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Published March 22nd, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

What is a party without a good sound system? Everyone wants to have a good time, and nothing should ever spoil that moment. Unfortunately, many parties crash or become too dull due to a lack of a good sound system. As the host of a party, you must source the best sound system for your party; this is why we recommend that you get a good voice amplifier, which could serve as a speaker to play music.

Voice Amplifier for Indoor Use

Getting a suitable voice amplifier for your party can prove to be a bit difficult, especially when you do not have the proper knowledge about getting a voice amplifier. As the party host, you need to be adequately heard when addressing your guest. It could prove fatal if guests cannot hear what you are saying. Not having the proper voice amplifier could make you stress your voice to be heard.

As a result of all these problems that could be encountered from not having the proper voice amplifier at a party, we have taken the time to give you the proper guideline for getting the right voice amplifier suitable for your specific party.

Sound System Budget for Party

The first step to getting the right sound system for your party is getting the proper budget for a voice amplifier. Knowing the price range for a good sound system will give you an idea of what type of sound system you want to buy.
We recommend that as a host, your budget is between the price range of 50 U.S. dollars to 160 U.S dollars to buy a good sound system that will be suitable for your party. Also, it is essential to understand that this price is subject to the influence, which can be caused by other factors such as discounts, inflation, and many other factors. Although, the recommended price should be sufficient to get your desired amplifiers.

Number Of Guests At The Party

When buying a voice amplifier, it is crucial to consider how many guests will be attending the party. It is important because knowing the number of guests at your party will guide you to the right sound system to buy. Buying the wrong amplifier for guests’ capacity has become a common problem in parties today; many buy a voice amplifier that does not have the capacity to amplify the host’s voice for all guests to hear, which denies guests the pleasure of having fun with ease and without deciphering what the host is trying to say.
We must understand that different amplifiers come with varied power outputs, and each voice amplifier is made to suit a particular number of guests.
For a guest size of 20-80, we recommend that the host buys a voice amplifier with a power output of 5-10W. This power output is enough to amplify the host voice for everyone to hear.
For a party with guests within the size range of 80-120 people. We recommend the host gets a voice amplifier with a power output of 10-18W. This is considered the best amplifier for that amount of guests. If the hosts expect guests of over 120 and above, they should consider getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 20W. This amplifier is sufficient for a large party.

Party Venue Area

Another vital factor to consider when getting a voice amplifier is the party’s venue. The venue is one factor that many hosts usually ignore, which later poses a problem to whatever amplifier they buy. Hosts should not ignore the venue of the party. As we have said previously, different voice amplifiers have varied capacities, especially when it comes to sound coverage. Each type of voice amplifier is made to cover a particular venue size.
Party hosts must consider the size of the party venue area before purchasing a voice amplifier; this will help them avoid embarrassment and give them a good idea of the type of amplifier suitable for their party.
The host should know how far the voice amplifier would be covering, as this greatly influences the output of the amplifier. It will be great to buy a voice amplifier with the right coverage for your venue.
For a venue area with a reach of 40 meters, we recommend that you get an amplifier with an output power of 10W, which will enable the guest to hear whatever the host is saying well.
Also, for a venue area of up to 80 meters, an amplifier with a power output of 18W will be suitable. 18W will give the amplifier maximum reach, and all the guests will be able to hear what is being said comfortably.
In a venue area more significant than 80 meters, we recommend that the host gets an amplifier with an output power of 20W or more. A voice amplifier with an output of 20W can comfortably cover a large venue area of up to 1000 square feet, which is very convenient.

Duration Of The Party

The duration of the party is another factor that must be considered before purchasing a voice amplifier. The duration of the party is how long a party will be going on. Knowing this will save the host a lot of embarrassment. Imagine buying a voice amplifier that does not have a battery capacity for the duration of the party. Having a dead voice amplifier is one of the most embarrassing moments at any party. It could ruin the party or even put an end to it. This is why we advise that you understand what type of voice amplifier has the best battery capacity for the duration of your party.

Handheld Wireless Microphone For Party

It is a great idea to consider the microphone used for your voice amplifier when hosting a party. Many microphones can complement your voice amplifier, but getting a handheld microphone for your party is the best. This is because they are comfortable to use and can quickly be passed from one person to the other. There are two main types of handheld microphones which are wired and wireless. We recommend that you use a wireless microphone for your party.
The wireless handheld microphone has a lot of advantages, especially in a party system. Unlike the wired handheld microphone, it is very convenient to use. Also, the wireless handheld microphone can easily be maneuvered when being used. The microphone is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events.
Before buying a wireless handheld microphone for your party, it is essential to consider some factors. One of those factors is battery capacity. You should buy a microphone that will go on for as long as the party lasts. You do not want a microphone with a low battery in the middle of a party.
Although the wired microphone may have a better connection than the wireless microphone, the wired microphone may be better than the wireless handheld microphone when it comes to outdoor events. The amplifier also powers the wired microphone. You need not worry about a low battery from the microphone while using it at a party. On the other hand, the wired microphone is not convenient for use and limits the movement of the hosts.

