Voice Amplifier for Indoor Use

Published March 21st, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Getting a suitable voice amplifier for indoor use could be pretty tricky. All voice amplifiers are uniquely designed to fit different scenarios and circumstances. Some voice amplifiers can do better in outdoor activities, while some produce sounds too overwhelming for indoor use.

Voice Amplifier for Indoor Use

Many users will find out that choosing what voice amplifier to get for indoor use is a daunting task, as the market is overly saturated with various brands and models.
In this article, we shall examine guide voice amplifiers for indoor use in detail. Also, we shall examine the budget, factors that could affect the choice, and so on. We shall conclude this guide by recommending the best voice amplifiers for indoor use.

Budget for sound system

Price is an essential factor that all buyers must consider before purchasing a voice amplifier. They must also beware of factors that can influence these devices’ price. These factors include inflation, government policies, cost of importation, and so on. It is essential that the buyer research this cost and adequately budget them.
We recommend that the buyer budget between 60USD and 150USD purchase a good voice amplifier. These voice amplifiers may come with unique features, likely increasing the price. The relevance of the feature to you should be carefully considered and budgeted for. Some of these features include F.M. radio, mp3 player, UHF pairing, etc.

Number of indoor audiences

The number of indoor audiences that will be present for the event should be carefully considered before purchasing a voice amplifier. Having an idea of the number will allow the buyer to make a better decision when choosing a voice amplifier for indoor use.

The larger the audience in the indoor event, the more output power and coverage he needed from the voice amplifier. Choosing the wrong amplifier means that a section of your audience will be unable to hear you audibly during the event.

For indoor events with an audience of 20 to 80 people, we recommend that the buyer gets a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. This is sufficient for an audience of this size and can amplify his voice across the room.

For an indoor audience of 80 to120 people, we recommend that the buyer get a voice amplifier with an output power of 10 to 18W. This is capable of amplifying the speaker’s voice.

For a larger audience of more than 12 people, we recommend a voice amplifier with an output of more than 20W to amplify the speaker’s voice.

Indoor venue area

The size of the indoor venue area is another crucial factor that the buyer must consider. This is because the size of the indoor venue will determine the type of amplifier to get. A larger indoor venue area means a more powerful voice amplifier than a smaller room may require.
Furthermore, getting the wrong voice amplifier, especially those with low output power for a significant event, means that the amplifier will be overstretched and unsuitable for the purpose. This is why we emphasize this section.

For a smaller indoor venue area, usually the size of a kindergarten class, and about 40m in size, we recommend an amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. These rooms do not require powerful voice amplifiers.

A medium room size of about 80m, and usually the size of a secondary school classroom, will need a voice amplifier with an output of 10-18w. This output is sufficient to cover the entire venue.
Finally, for a larger indoor venue area, usually the size of a university hall, and can house up to 120 audiences, we recommend an output power of more than 20W. It is capable of reaching a wide range.

Duration Of the indoor activities

The duration of the voice amplifier should be considered before you purchase a voice amplifier. Some amplifiers are built to last longer than the others, while others with low duration may make it up with better sounds, Bluetooth connectivity, and so on. The buyer has to decide which of these factors he most cares about. Buyers should consider the time length of the auction before he makes a purchase.

For indoor events of more than 8 hours of consecutive work time, we recommend that you go for 20W voice amplifiers as they have stronger batteries that can last up to 22 hours. So the auctioneer does not need to worry about low battery or charging during the cause of the auction. Also, it takes about 3-5 hours to charge fully.

A shorter activity of fewer than 8 hours should go for a voice amplifier with an output power of 15W. It has more than 15 hours of amplification and can be charged fully within 3-4 hours.
Buyers should consider how long it takes to charge the amplifier fully. Some amplifiers have a longer charge time but a good battery.

Handheld Wireless Microphone for talking to Audiences

The wireless handheld microphones are just microphones without wires. They are perfect for activities that require frequent movements. Unlike wired microphones, user movement is not restricted by the wires. Also, the microphones are easily exchanged between the audience without an issue. It this quite difficult to use the headset microphones.
Its portability means that the speaker can handle the microphones without heavyweights.
Some highlights of the pros and cons of having a handheld voice amplifier for preaching.
Pros of handheld voice amplifier
1. Portable: the handheld microphones are portable and lightweight, allowing for an effortless handle by the preacher. They can work around the congregation efficiently without the stress of feeling he is carrying anything.
2. Flexibility in movement: The wireless handheld mic offers the speaker flexibility to move around without any restriction from wires
3. Volume control: The wireless microphones usually have a close control feature that allows the speaker to increase or reduce volume without being close to the amplifier.
4. Battery life: It comes with rechargeable batteries that have strong battery life.
Cons of handheld voice amplifier
1. Bad Uhf pairing: The wireless voice amplifier is prone to bad UHF pairing and sometimes struggles to pair with the pa system
2. propagation limits: The farther away from the amplifier system, the more distorted the signal and sounds. It, therefore, puts a limit on movement.
3. Battery life: compared to the wired voice amplifier, the wireless handheld voice amplifier does not offer a lasting battery. The frequent charging may be frustrating to the user of the microphones.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for talking to Audiences

