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Published July 16th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Different power amplifiers have different voice amplification effects, according to their needs, through here you can learn to meet your requirements of voice amplifiers.

5W voice amplifier model: WinBridge WB001

WB001 Features:
Lightweight, compact, and portable.Excellent for anyone in meetings or seminars, or guiding a tour. Rounded edges, smoother design, charge at your computer, and more features.
Operation is straightforward, even if you could without needing the manual. Just plug and play. It could work well for the elderly who cannot project their voice to keep them socially involved.

18W voice amplifier: WinBridge M800

M800 Features:
Firm and Sturdy! Well built, it’s firm and very sturdy when held in the hand. Voice Speaker Can play music from your iPhone via Bluetooth. No worry no power to charge your devices outdoors anymore as it is can be a mobile power. The rechargeable battery ( 2*2200mAh ) lasts a long time (10-12 hours) between charges and charges quickly once plugged in. The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably. Especially for Outdoors as it is IPX5 Waterproof & Dust-proof & Shockproof!

20W voice amplifier: WinBridge S398

S398 Features:
Built-in high-performance lithium battery — ultra-long standby time. With TWS, can deliver good sound quality between two S398 without the hassle of messy and tangle-prone wiring, Zero Cables Required. Sound clear, lightweight, easy to use, and you can adjust the belt and volume easily. Rapid charging time, it only takes about 2-3 hours for charging.

25W voice amplifier: WinBridge S92 Pro

S92 Pro Features:
A good amount of sound from a portable PA system compared to a huge heavy speaker. The loudspeaker includes many additional functions like playing from a USB drive, SD card, or AUX-in. UHF double-emission and double-receiving function, which can pair hand-held as well as UHF wireless microphone headset at the same time. Portable powered speaker amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0 iCloud control, you can stream your favorite music from any type of Bluetooth such as your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, or even your laptop computer, up to 100 feet away.

If you are interested in the above-mentioned amplifiers. Please send your email to info@wwinbridge.com.

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