Voice Amplifier For Fitness Instructors

Published February 23rd, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

In this guide, I will be showing some of the best voice amplifiers for fitness instructors and various factors you will need to consider before buying a voice amplifier for your fitness program.

Voice Amplifier For Fitness Instructors

Imagine being in a fitness program where you cannot hear the fitness instructor properly. I can imagine how frustrating it could be for both the fitness instructor and trainees to repeat what has been said repeatedly and strain their voices to pass across instructions. A Voice amplifier is a perfect tool for a fitness program. It is essential to have a voice amplifier in the fitness program to foster proper communication between the fitness instructor and his trainees.

Sound system Budget for fitness instructors

When buying a voice amplifier, the first thing to consider is budget. It is essential to know the prices range for various voice amplifiers. We recommend that you budget 50 to 160 U.S dollars for a suitable voice amplifier. It is also important to note that the prices of voice amplifiers can be influenced by other factors like inflation, the type of fitness program you will have, discounts, and many other determinants. Having a budget within the recommended range would help you purchase a voice amplifier.

Number of the students

Another important factor to consider when choosing a suitable voice amplifier for your fitness program is the number of students attending the fitness program. You must know that voice amplifier varies in power and capacity, and these various voice amplifiers are suitable for different events. When buying an amplifier, you must know the number of students attending the fitness program, which will help you choose the suitable amplifier with the right capacity for your fitness program.
For a fitness program ranging from 20 to 80 students, we recommend a voice amplifier with a power output of 5-10W. With this type of amplifier, students will be able to you the fitness instructor clearly without straining their voice.
For a fitness program of 80 to 120 students, we recommend a voice amplifier with a power output of 10-18W. Fitness program with a student attendance of more than 120, we recommend you get a voice amplifier with a power output of 20W.

The GYM Area

When buying a voice amplifier for your fitness program, the gym area should also be considered. One vital part to consider about the gym is its size. The power capacity of the voice amplifier you will be buying should be suitable for the size of gym you would be using. As we know, various amplifiers come with different power outputs, and each of these voice amplifiers is ideal for different sizes of events that will be used. Now that we know this, you must understand the distance the voice amplifier will cover when used.
Knowing the size of the gym and the range the amplifier will be covering will give you an idea of the type of voice amplifier you will be buying.
For a gym of 40 meters size, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 5-10W.
Also, for a gym with a size reach of 80 meters, getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 10-18W will be suitable. In a position where the gym size is larger than 80 meters, a voice amplifier with a power output of 20W and above will be perfect.

Duration Of the fitness teaching per day

Having a voice amplifier with a low battery in the middle for a gym program can be embarrassing and frustrating. You definitely would not like this to happen during your fitness program. To avoid a voice amplifier with a low battery, you must consider how long the fitness program will be going on.
The duration of the fitness program will help you make the right decision when purchasing a voice amplifier. Voice amplifiers do not have the same battery capacity. Voice amplifiers come with varying battery life, which serves different events.
For a fitness program that will be going on for more than 8 hours, we recommend that you buy a 20W voice amplifier, which will work for 10 to 20 hours when fully charged. A voice amplifier with 20W will take about 3 hours to have a full charge.
In a fitness program for less than 8 hours a day, we recommend a 15W, supported with a wireless microphone that can last 5 hours when fully charged.

Wireless Microphone for fitness instructors

When having a fitness program, it is necessary to consider the type of microphone the fitness instructor will use. There are two types of microphones, wired and wireless microphones. We recommend that the fitness instructor use a wireless microphone for a fitness program due to the gym instructor’s continuous movement. Unlike the wired microphone, a wireless microphone will allow the fitness instructor to move around freely, inconvenience the instructor and limit their movement.

Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors
Here are some of the best wireless microphones for fitness instructors.
WinBridge U7:
This microphone comes with many accessories to help aid your audio device. The receiver can plug into a φ6.5/3.5 mic jack. It also uses a UHF signal to transfer the microphone to the amplifier.
● It comes in a stylish design.
● Long-distance transmission thanks to UHF high frequency
● Very portable
● 750mAh high capacity polymer battery
WInBrindge U5 Handheld microphone
The U5 is a handheld microphone that could also suit a fitness instructor. The microphone uses UHF wireless transmission, which can transmit signals to a distance of about 50m, which is very strong. It also features a 1800mAh lithium battery which can last up to 10 hours when fully charged.
WinBrigde U8 wireless microphone:
The U8 wireless microphone comes with the WinBridge U5 amplifier. The U8 is a comfortable microphone headset. It can also be used as a handheld microphone. The U8 microphone features an ear hook piece that can be detached from the microphone and used as a handheld microphone.
● Frequency response of 30 to 20000Hz
● UHF frequency of 700-730MHz
● Lightweight

