Voice Amplifier For Instructors

Published March 20th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Every instructor needs a voice amplifier to get his voice out loud and clear. From fitness instructors to sport instructor to all manner of activities, a voice amplifier plays a crucial role in communication.

Voice Amplifier For Instructors

Without the use of these devices, the instructor will find out that most of the time he teaches, he shouts at the top of his voice so as to be heard clearly. Shouting strains your vocal cords, which can result in permanent or temporary damage to them. This is why we recommend the WinBridge voice amplifier for every instructor.

In this guide, we shall examine voice amplifiers for instructors. We shall consider factors that are likely to influence the purchase of a voice amplifier, which include, budget, number of students, area size, and many others. We shall also conclude by recommending some of the best WinBridge voice amplifiers for instructors in today’s market.

Instructor’s budget for sound system

Budge and price are crucial to know before you decide to buy a voice amplifier. An excellent voice amplifier will cost anywhere from 50USD to 160USD, depending on the brand and model,
In addition, there are some factors that may increase the cost of getting a voice amplifier. These factors include inflation, delivery cost, tariff, and governmental policies. We recommend that the instruction consider and adequately budget for these facts before deciding to buy one.
Knowing how much to budget will shape what kind of voice amplifier the instructor is most likely to purchase.

Number of students

Instructors of a class must consider the number of students that will be present in the class before they decide to get a voice amplifier. Getting the wrong voice amplifier could mean that a section of the class will not hear you properly.

Furthermore, getting a powerful voice amplifier for a small class could cause the sound to be too overwhelming for them to use.

This is why we recommend for a smaller class of 30-80 students, a 5-10W voice amplifier will be more than enough for the class It also means that everyone in the class is carried along in the class.
For a large class with 80-120 students, we recommend getting a voice amplifier of 10-18 output power. these are more than enough to cover the entire class

Finally, for a class of more than 120 students, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of 20W plus.

Event venue area

When buying a voice amplifier the instructor must consider the size of the event area. The size of the event area will determine the time of the voice amplifier that will be needed. A larger room size will require a voice amplifier with larger output power in order to be useful. Mismatching the size of the venue with the output will distort the events.

As we know, various amplifiers come with different power outputs, and each of these voice amplifiers is ideal for different sizes of events that will be used. Now that we know this, you must understand the distance the voice amplifier will cover when used.
For a class of 40 meters in size, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 5-10W. These are relatively small classes and do not require heavy-duty voice amplifiers.

Also, for a class of up to 80 meters, getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 10-18W will be suitable. In a position where the gym size is larger than 80 meters, a voice amplifier with a power output of 20W and above will be perfect.

The teaching time

The duration of the class should be carefully considered. These voice amplifiers all come with different battery lives. Some voice amplifiers are very useful for long use, while others were built for shorter events. To avoid a voice amplifier with a low battery, the instructor must consider how long the class will hold.
The duration of the instructor class will allow the instructors to make better decisions when they are ready to buy a voice amplifier… Voice amplifiers do not have the same battery capacity. Voice amplifiers come with varying battery life, which serves different events.
For a class that is more than 8 hours of consecutive use, we recommend that you buy a 20W voice amplifier, which will work for 10 to 20 hours when fully charged. A voice amplifier with 20W will take about 3 hours to have a full charge.
For a class that is less than 8 hours a day, we recommend a 15W, supported with a wireless microphone that can last 5 hours when fully charged.
It is also important to note that the wired voice amplifiers have a better battery life than the wired voice amplifiers

Assistant instructor

Where there is an assistant instructor, we recommend that the instructor gets a tow headset microphone amplifier for the class. One will be assigned to each instructor, so they can make their contribution.
A wireless headset and voice amplifier are most suitable, as they are convenient for use and allow the instructor to easily move around during the lectures. We recommend the WinBridge S92 Plus. The S93 Plus comes with two wireless headset microphones.

