PA System for Outdoor Events

Published November 20th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Today, these are two factors people look for when getting a portable PA system: Portability and Value for Money. Gone are the days when big, bulky speakers were IN. Nowadays, anything handy but with powerful speakers has become a top choice.

With portable PA Systems, your outdoor events can be a breeze. Always check the power output and the microphone features to make sure they can cover a specific outdoor space. Two things you can also take note of before buying one are:

Bluetooth speakers
While choosing your speaker, you must consider that it should ultimately go wireless from a power supplier and the playback gadget. These Bluetooth speakers must be able to run on portable battery power for a sufficient length of time so that you don’t need to input AC power while you’re using them. It allows placing both speaker and playback devices according to your preference.

The latest Bluetooth technology can sync your music and other multimedia formats from your Apple or Android devices. In addition, WinBridge speakers boast award-winning Bluetooth technologies that will make your connection faster and simpler.

Active speakers
Active speakers are those with an integrated amplifier. You can link them instantly to the mixer or replay devices. It must first be routed through an external amplifier.

On the contrary, passive speakers should be operated by an external amp. Active speakers could be battery-powered or AC-powered. Most of them have Bluetooth connectivity.

This sound system can blow out the sound to a long-distance, which is valuable for all speakers. Generally, this OEM speaker system has the best volume sound, but only a few speakers can produce maximum sound. Since it is for outdoor use, it can provide full volume to reach a long-distance or an open area.

Here at WinBridge, we provide Portable PA Systems that are sure to last a long time. And you’ll get multifunctional features without buying separate speakers or an audio system. Our Voice Amplifiers and PA system can instantly turn into a karaoke system, a party Bluetooth speaker, and an amplification device all in one.

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