Portable PA System with Wireless Handheld Mic 80W K10

Published November 24th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article describes the features and main functions of the 80W amplifier K10 with a wireless microphone.
WinBridge K10 Features:
01. This product can be used with personal computers, DVD, VCD, CD, LD, TV, MP3, guitar, electronic piano, and any other devices with audio output.
02. WinBridge acoustic K-song speaker, 80W high power, support for portable, backpack dual-use.
03. 12.1V 7500mAh A product power battery, endurance 7-8 hours (outdoor mode).
04. Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, music online playback, wireless karaoke function.
05. Support FM radio function, TF card, U disk playback function, equipped with 6.5mm independent instrument input interface, the configuration of independent audio input, output interface.

WinBridge K10 main functions:
Music Playback Function: The machine U disk, TF card socket, support plug and play, support MP3, WAV, WMA, FL AC, and APE music format playback, decoding sound quality performance is outstanding, high-fidelity stereo design to give you a new music experience.
FM Function: The amplifier can search for channels to play through FM radiofrequency.
Recording Function: The voice amplifier can record by inserting a TF card or U disk, and the recording can be played through the loudspeaker after recording.
Bluetooth Function: You can play sound through cell phones, computers, and other devices with Bluetooth function connected to the amplifier.
Wireless Tandem Function: Within 15 meters this function is applied in the case of multiple hosts wirelessly connected in tandem, which can meet the needs of large venues.

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