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Published December 13th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Are you in search of a sound voice amplifier manufacturer? WinBridge is your reliable manufacturer of voice amplifiers. Our MOQ requirement is low so you can manage your orders. We give discounts based on the number of units you will order. Door-to-door shipping is already included in our quote, so you don’t have to worry about customs fees and duties.
Our voice amplifiers use the latest Bluetooth Technology so you can connect your smart gadgets! With its rechargeable battery, you can stream your music and amplify your voice for up to 10 hours. Cable-free and portable amplifiers are perfect for any indoor and outdoor usage.
Every year, we issue different models and upgrade our recent models of voice amplifiers based on the latest technology. Our designs are originally crafted and made with their own patents. We follow the modern trends of technology and ensure that the functions work as promised.
Our skilled personnel will provide you with exceptional after-sales service and support. If you need repairs, replacements, training, or have questions regarding your purchase, we are happy to help. If the items have outlived their warranty period, we offer service centers that can provide support and repairs.
Here’s what you will get when you choose Winbridge as your supplier:
1. Highest Product Quality and Performance Standards
2. Value for Money
3. Sturdiness and Longevity
4. The Most Up-to-Date Technology and Design
5. Product Availability and Stocks
6. After Sales Assistance
7. Warranty on Products
We are confident in what we offer, so WinBridge offers a one-year warranty and continuous technical support on all of our products. (With terms and conditions) We will repair or replace damaged items within the stated time frame, as long as they comply with our terms and conditions.
The WinBridge OEM Voice Amplifier is a highly useful device that you can use to easily amplify your voice. It is a portable and useful PA system that comes with a microphone of your choice—a wireless headset, a wired headset, or a lapel microphone—and some even include a handheld or convertible microphone, allowing you to utilize it in a variety of ways.
If you will order from the US, we can ship your orders for up to 10 days. For other countries, we can deliver for up to 15 days. We have an efficient courier partner so you can receive your packages on time. For customized labels and packaging, lead time varies on the design and quantity of orders.

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