Microphone Portable Speaker System

Published November 19th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article describes the different types of microphones in microphone portable speaker systems and how they are paired.

Wired microphone: WinBridge S5

WinBridge S5 Main features:
1. Adjustable angle 270°.
2. Stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable design.
3. Import IC makes the voice clear.
4. 3.5mm Connector suit many devices.
Pairing: Insert the 3.5mm S5 plug into the headphone hole of the amplifier.

Wireless microphone: WinBridge U5

WinBridge U5 Main features:
1. This U5 Handheld Wireless microphone adopts UHF wireless technology.
2. wireless transmission distance up to 50m, the wireless signal is very strong and even can through the wall
3. It has built-in 1800mA lithium which can support 10 hours of ultra-long standby time.
1. Long press the button to turn on the U5 handheld microphone with Blue light becomes constantly lights.
2. Turn on the UHF wireless voice amplifier, then long-press the “UHF” key, and the red indicator light will flash, which means the device has entered into the UHF wireless pairing status.
3. Quick triple-click the button on the U5 until the red indicator light on the speaker from flashing to constantly red, it means they paired successfully.

Wireless microphone: WinBridge U8

Wireless headset features:
1. Adopt WinBridge’s original sound amplification electroacoustic system.
2. Stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable design.
3. Import IC makes the voice clear.
4. Work with any speaker with AUX in function.
5. Receiver with function indicator lights.
Pairing: Adjust the amplifier mode to UHF mode, let the amplifier voice boost UHF waiting for pairing, and then long-press the “WiFi” button of the headset for pairing, the pairing will be successful.

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