How Voice Amplifiers Can Help Teachers During Pandemic

Published November 1st, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Talking through a facemask is not easy. If you are a teacher and you are struggling these days because face-to-face class during the pandemic is not convenient, we are here to help you. Our Voice Amplifiers are perfect gadgets to amplify your voice and be heard clearly and loudly.
Teachers who talk too much, especially when wearing a mask, can feel dizziness and lightheadedness. As a result, talking becomes exhaustive and can cause muscular strain, particularly in the esophagus area. This is not good for their health.
With the use of classroom sound systems such as voice amplifiers, teachers can now enjoy teaching. If you are soft-spoken, it is now easy to be heard in the four corners of your classroom because our standard voice amplifier can cover a small audience of up to 50 students in class.
We have different models to choose from. You can teach and talk hands-free because you can put the voice amplifiers on a flat surface or use to strap to wear around your belt or shoulders. Please choose from our wired or wireless models and take advantage of other features like the recorder, music player, Bluetooth speaker, or radio.
Here at Winbridge, we always care for you and your voice. So salute our heroes- our Dear teachers!

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