WinBridge OEM Services

WinBridge can provide professional OEM customization services of voice amplifiers for global customers…

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WinBridge OEM

We offer OEM Services:

1. OEM Your Brand on the products.

2. Create and produce new packaging and graphics under your Brand.

3. Work with clients to develop & design new products.

Your Brand

Your Brand could be labeled or printed on the products after you send us your brand artwork.

New Packaging

We could design a new package according to your request or you send us your package artwork, and we will make your package accordingly.

New Graphics

Inform us of your good idea, our engineers will make Graphics accordingly to make new products for your Brand.

winbridge need sample

OEM Sample

Before determining the need for an OEM of voice amplifier, you may need to understand the quality of our products. You can buy samples from our online store to learn more.

Why Choose WinBridge


Focus on achieving professionalism Professional achievement expert We have been focusing on Voice Amplify Industry for 14 years, In the next 30 years, we will still focus on the Voice Amplify Industry.

Continuous R&D investment

Our dedicated team consists of 12 excellent experienced structural engineers, electronic engineers, and acoustic engineers, 20 professional sales engineers Every year we invest 20% of our profits in the design and research, and development of new products to continuously meet the needs of users.


WinBridge is a well-known brand and global leader in the voice amplifying technology industry, we have more than 2 million users and 1000 distributors, covering government, education, home care, public services, solutions, and other fields, deeply loved and trusted.