How to Charge WinBridge Voice Amplifier

Published November 4th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Your WinBridge Voice Amplifier comes with a charging cable or charger that you will use for charging. Typically, the charging time is around 3-5 hours. Once the battery is full, the work time can range from 10-12 hours, depending on usage.

Just like your smartphones and gadgets, you must take care and charge your voice amplifiers the way you charge your other Bluetooth gadgets. Overcharging or over-draining the battery can damage the unit and will affect its performance. So always charge with utmost care and caution.

To avoid breakage or damage:
1. Charge your voice amplifiers with the chargers or cable provided with them.
2. Read the manual or instructions if you want to try other generic chargers.
3. Use the correct plug with the recommended voltage power.

Your WinBridge voice amplifiers use lithium-ion batteries so you can recharge them hundreds of times. Thus, it is safe and fast charging. If your voice amplifier is not charging, you can send us a message to help you with some troubleshooting. We can replace your item covered by our warranty or get it repaired through our repair service centers.

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