OEM Good Karaoke System

Published December 8th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

We all want that OEM Karaoke system that is portable and with clear and high-precision sound. Plus a microphone that sounds like a professional mic! Any gathering or occasion is not complete without a karaoke session so let’s talk about this famous Karaoke system that rocks every home party!

Winbridge Karaoke System comes in different power watts. Some have 40 watts or 80 watts This portable music player, PA speaker, Bluetooth speaker, and home music studio system is equipped with a mixer so you can enjoy any singing session at home or outdoors. It is also perfect for performances, home sound systems, and if you need a decent PA system.

When it comes to choosing a good OEM karaoke system, there are the best features you should look for. Is it enough that it can make your voice heard? Or do you only want to use it at home? When you want to invest in a good karaoke system, search for the one that is multifunctional so you can use it in various ways.

The majority of Karaoke Machines are simple to set up, and the instruction manuals that come with them clearly outline the steps on how to effectively use them. What’s great about the WinBridge karaoke system is that all models are packed with excellent features and are user-friendly.

When you purchase a WinBridge OEM karaoke system, you will surely love and get these amazing features:

1. Audio input ports
The karaoke machines have a 3.5mm AUX input. You can use this to transfer audio from the song source, for example, your mobile device or tablet. Thus, you would hear the song through your karaoke machine speakers, and if the song has lyrics, you will have to sing along while following the words on your smart device screen or smart TV.

2. Voice Controls
Our karaoke system has voice mixers so you can change and control the echo, pitch, or tone of your voice. Through this function, you can add an echo, change the pitch, or modify the bass and treble for more professional sound output. You will surely enjoy hearing your voice as you sing!

3. Voice Recorder function
Our karaoke system carries a function where you can record your performance and save it on your USB drive or TF card. Once your song is recorded, you can keep this as a file and use it for purposes you desire. Also, the MicroSD Memory Card or USB ports can be used to insert and play your music simultaneously.

4. Vlogging add-on features
If you enjoy doing LIVE sessions or vlogs, you will definitely need some additional features like sound effects or voice changers. Not all OEM karaoke system has this function. But when you get a WinBridge T9, it will help you make interesting and interactive content with the voice changer function.

5. Excellent Battery Life
The rechargeable system allows you to manage your usage and save a lot of money due to its long life span and durability. Lithium battery lasts longer without the need for long charging hours. Enjoy the singing for up to 10 hours or more without plugging it into an outlet.

6. Versatility
You can connect your mobile phone using a Bluetooth connection and use our karaoke system as a speaker. Or you can go to YouTube and play songs directly from your phone and have an instant karaoke session. It is great for indoor or outdoor activities because the quality of the sound is perfect even for outdoor spaces.

So, if you have a Zumba, an outdoor yoga class, a dance class, even a singing class, or a simple recording session, this gadget can be used on different occasions.

7. Microphone Types
There are karaoke systems that can let you choose the type of microphone you can pair with it. It can be a wired one, wireless, or a combination of both. You can also get a lapel type or a UHF headset type that you can convert to a handheld mic. You can enjoy all these when you purchase a WinBridge Karaoke System amplifier!

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