OEM Voice Amplifier for Tour Guide

Published December 13th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Winbridge is your partner for your tour adventures! If you are a tourist guide looking for a solution on how you can speak conveniently without hurting your throat, it’s time to get your new smart gadget- a voice amplifier! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. No need to shout when speaking to your group during the tour
  2. Full volume control to adjust the right level of loudness
  3. Wearable and very light
  4. Convenient and portable
  5. Battery lasts a long time
  6. You can choose between a wired and a wireless model
  7. Use other functions like the recorder, radio, Bluetooth speaker, and emergency power bank for your phones

This is one gadget you should not forget to carry if you’re worried about how you’ll assemble or communicate with a larger crowd at your tour destination! When giving tours, a voice amplifier is ideal because the wide space requires a louder voice for your tourists. As a result, a clear, weather-resistant, and long-lasting voice amplifier can come to your rescue.
Here’s one of our featured models: WinBridge M800.
The next best-seller in our voice amplifiers range is the WinBridge M800 UHF which is available in Black or Army Green colors. Tagged as a megaphone, this unit can reach a maximum peak of 25W. It provides the best quality of sounds that can cover outdoor wide paces. It adopts the original tone of your voice without any static or feedback.
You can talk for straight 10-12 hours since it comes with a 4400mah battery with lower power consumption, high efficiency, and a fast-charging feature that can charge your device for 6 hours with up to 12 hours of continuous usage.
Never worry about outdoor activities where it can be prone to dust, rain, humidity, and falling. It is water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, and usable for a long time without any disruption. Charge your phone as it can also be used as a power bank! Turn it into a Bluetooth speaker or connect to your smartphones and tablets to get an instant karaoke machine!
We have more models that can suit your tour guide’s needs! We provide the best voice amplifiers in the market at an affordable price. If you want to check out other models, you can click on this link: WinBridge products.

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