Wireless Microphone For Party

When searching for an excellent wireless microphone for your party, we recommend that you get a handheld wireless microphone with a good battery capacity that would last for the time duration of the party. The handheld wireless microphone is not worn; it is held, making it easy for the host to pass the microphone to anyone, making the party more interactive. A handheld microphone suitable for your party is the Winbridge U5 handheld microphone for the WinBridge S92.
U5 Handheld Microphone
The U5 handheld microphone is a wireless microphone that uses UFH wireless technology. The wireless microphone has a transmission of up to 50m, which is considered very strong and could even transmit through a wall. U5 comes with a lithium 1800mAh in-built battery, lasting 10 hours when fully charged. It has a frequency 30-2000Hz of and a UHF frequency of 700-730Mhz.

Interaction at the party

Interaction is vital when hosting a party, which makes the party interesting. Playing games, asking questions, and relaying information is essential and can not be done with a bad voice amplifier. For interaction to happen, the host has to be adequately heard so as the guests that are being interacted with. This is why we recommend a windBridge amplifier system. With their experience in the amplifying market, they have built the best amplifiers seen in the market today.
For interaction to happen ideally at a party, we recommend that the host gets an amplifier with two handheld microphones. It means that the party host will use one microphone, and guests will use the other at the party. By using two handheld microphones, interaction is done more conveniently without having to share one microphone and passing it around anytime it needs to be used.

The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of your voice amplifier is crucial to throwing the best party as a host. The battery capacity can either make the party exciting or destroy it. This is why you need to do everything in your power to get a suitable amplifier with the proper battery life for your event.
Where the host intends to use the voice amplifier for more than 8 hours a day, we recommend he buys an amplifier with large battery life. A 20W amplifier will be perfect because it has a large battery capacity. The amplifier takes about 3 hours to charge fully. This will allow the host to use the amplifier for a long time without charging.
Also, hosts who will be throwing a party that will last for less than 8 hours can consider getting a 15W amplifier. If the party will go on for less than 5 hours, then a wireless amplifier will be okay for the event.

Voice Amplifier for an outdoor party

There are many amplifiers built for many scenarios and circumstances. Not all amplifiers are built to be used under the same circumstance. Some voice amplifiers can withstand the harsh weather of being used outdoor, while others will get damaged, and you will not get maximum performance from using them outside. This is because manufacturers bear it in mind when building their voice amplifier where they want it to be used, and if it is to be used outdoor, some unique features are added to the amplifier.
When buying a voice amplifier, you must consider where the amplifier will be used, outdoor or indoor. Knowing this will give you specifications and a better understanding of what type of amplifier will be used for the party.
For an outdoor party, you will need a voice amplifier that can withstand the harsh condition that the weather may bring. Winbridge has created voice amplifiers that are suited for this purpose. With the WinBridge H5 Plus built especially for outdoor events, nothing can go wrong.
The WinBridge H5 is a voice amplifier that is waterproof, anti-fall, and rugged, making it perfect for outdoor events. It can withstand harsh weather.
Also, when having an outdoor party, you should consider an amplifier with a power output of 18W or more, which is also a feature of the H5 plus. You should also consider the battery life of the voice amplifier you will use for your outdoor event.
Depending on what type of outdoor party and the host’s preference, the amplifier that could be purchased for the outdoor party could be wired or wireless.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

A damaged vocal cord should not stop you from hosting your party; all you need is a good voice amplifier. A damaged vocal cord is caused by many things, such as illnesses, stress on the vocal cord, and other factors. With a damaged vocal cord, you do not need to stress your voice further, and with a bad voice amplifier at a party, that is inevitable. This is why you need the best voice amplifier, which will be able to pick up the faintest sound you make even with a damaged vocal.
Winbridge provides the best voice amplifier. They can develop a wide variety of voice amplifiers, which are suited for different events and scenarios, guaranteed not to disappoint you. Their voice amplifier is known to pick up sounds made by the user projecting them to the audience in a clear way and without distortion.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by the part

Hosts who desire to buy the best voice amplifier for their party have a wide variety of amplifiers to choose from. The tricky part of getting a suitable amplifier for a party is choosing from this wide variety of amplifier products.
Before choosing an amplifier, you must consider the following factors:
● Connectivity: If you are looking for an amplifier with strong output, you should go for the wired voice amplifier. It has a strong output and is free from any form of distortion. You can complement the wired amplifier with a wireless microphone which will afford the host of the party convenience and movement.
● Power output: Power output is another crucial factor that must be considered before buying a voice amplifier for a party. An amplifier with an output of 5-10W is suitable for a small party. For a larger party or an outdoor party, an amplifier with a 15-20W would be convenient.
● Special functions: the special function are those unique functions that a voice amplifier possesses which could be very useful for a party. These functions may include dual-microphone connectivity for multiple users, improving interaction, special connectivity options like Bluetooth, aux cable, and many more.
● Battery life: the battery capacity is one factor that can save the host from a lot of stress and embarrassment. The battery life should be in accordance with how long the party will be going on. You do not want a dead amplifier in the middle of a party. A dead amplifier could automatically mean the end of the party.


Getting a suitable amplifier for your party can prove to be difficult due to the large variety of voice amplifiers on the market today. This makes it challenging to choose a suitable amplifier that will suit your party’s needs. This is why you need to take note of the various factors mentioned previously before you get a voice.
Winbridge has been able to make decisions for choosing a suitable amplifier for your party easily. They are professionals who have created various voice amplifiers that can suit your party’s needs. Their amplifier is guaranteed not to disappoint.

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