Portable Loudspeaker with Microphone

Published April 29th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

WinBridge is a leader in the voice amplifier industry, and here we present a representative model of a voice amplifier, its features, and its main functions.

Voice Amplifier Manufacturer
WinBridge is a China Led Signal Amplifier global leader in voice amplifying technology Since 2007. We offer a “Speech Aid” to help amplify the teacher’s voice to let your voice could be heard by students and save your throat. This includes Portable Voice Amplifier, Portable Karaoke speaker, and wireless Microphone, it covers business meetings, professional teaching& Speaking, Tour guide, Entertainment, Promotion Event, Parkinson’s patient… WinBridge is pioneering Voice Amplify for those who let their voice could be heard anywhere hands-free.

Model: WinBridge H5 Plus

WinBridge H5 Plus Features:
1. WinBridge H5 Plus can be a wireless Bluetooth speaker. With 5.0 Bluetooth, the Bluetooth voice amplifier allows you to play music from any Bluetooth device like phones, tablets with a working range of up to 33ft
2. Perfect size for the quality of the sounds and it is very loud for such a small system
3. The portable voice amplifier is only 3.27lb with a compact size of 9.06 * 8.50 * 3.54 inches, easy to carry away. A perfect wireless voice amplifier for taking classes, yoga instructing, outdoor sports, parties, meetings, karaoke
4. You can select your favorite FM station through the FM mode of the voice amplifier with the speaker. You can listen to radio music, news information, weather forecasts, entertainment gossip, etc. Spend your boring days by using this rechargeable voice amplifier
5. Well made and the speaker has an Echo feature

WinBridge H5 Plus functions
Powerful and Clear: The wireless voice amplifier can also be a wireless loudspeaker, making your voice reach 1500㎡. You can easily pair the speaker and microphone, and the PAIRING METHOD is ON the user manual or you can refer to the product description. But please do not point the wireless microphone to the wireless voice amplifier with Bluetooth, otherwise, it will produce static sound.
Rechargeable PA System with Long Battery Time: This is a rechargeable voice amplifier with a built-in 3600mah battery. After fully charged, The voice amplifier with speaker can play music for 6-8 hours or amplify voice for 8 hours, the wireless microphone headset can last for 4-6 hours, and the transmitter can last for 4-6 hours.
UHF Microphone Supports: Switch to UHF mode and pair the voice amplifier with a wireless headset microphone, lapel microphone, and stand microphone, you could use whichever you want. Warm Tips, The transmitter is used with the lapel microphone or the stand microphone, and only one microphone can be used with the voice speaker at the same time, which means if you have paired the headset, you can not use the transmitter, that you can not use lapel microphone or stand microphone.
All-in-one Bluetooth Voice Amplifier: With 5.0 Bluetooth, you can play music from any Bluetooth device, the voice amplifier wireless microphone and speaker also support Aux input, TF Card, U Disk, FM Radio, and One-click Recording. This voice amplifier with a wireless microphone headset supports you to play music while talking through the wireless headset microphone. Multiple functions for you to use.
Portable PA System: This portable voice amplifier for teachers is a 9.06 * 8.50 * 3.54″ size, 3.27lb weight loudspeaker, which is compact and easy to carry, suitable for taking classes, yoga instructing, outdoor sports, parties, meetings, karaoke, etc.

WinBridge H5 Plus bulk order:
1. WinBridge Brand MOQ: 800PCS
2. Payment: T/T 50% Deposit + 50% Balance before shipment
3. Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
4. Delivery lead time: 10-30 Days after payment confirmed
5. Warranty: 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support
6. Certificate: CR,ROHS,FCC

WinBridge H5 Plus packing and shipping
The following is the scene of the WinBridge H5 Plus warehouse, packing, loading, and shipping. We hope to deliver high-quality voice amplifier and pa system products to our partners:

If you are interested in the above-mentioned microphones. Please send your email to info@wwinbridge.com.

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