Multifunctional Voice Amplifier

Published April 19th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Having a multifunctional language amplifier can solve the problem of insufficient volume and other life problems. This article recommends the WinBridge H5 language amplifier and introduces its features and main functions.

Model: WinBridge H5

WinBridge H5 Features:
1. WinBridge H5 comes with a wireless microphone that has a great future for controlling the volume.
2. Perfect size for the quality of the sounds and it is very loud for such a small system
3. Both the mic and speaker are rechargeable…the sound is actually PERFECT for speaking
4. Can play music off radio, USB, Bluetooth, Micro SD, AUX
5. It is great for lectures, demonstrations or giving tours, or just as a speaker for listening to music off your phone
6. Well made and speaker has Echo feature

WinBridge H5 main functions:
1. WinBridge H5 is a decent portable PA speaker system that offers all the features you could ask from such a device. Amplifier your voice, play music via Bluetooth or audio jack, enjoy FM always and everywhere, recording, ECHO, etc.
2. The Small size (9.8″ *9″*3.7″) and weight (3.26 pounds) loudspeaker delivers 30W powerful sound to cover 25000sq.ft and around 100+ people. In the key, you should turn up the mic volume to maximum. Comes with a removable handle for easy carrying.
3. Voice amp builds in 2500mAh rechargeable POWER battery guarantees up to 5-6 hours playtime in 50% volume and wireless headset mike with 550mAh up to around 5 hours. Both Recharge in just 5 hours.
4. Portable powered speaker amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0 iCloud control, you can stream your favorite music from any type of Bluetooth such as your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, smartphone, or even your laptop computer, up to 100 feet away….Updated H5 also has an ECHO feature.
5. This is a great little audio system when talking to small crowds while demonstrating products, works well for meetings, teaching, training, outdoor activities like weddings, Yoga classroom even for tourist guides, elders and whisper, etc. Really save your vocal cords.

WinBridge H5 bulk order
1. WinBridge Brand MOQ: 800PCS
2. Payment: T/T 50% Deposit + 50% Balance before shipment
3. Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
4. Delivery lead time: 10-30 Days after payment confirmed
5. Warranty: 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support
6. Certificate: CR,ROHS,FCC

WinBridge H5 packing and shipping
The following is the scene of the WinBridge H5 warehouse, packing, loading, and shipping. We hope to deliver high-quality voice amplifier and pa system products to our partners:

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