Hearing Aid Voice Amplifier Teachers Use for Children

Published November 18th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article is about amplifiers suitable for teachers to use for children, which will introduce the types and reasons for recommending the amplifier, and why this amplifier should be used.

Recommended model: WinBridge WB001

Reasons for the recommendation:
1.WinBridge WB001 is lightweight, compact, and portable.
2. Operation is straightforward, even if you could without needing the manual. Just plug and play.
3. This speaker with a microphone headset can be positioned near your mouth with its flexible gooseneck design. The headset sits on top of the head so it is stable and won’t fall off.

Recommended model: WinBridge S208

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. S208 mini speaker comes with a wired headset microphone. It is a professional voice amplifier that saves your voice. A 10-watt power amplifier streams your voice up to 10000 sq. ft. The sound is loud, clear, natural, and not static.
2. S208 microphone and speaker set are compatible with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. Bluetooth 5.0 advanced technology provides a greater wireless range of 33 feet and efficient connectivity for devices like mobile phones and tablets. Ideal for personal indoor home and outdoor use.

Recommended model: WinBridge S209

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. A new voice amplifier set features an LED display that tells you what track/ function is activated, including mic, recording, Bluetooth, aux, USB, battery indicator and MUTE reminds.
2. This speaker box is portable, lightweight, and compact. It is easy to use, just plug and play.
3. This is not only a portable amplifier but also a Bluetooth speaker and litter pa system that can help you to be heard clearly and save your throat.

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