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Published August 14th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Providing a good user experience should be your site’s top goal, and a good user experience is a ranking factor. There are many elements to providing a good user experience; here are a few of them. Google recommends that websites use HTTPS, rather than HTTP, to improve user and site security. Sites that use HTTP can be marked as “not secure” in the Chrome browser. Read guidelines on securing your site with HTTPS. Ensure that your site works in different browsers and different platforms.

Manage the user experience

A fast page usually beats a slow page in user satisfaction. You can use the Core Web Vitals report to see your site-wide performance numbers, or PageSpeed Insights to test performance for individual pages. You can learn more about building fast pages on the web. dev site. Also, consider using AMP for fast pages.

Control your search appearance

Google provides many kinds of search result features and experiences in Google Search, including review stars, embedded site search boxes, and special result types for specific types of information such as events or recipes. See which ones are appropriate for your site and consider implementing them. You can provide a favicon to show in search results for your site. You can also provide an article date to appear in search results.

Be sure to read the article on how to help Google provide good titles and snippets. You can also restrict the snippet length, or omit it entirely if you wish. See how to use meta tags to limit text or images used when generating search result snippets.

If you are a European press publisher, tell Search Console.

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