Run back and forth

Movement is an important part of every instructor s activities. from the fitness instructor, he may be required to move frequently and bend over to carry out many of the fitness exercises. This means that the instructor will need a voice amplifier that offers him flexibility and is very lightweight
We recommend a wireless voice amplifier that is very portable to carry around. At best, those voice amplifiers come with belt straps and clips, so that the amplifier can be attached to the body of the instructor.
The device must be very lightweight, in order to be used for activities that require lots of movement.

Wired microphone for instructors

Both the wired and the wireless voice amplifier comes with their pro and cons. They are suitable for unique situations. If you are still confused as to whether to get a wired microphone, here is a list of advantages, disadvantages, and applications of a wired voice amplifier. All of which should be considered before the purchase of a wired mic.
Advantages of a wired microphone
1. clearer sounds:
The significant advantage of using a wired microphone headset voice amplifier is that it produces a much clearer sound.
2. Output power:
Wired voice amplifiers usually have a much higher output power and battery life than wireless mic voice amplifiers.
3. Lightweight
Also, the wired mic amplifiers are fairly lightweight, making them easy to carry around by the speaker.

4. Easy handling:
Talking about ease, the wired voice amplifier comes with a belt strap that can be adjusted for the convenience of the user.
In addition, wired microphones produce a clear sound output in comparison to wireless microphones. This is because its amplifiers usually have high output power.
5. Easy controls
the controls are close to the speaker, easily reducing or increasing the speaker’s volume without any stress.
Disadvantages of Wired microphones
The following are the major disadvantages of a wired microphone.
1. It is unsuitable for strenuous movements and may not be suitable for yoga classes.
2. It could also be uncomfortable for the users as they may not like the straps and belt clip.
We do not recommend wired microphones classes that require extreme movements;

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for instructors

The wireless lavalier microphone is a tiny microphone with a receiver connected to other pa systems and attached to the speaker’s body to help amplify his voice. Now, the receiver of this microphone can be connected to any mic jack or UHF wireless signal transfer from a microphone to the receiver making the device a wireless amplifier. Find out more about WinBridge U7 Multi-Function Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Set.
Features Of The Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Some of the functions of these wireless Lavalier microphones include the following:
● The wireless lavalier mics are stylish and come in comfortable designs for the preacher
● Easy handling: the mics are very easy to handle and carry around
● The mics have an inbuilt 750mAh battery life
● Uhf pairing with long transmission range.
Functions of the wireless lavalier microphones
1. Work with 3.6mm earphones: the lavalier microphones work with the new 3.5mm multi-earphones for real-time monitoring, listening to the background music, and your voice. Compatible with a smartphone.
2. Light and portable: the microphones are very portable and lightweight, hence easy to carry. Weighing in at just 1.5s/1.66 ounces, its size and weight make it highly portable.
3. Built-in batteries: the inbuilt batteries are 750mAh rechargeable: Both receiver and transmitter built-in 750 rechargeable batteries can give you up to 6.5 hours of usage; they take about 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

Interact with the students

For interaction between students and instructor, we recommend a double mic wireless headset and handheld microphone. These are best for interaction between students and instructors. Instructors can easily communicate with students with a suitable voice amplifier with the right voice amplifier. We recommend getting a wireless amplifier with two wireless microphones for easier and more proper interaction between the fitness instructor and the students. One microphone will be used by the instructor, while the students will use the other.
Using a wireless amplifier with two wireless microphones will save cost rather than buying two amplifiers. You can also connect the amplifier to other devices like a phone or an iPod via Bluetooth to play music.
If the fitness program is not interactive, you can buy an amplifier with a single wireless microphone.

On-the-spot teaching with a mask

With the advent of the covid-19, wearing a nose mask has become part of our way of life. We are now required to wear our face masks when we are in public places. Obviously, these masks across our mouth and nose hinder and distort proper communication.
The teacher who wears a face mask to teach will notice that his/her voice is very low and unclear, which may lead to misinformation or loss of interest by students in the class. We recommend getting a voice amplifier of at least 5W in order to amplify the voice of the teacher /instructor. These masks also prevent the students from seeing the facial expression of their teachers/instructors.

