Portable PA System with Wireless Mic

WinBridge PA System can hold 200 audiences, and the price is under $150. Over 500,000 WinBridge Portable PA Systems have been sold worldwide.

 portable pa system with wireless mic

WinBridge Mini PA System

Winbridge mini PA Systems are mainly used in the following scenarios, You may choose the following application scenarios according to your needs to learn more.

WinBridge WB001

WinBridge WB001

A Portable PA System for teachers’ Operation is straight forward Lightweight and Compact.

WinBridge M800

Rugged PA System with a wireless Lavalier Lapel microphone, Build-in Mic for a phone call,s and the sound of Siren.

WinBridge S208

WinBridge S208

Portable PA System for teachers with Bluetooth, Recording and Sleep mode, Runs for max, Low howling.

WinBridge S398

WinBridge S398

Portable PA System with 20W output, USB-PD Rapid charging time; Runs for max, Low howling.

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Portable PA System

Our Portable PA System is built with amazing features. WinBridge PA Systems such as voice amplifiers and wireless microphone packages are very portable devices with multi-functional features

WinBridge H5

WinBridge H5

Multi-Function Portable PA System, Bluetooth, Wireless, Recording, Echo, Compact, Small Size Loudly Speaker

WinBridge T9

WinBridge T9

Portable Karaoke machine, Built-in Soundcard Remote Control, multi-function Bluetooth speaker

WinBridge S92 PRO

WinBridge S92 Pro

Wireless voice amplifier with headset and handheld mic, portable, Bluetooth, loud, high sound quality durability

WinBridge Best Selling Products

WinBridge M800 UHF

Voice amplifier with wireless headset mic with emergency charging supports simultaneous use of wireless microphones and wired microphones

WinBridge H5 plus

WinBridge H5 Plus

Voice amplifier with wireless headset mic with emergency charging, Supports simultaneous use of wireless microphones and wired microphones

WinBridge S92 Plus

WinBridge S92 plus

Wireless voice amplifier with two headsets, portable, Bluetooth, comfort, high sound quality, durability, Hands-Free

 need winbridge sample

Need Sample

Before determining the need for an OEM of voice amplifier, you may need to understand the quality of our products. You can buy samples from our online store to learn more.

PA System Accessories

You can get more accessory information on the WinBridge PA System, such as a wireless microphone, lavalier microphone, handheld microphone, etc.

WinBridge U5

WinBridge U5

UHF wireless emission technology, 1800mA Lithium battery, moving-coil MIC core

WinBridge U7

WinBridge U7

UHF Transmitter and Receiver with Lapel Microphone, Headset Mic, and Stand Mic for PA Speaker

WinBridge S5

Adjustable angle 270°, Import IC make the voice more clear,3.5mm Connector suit for many devices

WinBridge Accessories

WinBridge S6

WinBridge S6

Portable pa speaker WB001 rechargeable ultralight for teachers with carrying cases.

Winbridge WBU10

Winbridge U10

Multifunction Wireless Microphone, Max 150 feet working distance, Support working with Camera, laptop

WinBridge M10

WinBridge M10

Lavalier Wireless Microphone with charging case for Zoom, Youtubers, Facebook Live Stream

WinBridge W010

WinBridge WB010

Portable PA System speaker WB001 rechargeable ultralight for teachers with carrying cases.

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