WinBridge M800 Portable Voice Amplifier with Wired Headset Waterproof

Published October 15th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article introduces WinBridge M800 the basic parameters, main functions, user manual, accessories, official website purchase, applicable people, sales discounts, after-sales policy, OEM customization, etc.

 WinBridge M800

To understand the details of WinBridge M800, please refer to the following summary and get the content you need.

1. WinBridge M800 basic parameters

M800 portable Voice amplifier is a lifesaver for your voice and throat! Speaker gives off a clear and crisp sound, with no noise, and no distortion! You could easily make a presentation to a group of 50 people and be heard clearly.

WinBridge M800 Features:

  • Firm and Sturdy! This Portable Amplifier is well built, it’s firm and very sturdy when held in the hand
  • Voice Speaker Can play music from your iPhone via Bluetooth
  • No worry no power to charge your devices outdoors anymore as it is can be a mobile power
  • The rechargeable battery ( 2*2200mAh ) lasts a long time (10-12 hours) between charges and charges quickly once plugged in
  • The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably
  • Especially for Outdoors as it is IPX5 Waterproof & Dust-proof & Shockproof! It’s also a Megaphone

WinBridge M800 Technical Parameters

Output Power 18W Amplifying Voice Time 10-12 hours
Battery Capacity 4400mAh Charging Time 3-5 hours
Charging Voltage DC 5V, 1A Product Size 4.57 * 3.66 * 1.65 inches
Music Playing Time 8-10 hours Unit Weight 390g

2. WinBridge M800 main functions

Make your voice heard: Powerful headset microphone and the speaker delivers the amazing sound & superior clarity. The max 18 watts sound can cover about 10000 sq. ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room.
Long Working Time: Rechargeable voice amplifier built-in a 4400mAh big lithium battery which could last for up to 12 hours of playtime after full charged. And it only takes 3-5 hours to fully charge.
Personal Amplifier: Portable speaker amp can also play music from a TF card AND flash drive. Comes with a belt strap that can attach clips to the amplifier and then can be worn around the neck or through belt loops.
Waterproof voice amplifier: IPX5 Rated Waterproof voice amplifier: Shockproof, Splashproof, and Dustproof.
Portable Speaker and Microphone: The voice amplifier supports microphone input and music play simultaneously. M800 is not just a voice amplifier but also can be used as a portable speaker. It has a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 with a working range of up to 32ft. Easy connection to Bluetooth, AUX, TF/USB input.

You can also watch the official WinBridge youtube video to learn more about M800’s functions and product details.

3. WinBridge M800 user manual

The following content is the WinBridge M800 user manual. Of course, you can also download the manual in PDF format.

WinBridge M800 user manual PDF Download

This WinBridge M800 Lightweight, Compact, Rechargeable Portable Voice Amplifier is Excellent for anyone in meetings or seminars or guiding a tour. So if someone is looking for one of these then you have found a very good quality product as it’s well made and strong.
It is a much better device – rounded edges, smoother design, charge at your computer, and more features. One of the best things is the headset – not a piece of thin, springy metal but a sturdy rubberized version.
Operation is straightforward, even if you could without needing the manual Everybody can very quickly up and running – just plug in the headset and turn it on.
Please read the instruction carefully before using them.

WinBridge M800 Package includes:

  • 1 * speaker
  • 1 * Headset Microphone
  • 1 * Charging Cable
  • 1 * waistband
  • 1 * DC 5V adapter
  • 1 * audio cable
  • 1 * User Manual

 WinBridge M800 package includes

How to wear WinBridge M800 waistband

WinBridge M800 is a wired mic and voice amplifier, please refer to the following for wearing:

wear WinBridge M800 waistband

4. WinBridge M800 accessories

WinBridge M800 accessories include a UHF Headset Microphone, Charging Cord, 3.5mm Audio Cable, user manual, Adjustable waistband Strap, etc.

WinBridge M800 accessories

The usage of the WinBridge M800 belt buckle can refer to the figure below, which is also a necessary accessory for M800.

5. WinBridge M800 official store

1. If you visit WinBridge for the first time and want to buy WinBridge M800, you can buy it directly from WinBridge’s official website And can enjoy a certain discount;
2. If you have already purchased WinBridge M800 and want to buy some accessories, such as a headset microphone, we recommend you to buy it through the WinBridge official store;
3. Or you are visiting for the first time and want to import in batches, but you are not sure about the quality of WinBridge M800. We recommend that you buy some samples through the official store to confirm the quality of the product;
4. If you want to buy in small quantities, such as 5 or 10, you can also buy through the WinBridge official store, and you can enjoy a certain discount.
The official store website for purchasing WinBridge M800 is as follows, you can directly visit this link:

 WinBridge M800 official purchase store

6. WinBridge M800 applicable people

WinBridge M800 is currently one of the most popular voice amplifier products. We have received thank-you letters from teachers, coaches, tour guides, distributors, etc. from all over the world, the main users of WinBridge M800 are as follows:

 WinBridge M800 applicable people

WinBridge M800 applicable people:

  • For Teacher
  • For Yoga Coach
  • For Elderly
  • For Tour Guide
  • For disabled
  • for outdoor auction
  • For business train
  • For Meeting

7. WinBridge M800 Trading Information

If you want to import WinBridge M800 in batches or OEM customization, you can continue to pay attention to the following information, and hope that it will be helpful to you.

WinBridge M800 bulk order:

  1. OEM MOQ: 2000PCS
  2. WinBridge Brand MOQ: 200PCS
  3. Payment: T/T 50% Deposit + 50% Balance before shipment
  4. Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  5. Delivery lead time: 30-40 Days after payment confirmed
  6. Warranty: 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support
  7. Certificate: CR,ROHS,FCC

Packing and shipping

The following is the scene of the WinBridge M800 warehouse, packing, loading, and shipping. We hope to deliver high-quality voice amplifiers and pa system products to our partners:

 WinBridge Pack and Ship

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