How to Build PA System for Classroom

Published November 21st, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

It is easy to set up a PA System for the classroom so your students can benefit from it. WinBridge Portable PA Systems do not need a complex setup and are mostly plug-and-play, so you don’t have to worry if you are not a technical person.

When you purchase a PA System from us, you don’t need to run cables or connect it to other speakers because the main amp/speaker is enough to produce a loud and clear sound output. You can use our voice amplification system inside a classroom that has 30-60 students. Let us look at one of our best-sellers, WinBridge S92 Plus.
If you want a classroom sound system for an interactive class, S92 PLUS will provide you with two wireless UHF Bluetooth headsets.

  • The portable PA speaker unit has a very good build quality, solid feel, and outstanding design. The speaker comes in shiny black color, has good buttons for controlling, and is easy to pair and use.
  • Easy to use, has multiple input modes, and also works as a Bluetooth speaker and karaoke machine (No Echo, Bass, and Treble).
  • Wireless voice amplifier with two portable microphones that can be used wireless. You can place the unit at the center of the room or in one corner. The coverage is good even for up to 50 ft!
  • The wireless mic can be used in 2 ways. It is easy to split and use as a headset or a handless mic. You can quickly adjust the volume by pressing the “+” and “-” on the mic.
  • Speakers with a microphone system provide a clear and loud sound for meetings, teaching, reporting, school field trips, room parties, and more.
  • You can link both wireless microphones at the same time. This would work well if there were two people who need to use a microphone at the same time.
  • Perfect for people with soft-spoken voices or who need to have a louder volume when speaking. The amplified sound helps all students and especially enhances focus for your students with learning disabilities.

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