Waterproof, anti-fall, and rugged voice amplifier

Instructors should ensure that whatever voice amplifier they buy is waterproof anti-fall and rugged. It is important that they don’t buy less quality voice amplifiers that will easily get damaged.
WinBridge voice amplifier offers the best voice amplifier made with the highest quality of materials. They are designed with anti-fall features which use belts and straps to adequately protect the voice amplifier from sustaining damages when they fall.
Also, the instructor should ensure the voice amplifier are waterproof so that they can be used outdoors, even during rainy sessions
WinBridge voice amplifiers use the best quality materials to build their speakers. The WinBridge speakers are highly durable and will last for a long time.

Voice amplifier for outdoor instructors

For outdoor events, the instructor must consider factors such as weatherproof, durability, and even battery life. It is crucial that the instructor get a voice amplifier that is weatherproof, especially waterproof. This is because outdoor events are prone to changing wethers that can damage the voice amplifier.
Also, the instructor should ensure that the voice amplifier has the required battery life needed for outdoor events. Preferably, we recommend picking a 20W plus voice amplifier for these events, as they offer much reach and a better battery life

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Shouting and straining your voice could cause permanent or temporary damage to your vocal voice. These issues include cracking voice, weak voice, and even physical damage to the vocal cords.
instructors can use the WinBridge voice amplifier to preserve their voice and help them amplify their voice to the targeted audience. With a suitable voice amplifier, you do not need to strain your vocal cord. The proper voice amplifier can pick the faintest sound given by a person; with this, the instructor can talk with ease while demonstrating his workout, and students do not need to stress themselves to hear the instructor.
The damaged vocal cord can arise due to illness, trauma to the vocal cord, physical injury, strain on the vocal cord, or neurological disorder. Having a damaged vocal cord, you should avoid damaging it further by straining your voice.
The Windridge voice amplifier is also suitable for recovering patients who can not talk audibly or adequately; with their amplifiers that are easy to use and come with wired or wireless microphones, patients can comfortably speak without stressing themselves.

List for voice amplifier required by instructors

There are different models and brands of voice amplifiers available in today’s market, and it is important to be able to choose the right voice amplification for your use.
The following are factors instructors should consider before when buying a voice amplifier:
● Output power: Output power refers to the reach of the sounds i.e how strong the amplifier’s sound is. We recommend that careful consideration is given to output power when buying an amplifier.

A 5-10W voice amplifier is suitable for small classes. For programs that will involve more people, we recommend getting an amplifier within 15-20W output power
● Battery power and the life: Stronger batteries mean that you have a longer duration when using the voice amplifier. Avoid the struggle of low battery by getting a voice amplifier that fits your purpose. To have a good session, you have to get a proper WinBridge voice amplifier.
● Connectivity: When it comes to a stronger out, a wired voice amplifier will do the job, but if you are looking for convenience, you opt for a wireless voice amplifier. Also, wireless amplifiers are easier to set up, just with the push of some buttons. Contrarily, wired voice amplifiers may take; a long time to set.
● Special functions: its special functions may include some unique features or accessories that come with the amplifier, which may consist of a dual-microphone headset that multiple users can use to promote interaction mp3 player, FM radio, and so on
Here are the top WinBridge voice amplifiers that are suitable for fitness instructors.
1. WinBridge S278:
The s278 is a rechargeable voice amplifier with long-lasting battery life, lasting for about 10 hours with a fast charge of 3 hours. It comes with a headset microphone which is not heavy and easy to manipulate. You can also clip the microphone to your collar, or wherever is comfortable for you.
● It has an output power of a maximum of 15W.
● It uses high UHF technology for the best wireless transmission experience.
● Excellent for large gatherings and outdoor events.
● It uses Bluetooth, SD cards, USB ports, an AUX cord, and a USB flash for audio play.
● It can also serve patients recovering from illness who have difficulty speaking.
Long Battery Life: the S278 has an in-built battery of 1800mAh, which provides a long-lasting amplifier work of about 10 hours, and if you are playing music, it could last for about 8 hours. The battery is rechargeable and takes 3 hours to charge fully.
Lightweight: The amplifier has portable and is very easy to move around, and it weighs 0.42lb. The S278 can easily be worn around the waist or neck. It is also very easy to use. With just one click of a button, the voice amplifier is ready to be used.
Supports Bluetooth: the voice amplifier also features Bluetooth support that allows you to connect to other devices while using the amplifier. The amplifier comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which has a long-reaching coverage. S278 also supports Aux cords, Flash USB input, and one-key recording.
Click to mute: the amplifier has a mute button that allows the instructor to mute it with just one click easily; it can also be unmuted by clicking the same button.