The wireless lavalier microphone is a tiny microphone with a receiver connected to other pa systems and attached to the speaker’s body to help amplify his voice. Now, the receiver of this microphone can be connected to any mic jack or UHF wireless signal transfer from a microphone to the receiver making the device a wireless amplifier.
Read more: WinBridge U7 Multi-Function Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Set.
Features Of The Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Some of the functions of these wireless Lavalier microphones include the following:
● The wireless lavalier mics are stylish and come in comfortable designs for the preacher
● Easy handling: the mics are very easy to handle and carry around
● The mics have an inbuilt 750mAh battery life
● Uhf pairing with long transmission range.
Functions of the wireless lavalier microphones
1. Work with 3.6mm earphones: the lavalier microphones work with the new 3.5mm multi-earphones for real-time monitoring, listening to the background music, and your voice. Compatible with a smartphone.
2. Light and portable: the microphones are very portable and lightweight, hence easy to carry. Weighing in at just 1.5s/1.66 ounces, its size and weight make it highly portable.
3. Built-in batteries: the inbuilt batteries are 750mAh rechargeable: Both receiver and transmitter built-in 750 rechargeable batteries can give you up to 6.5 hours of usage; they take about 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

Interact with the student

We recommend getting a voice amplifier with two microphones for adequate interaction in indoor events. This allows the speaker and the audience to interact well using two different mics.
These microphones are connected to the P.A. system at the same time for functionality.
One mic is personalized to the speaker, while the other is shared among the audience if they have contributions or questions.
Buying an amplifier with two microphones means that the buyer could save the cost of purchasing an extra voice amplifier. The lack of wire also means that the mic can be easily exchanged between the audience.

Live Speech with Mask

The recent pandemic has made wearing a mask a part of our lives. We are required to wear a face mask in public gatherings. However, the challenges posed by wearing face masks include distortion of information and poor communication. The mask covering the mouth means that people cannot hear you well or read your facial cues.
Also, the mask prevents the audience from reading the facial expression of the preacher, which is crucial in communication.
This distortion could have a negative impact on how we communicate, including misinformation during communication. The voice amplifier helps amplify the speaker’s voice so that the entire audience can hear him.
We recommend getting a voice amplifier with an output power of more than 20W to amplify the speaker’s voice. These amplifiers are so powerful that they can boost the speaker’s voice across 1000 square meters.

Anti-fall and rugged voice amplifier

Another factor that a buyer should carefully consider is the anti-fall and rugged designs of the voice amplifiers. As earlier emphasized, there are many brands of voice amplifiers in today’s market, which makes it challenging to choose from. These brands are made with different materials. Some of these materials are more qualified than others.
A simple fall of the amplifier could severely damage the voice amplifier and may need total replacements. This is why every buyer should ensure that their Pa system is designed with anti-fall features to prevent falling and eventual damage to the voice amplifier.
WinBridge voice amplifiers use the best quality materials to build their speakers. The WinBridge speakers are highly durable and will last for a long time.
Furthermore, they employ anti-fall designs for their voice amplifiers. These include a belt strap, clip, and stands, all of which prevent the system’s fall and eventual damage.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

WinBridge builds some of the best voice amplifiers for damaged vocal cords. Whether you have a weak voice, cracked voice, or physical damage to your vocal cords, winBridege has you covered.

WinBridge voice amplifiers are built to help the speaker preserve their voice. Excessive shouting at the top of your voice could potentially harm your voice.
There is always the temptation to shout when making a speech. But one must try all possible to resist the temptation.
The voice amplifiers help reduce stress on damaged vocal cords and weak voices. It removes the stress of raising the voice loudly. Voice amplifiers are an excellent way to preserve the quality of your voice and tones.
In addition, sick people or recovering patients can also use the voice amplifier to amplify their already weakened voices. Winbridge voice amplifier is designed to get your voice out conveniently without the need to stress your voice.