Pros of wireless microphones
Here are some of the advantages of using a wireless microphone
Freedom of movement:
A wireless microphone allows the user to move freely without limitations in contrast to wired microphones which limit movements.
Adaptable placement:
One of the disadvantages of wired microphones is that the clustering is created due to its wires, making them inconvenient to use and place. The absence of wires in the wireless microphone makes the microphone easy to use, and now users can place the microphone anywhere easily.
Fits into any location:
The wireless microphone can be used in any location, be it an outdoor, indoor, conference room, gym area, and so on.
Cons of wireless microphones

Wireless microphones can easily be interfered with by external factors such as weather, which can cause breaks in transmission.
Battery life:
Wireless microphones cannot run indefinitely because they use battery run down at an expected time. The wireless microphone requires regular charge and can not work for an extended period.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for fitness instructors

The lavalier microphones are considered the best microphones for a fitness instructor. These microphones are small in size and can be clipped to your shirt, tie, or collar, making them very convenient to use. Once the lavalier microphone is placed correctly, you can go on and move around or even exercise while making use of the mic.
Also, the lavalier mics come in both wireless and wired forms, both with advantages and disadvantages. We recommend that you use the wireless Lavalier microphone for the fitness program.
We also recommend the WinBridge U7 to get the best Lavalier Microphone.

Interaction With students in the GYM

As a fitness instructor, proper communication with students is critical and does not need to be strenuous to the instructor’s voice. Fitness instructors can easily communicate with students with a suitable voice amplifier with the right voice amplifier. We recommend getting a wireless amplifier with two wireless microphones for easier and more proper interaction between the fitness instructor and the student. One microphone will be used by the fitness instructor, while the students will use the other.
Using a wireless amplifier with two wireless microphones will save cost rather than buying two amplifiers. You can also connect the amplifier to other devices like a phone or an iPod via Bluetooth to play music.
If the fitness program is not interactive, you can buy an amplifier with a single wireless microphone.

The voice amplifier battery capacity for fitness instructors

Battery capacity is another vital factor to consider when buying a voice amplifier. Voice amplifiers have varied battery capacities. It should be purchased following the duration of the event.
The battery capacity of amplifiers varies from one amplifier to the other, which is why you should carefully choose an amplifier with a battery capacity strong enough to last through the fitness program.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Having a damaged vocal cord can pose a big problem, especially for a fitness instructor. Many fitness instructors have their vocal cords damaged during a fitness program because they need to be heard by students, resulting in shouting and straining their vocal cords. With a suitable voice amplifier, you do not need to strain your vocal cord. The proper voice amplifier can pick the faintest sound given by a person; with this, the instructor can talk with ease while demonstrating his workout, and students do not need to stress themselves to hear the instructor.
The damaged vocal cord can arise due to illness, trauma to the vocal cord, physical injury, strain on the vocal cord, or neurological disorder. Having a damaged vocal cord, you should avoid damaging it further by straining your voice.
If you have a damaged vocal cord, it should not scare you or stop you from doing your duty as a fitness instructor. WinBridge provides a wide variety of voice amplifiers to meet your need. Their voice amplifier can amplify the fainted sound and make it audible to fitness students. Their amplifiers drastically reduce stress on the vocal cord and promote easy interaction. Your voice is one of the most critical aspects of your body, and WinBridge helps your nurture it.
The Windridge voice amplifier is also suitable for recovering patients who can not talk audibly or adequately; with their amplifiers that are easy to use and come with wired or wireless microphones, patients can comfortably speak without stressing themselves. Recovery is vital, and it does not come by stress but by relaxation and ease, which WinBridge gives to patients’ voices.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by fitness instructors

There are a wide variety of voice amplifiers in the market today, and choosing the right one for your fitness program may pose to be a difficult thing for you. Using a voice amplifier goes beyond just buying one; it has to fit your particular event, or it could be frustrating to use.
When buying a voice amplifier, you should consider the following:
● Output power reach: when we talk about reach, it is all about how strong the amplifier’s sound is; this is why the power out must be considered when buying an amplifier. The implication of buying an amplifier with a power output not suitable for your fitness program could be that students will be about to hear the instructor or the amplifier could be too loud for them. A 5-10W amplifier is suitable for a small fitness program. For programs that will involve a more significant amount of people or would be done outdoor, an amplifier within 15-20W would be appropriate.
● Battery power and the life: the battery life of the amplifier should also be considered. It is embarrassing to have a dead amplifier or a low battery in the middle of fitness training. To have a good fitness session, you have to buy a voice amplifier to suit the time during the session.
● Connectivity: When it comes to a stronger out, a wired voice amplifier will do the job, but if you are looking for convenience, you opt for a wireless voice amplifier. Also, wireless amplifiers are easier to set up, just with the push of some buttons. Contrarily, wired voice amplifiers may take; a long time to set.
● Special functions: its special functions may include some unique features or accessories that come with the amplifier, which may consist of a dual-microphone headset that multiple users can use to promote interaction and many more.
Here are the top WinBridge voice amplifiers that are suitable for fitness instructors.
1. WinBridge S278:
The s278 is a rechargeable voice amplifier with long-lasting battery life, lasting for about 10 hours with a fast charge of 3 hours. It comes with a headset microphone which is not heavy and easy to manipulate. You can also clip the microphone to your collar, or wherever is comfortable for you.
● It has an output power of a maximum of 15W.
● It uses high UHF technology for the best wireless transmission experience.
● Excellent for large gatherings and outdoor events.
● It uses Bluetooth, SD cards, USB ports, an AUX cord, and a USB flash for audio play.
● It can also serve patients recovering from illness who have difficulty speaking.
Long Battery Life: the S278 has an in-built battery of 1800mAh, which provides a long-lasting amplifier work of about 10 hours, and if you are playing music, it could last for about 8 hours. The battery is rechargeable and takes 3 hours to charge fully.
Lightweight: The amplifier has portable and is very easy to move around, and it weighs 0.42lb. The S278 can easily be worn around the waist or neck. It is also very easy to use. With just one click of a button, the voice amplifier is ready to be used.
Supports Bluetooth: the voice amplifier also features Bluetooth support that allows you to connect to other devices while using the amplifier. The amplifier comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which has a long-reaching coverage. S278 also supports Aux cords, Flash USB input, and one-key recording.
Click to mute: the amplifier has a mute button that allows the instructor to mute it with just one click easily; it can also be unmuted by clicking the same button.

