teachers can now record their class and play it later. Other features of the S209 include a USB disk, auxiliary jack, and many others.
1. The speaker
2. a headset microphone
3. USB cable
4. user manual
5. Charging cable
3. WinBridge M800
The WinBridge M800 is excellent for preachers. Preachers can produce a clear and crisp sound with no distortion or noise.
● Firm and Steady: The device is well built having an excellent design. The design of the device helps it give out the best possible sound.
● A long-lasting rechargeable 2200 mAh battery can run for 10 to 12 hours after a full charge.
● It has an adjustable headset microphone which is comfortable to wear.
● It is very convenient for outdoor fitness programs
Personal Amplifier: The amplifier can also be substituted as a portable speaker for playing soft music or recorded sermons to the congregation.
Waterproof Amplifier: One of the best features of the M800 is the waterproof feature. You can use the amplifier in the rain without fear of it getting spoilt. It is also dustproof and splashproof.
Portable Speaker and Microphone: The voice amplifier is a lightweight device that can be used anywhere and under any condition. It comes with a waistband that enables the user to carry it without inconvenience. It supports microphone usage and music at the same time. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.2, including a Bluetooth coverage of up to 32 ft. The M800 has easy Bluetooth, aux cable, and USB connection.
● Speaker
● Headset microphone
● Waistband
● Aux Cable
● User manual


Finding the best voice amplifier for your sermon could be tasking, especially for a preacher with a soft voice. This is why you need to get a sound amplifier from WinBridge. They have experience in creating amplification for teaching, noisy environments, street preaching, and many more.
Their amplifiers are perfect for a person with voice disorder and can be trusted for any of your sermons. Your sermon needs the best touch, and with WinBridge wide variety of voice projects that you can choose from. Now that you know how to select the best amplifier for your sermon, you can easily choose from the best voice amplifier for you.

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