List for voice amplifier required for Indoor use

Getting a voice amplifier for indoor use can prove quite frustrating. You will have to choose from the variety of voice amplifiers available in the market. You must have proper knowledge of what is expected from a voice amplifier required for indoor use. Having the proper knowledge about voice amplifiers will give you a clear picture of the best amplifier suitable for you. In subsequent paragraphs, we shall recommend some of the best WinBridge vest voice amplifiers required for indoor use.
Before getting a voice amplifier, you need to consider some factors, which are:
● Battery Life: Getting an amplifier with the wrong battery life may be embarrassing. Getting a suitable amplifier with the correct battery means having a battery life that will last for your event.
● Power output: the power output of the amplifier is a crucial factor that should be considered before purchasing a voice amplifier. Not all voice amplifiers produce the same output power, and therefore it must be carefully considered.
● Connectivity: connectivity between the mic and the Pa system is an essential factor considered before buying an amplifier. If you need an amplifier with strong connectivity and a clear sound, you should consider getting a wired amplifier. You can also complement the amplifier with a wireless lavalier microphone.
● Special functions: these are unique features and accessory that comes with the pa system, which could be helpful for your event. These features include an mp3 player, USB connection Fm radio, etc. It is essential to know whether any of these features will be helpful to you.
Here are some of the best voice amplifiers for your Home:
1. WinBridge WB001:
The WinBridge WB001 is a must-have at home. It is the perfect tool for home education, and it helps you deliver an excellent sound for the kid while they learn. It produces a clear, crisp sound that 50 people can easily hear.
● The amplifier has lightweight, making it easy to carry and move around.
● It is a perfect tool for teaching kids and meetings, seminars, and guide tours.
● It is also perfect for older adults and people with damaged vocal cords.
● It is straightforward to operate.
● It has a well-structured body that adds to the sound performance while making it very attractive.
● The microphone comes with a comfortable headset microphone that is easy to adjust.
● It comes with an in-built lithium battery which allows it to work for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
● The amplifier can also play music for personal use
● It is perfect for teaching kids. It has a loud sound compared to other more prominent speakers, which projects the teacher’s voice clear enough for students to hear.
● Main amplifier
● waistband hook
● Wired microphone
● User manual
● Wired Headset
2. WinBridge T9
The T9 is a perfect amplifier for your home event. It gives out an unmistakable sound free from any noise or distortion, making it easy for guests to hear what is being said. It is also built to amplify the slightest sound made by the user. #
Features of the WinBridge T9
1. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making connecting faster and more reliable. The Bluetooth connection allows for more stable transmission.
2. The amplifier is suitable for parties, meetings, speech delivery, guide tour, seminars, and many more events.
3. The amplifier and the microphone are both rechargeables
4. The microphone has a high-performance feature that allows the amplifier to produce a smoother sound. This unique feature makes it suitable for those damaged vocal cords.
Functions of the T9
1. The Bluetooth 5.0 allows the amplifier to connect to any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. Such devices include iPods, android devices, iPhones, iPad, and many others.
2. The amplifier has a 4000mAh in-built battery which allows it to be used for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
3. It comes with two microphones: a handheld microphone and a headset microphone.
4. The amplifiers have an adjustable handle that can be detached for easy lifting.
5. It can be plugged into an A.C. outlet for charging while still being used.
6. The amplifier is suitable for a guest of more than 50 people.
7. It comes with a remote control that allows people control a allows user to control the amplifier from a distance and an mp3 player
● Speaker system
● Remote control
● Handheld Microphone
● User manual
● Aux cable
● USB bale
● Headset microphone
3. WinBridge WB001:
The WinBridge WB001 lightweight, portable voice amplifier is one of the best voice amplifiers for preachers. They are also excellent for meetings, teaching, and even tour guides. The voice amplifier is very user-friendly and can be used by all ages. It is best for the kindergarten class of up to 40 meters and has an output power of 5W.
● User friendly: It comes with a user guide and is very easy to operate by the elderly without any complications.
● Lightweight and portable: The device is very light and portable to carry around when used. It weighs up to 138g
● Output power: It has an output power of 5W
● Battery life: The voice amplifier can last up to 7 hours when used consecutively
Functions of WinBrigde WB001
1. Dual microphones: The WB001 has a personal microphone for preachers and congregations to interact easily. One particular mic is dedicated to the congregations to ask questions and contribute.
2. Adjustable headset: It also comes with an adjustable headset that can project his voice across the congregation. The flexible headset allows him to use his hands freely.
3. Portable PA system: The Wb001 comes with a portable and lightweight P.A. system easily attached to the speaker. The speaker does not need to bother about the weight of the pa system.
4. Hight output power: The WB00 has an amplification time of up to 8 hours, sufficient for a music class.
Aseeories of WinBridge WB001
1. a waistband
2. the P.A. system
3. the wired microphone
4. a USB cable
5. and a user manual.


Buying a voice amplifier for indoor use can help you to better amplify your voice so that you can be heard clearly by your audience. A WinBridge voice amplifier is one of the best amplifiers available for indoor purposes.

WinBridge speakers have experience in creating amplification for teaching, noisy environments, street preaching, and many more.
Their product is made with the highest quality and is perfect for everyone including persons with voice disorders. It is trusted for multiple purposes. Improve the quality of your activities with WinBridge’s wide variety of voice projects that you can choose from. Now that you know how to select the best amplifier for indoor purposes, you can easily choose the best voice amplifier for you.
Buyers should consider all of the factors discussed above before they decide to purchase a voice amplifier for indoor use.

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