How to Put Together Cheap Expandable PA System for Band with a Karaoke Machine

Published November 25th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article talks about the WinBridge brand karaoke amplifiers T9 and H5 for the Cheap Expandable PA System and describes how to use them.

WinBridge H5 Pairing Wireless Microphone:
1. Turn on the U8 wireless microphone with Blue light becomes constantly lights.
2. Turn on the speaker, short press the M button to switch to UHF mode with a screen showing: “URF”, then long-press M button again for 3 seconds to enter UHF pairing mode with a voice prompt: “UHF is waiting for connection..”, meanwhile UHF indicator becomes flashes.
3. Do a press on the small silicone button WiFi on the mic until the speaker prompt: “UHF is connected”, then you could start to enjoy it.

WinBridge H5 Music Play
Supports: Bluetooth, USB flash drive, 3.5mm audio cable, micro SD card.

Note: H5 can play songs and connect the wireless microphone at the same time.

WinBridge T9 Karaoke Tutorial:
1. Pair the UHF wireless microphone to the speaker, or you could plug the wired 1/4 microphone included to the MIC jack.
2. Connect the red cable end to the webcast jack and another end to your phone or computer for live stream. If you sing and would like to have accompaniment, then connect the black cable end into AUX in jack, and another end into your phone or speaker ( optional connect ).
3. Or you could connect Bluetooth from your phone to get music accompaniment.
4. Plug headset earphones/headphones into the headset jack, then you
could hear what you said and music play.

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