WinBridge S278 accessory
● Amplifier machine
● Waistband
● Aux cable
● USB charging cable
● Wireless microphone
● User manual
2. WinBridge S96:
This voice amplifier is a stable amplifier that comes with noise-canceling measures which allow the instructor to have a smooth fitness session without being distracted. It also has a strong battery life which can work for 20 to 22 hours when fully. The long battery life is one of its unique features that makes it highly demanded today.
● It supports USB connection, flash USB connection, aux cable, and many more
● Advance UHF wireless transmission far-reaching coverage
● Distortion and noise cancellation effects
● Long-lasting battery
Clear Sound:
The voice amplifier produces one of today’s most clear sounds in the amplifier market. It has a crystal clear sound, and it can remove any form of distortion and produce the desired sounds for your fitness program. It has a power output of 10-15W which can cover over 10000 square feet, which is convenient for an extensive fitness program.
Easy to use:
The device is straightforward to use. Which the push of a button, you can connect the amplifier to the wireless microphone, and then you are good to go. It is also very portable and lightweight. It has a waistband that you can use around your waist or hang around your neck.
Bluetooth Supports:
The amplifier also supports Bluetooth connections. You can easily connect your phones or music players to the amplifier to play music or any audio recording. You also play audio recordings while using the amplifier to give fitness instructions. The device also supports other connections like USB Flash, Aux cable, and One-key recording.
Long Battery Life:
The amplifier comes with an in-built battery, lasting for 20 to 22 hours after a full charge. It also supports a wireless microphone.

● Main machine
● Waistband
● Wireless microphone
● USB charging cable
● AUX cable
● User manual

WinBrigde M800:
This amplifier is a good use for fitness programs. The speaker produces a clear and crisp sound with no distortion or noise.
● Firm and Steady;
The device is well built having an excellent design. The design of the device helps it give out the best possible sound.
● A long-lasting rechargeable 2200 mAh battery can run for 10 to 12 hours after a full charge.
● It has an adjustable headset microphone which is comfortable to wear.
● It is very convenient for outdoor fitness programs
Personal Amplifier: The amplifier can also be substituted as a portable speaker for playing during the fitness session using an SD card or Aux cable.
Waterproof Amplifier: One of the best features of the M800 is the waterproof feature. You can use the amplifier in the rain without fear of it getting spoilt. It is also dustproof and splashproof.
Portable Speaker and Microphone: The voice amplifier is a lightweight device that can be used anywhere and under any condition. It comes with a waistband that enables the user to carry it without inconvenience. It supports microphone usage and music at the same time. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.2, including a Bluetooth coverage of up to 32 ft. The M800 has easy Bluetooth, aux cable, and USB connection.
● Speaker
● Headset microphone
● Waistband
● Aux Cable
● User manual

All these amplifiers are excellent for fitness instructors, there lightweight, and with their many wonderful features, the instructor can easily maneuver the device devices to suit their purpose. The best feature of these voice amplifiers is that fitness instructors can play music while giving out fitness instructions in the gym, making the fitness program more fun and exciting; there would not be any need to buy extra speakers or amplifiers. With this, you can save money.


It is crucial to consider the various factors when buying a voice amplifier. These factors will serve as a guide to getting the best amplifier built fr your fitness program. This will also save safe costs and embarrassment. You can easily find the best amplifiers that meet these requirements at WinBridge. WinBrigde has experience building voice amplifiers for all areas of life, including parties, teaching, fitness events, and many more. They have what is best for you, and their trusted product will never disappoint you.

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