WinBridge S278 accessory
● Amplifier machine
● Waistband
● Aux cable
● USB charging cable
● Wireless microphone
● User manual
2. WinBridge S96:
This voice amplifier is a stable amplifier that comes with noise-canceling measures which allow the instructor to have a smooth fitness session without being distracted. It also has a strong battery life which can work for 20 to 22 hours when fully. The long battery life is one of its unique features that makes it highly demanded today.
● It supports USB connection, flash USB connection, aux cable, and many more
● Advance UHF wireless transmission far-reaching coverage
● Distortion and noise cancellation effects
● Long-lasting battery
Clear Sound:
The voice amplifier produces one of today’s most clear sounds in the amplifier market. It has a crystal clear sound, and it can remove any form of distortion and produce the desired sounds for your fitness program. It has a power output of 10-15W which can cover over 10000 square feet, which is convenient for an extensive fitness program.
Easy to use:
The device is straightforward to use. Which the push of a button, you can connect the amplifier to the wireless microphone, and then you are good to go. It is also very portable and lightweight. It has a waistband that you can use around your waist or hang around your neck.
Bluetooth Supports:
The amplifier also supports Bluetooth connections. You can easily connect your phones or music players to the amplifier to play music or any audio recording. You also play audio recordings while using the amplifier to give fitness instructions. The device also supports other connections like USB Flash, Aux cable, and One-key recording.
Long Battery Life:
The amplifier comes with an in-built battery, lasting for 20 to 22 hours after a full charge. It also supports a wireless microphone.

● Main machine
● Waistband
● Wireless microphone
● USB charging cable
● AUX cable
● User manual

3. WinBrigde M800:
This amplifier is a good use for fitness programs. The speaker produces a clear and crisp sound with no distortion or noise.
● Firm and Steady;
The device is well built having an excellent design. The design of the device helps it give out the best possible sound.
● A long-lasting rechargeable 2200 mAh battery can run for 10 to 12 hours after a full charge.
● It has an adjustable headset microphone which is comfortable to wear.
● It is very convenient for outdoor fitness programs
Personal Amplifier: The amplifier can also be substituted as a portable speaker for playing during the fitness session using an SD card or Aux cable.
Waterproof Amplifier: One of the best features of the M800 is the waterproof feature. You can use the amplifier in the rain without fear of it getting spoilt. It is also dustproof and splashproof.
Portable Speaker and Microphone: The voice amplifier is a lightweight device that can be used anywhere and under any condition. It comes with a waistband that enables the user to carry it without inconvenience. It supports microphone usage and music at the same time. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.2, including a Bluetooth coverage of up to 32 ft. The M800 has easy Bluetooth, aux cable, and USB connection.
● Speaker
● Headset microphone
● Waistband
● Aux Cable
● User manual

All these amplifiers are excellent for fitness instructors, there lightweight, and with their many wonderful features, the instructor can easily maneuver the device devices to suit their purpose. The best feature of these voice amplifiers is that fitness instructors can play music while giving out fitness instructions in the gym, making the fitness program more fun and exciting; there would not be any need to buy extra speakers or amplifiers. With this, you can save money.


Getting a voice amplifier for training helps the instructor to improve the quality of the training. The students can better interact, and understand his teachings. Also, a voice amplifier will prevent the vocal cords from being damaged from shouting.

WinBridge voice amplifier develops the best voice amplifier to help you amplify your voice in your class. Their amplifier is made with the highest quality of materials, making them very durable to use anywhere. Improve the quality of your voice and class by getting a quality WinBridge voice amplifier.

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