Microphone for Classroom

Published February 26th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

If you are a teacher and you’re looking for ways to use a PA system in your class, we have good news for you! Winbridge offers a voice amplifier with a microphone for classroom set-up! We have two options: wired or wireless.
The microphone for the classroom should be portable and lightweight. Winbridge voice amplifiers were created to ensure convenience and hands-free usage. So, whether you are standing, sitting, or even walking around the classroom, you can wear it comfortably.
Classes are more interesting when teachers can use their hands to show gestures or use other technological equipment. This can happen by providing more options to use a microphone by choosing between a wired headset, wireless headset, lapel or clip-on mic, or handheld microphones.
If you have students who are hard of hearing or if you are having difficulty communicating with the student in the last row, a voice amplifier with a microphone for the classroom will help you run a smooth class. You can adjust the mic to the right volume to accommodate all students without causing stress caused by noisy feedback or interference from any audio device.
Using a voice amplifier will give an equal chance for all the students to hear the teachers inside the four corners of the classroom. It is not too loud or causes any static, so it will not be irritating to everyone. Instead, the teacher will have a great teaching session, and the students will learn more and have a better class experience.
We recommend choosing from our bestsellers; we have the models S208 and S209. You can also check out M700 if you want a lapel-like microphone for the classroom. You can also see our newest model, S398. You will surely love all the features of these voice amplifiers!
Need help deciding which model is the right one for your classroom? We can help you! Send us an email at info@wwinbridge.com. We will be very happy to assist you and give you recommendations for your classroom needs.

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