Covid Mask Voice Amplifier

Published November 24th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

It’s difficult to communicate while wearing a facemask. We are here to help teachers who are struggling these days because face-to-face classes are inconvenient during the pandemic. Our voice amplifiers are excellent for amplifying your voice so that you can be heard clearly and loudly.
Teachers who talk too much, especially while wearing a mask, may feel dizzy or lightheaded. As a result, talking becomes tiring and may cause muscular strain, particularly in the esophagus. This is harmful to their health. Moreover, your students also find it challenging to participate in class because they cannot hear their teacher well.
If you’re looking for a classroom gadget that you can use every day in the classroom, our voice amplifiers are the best option. It can be used in indoor or outdoor classes, to record lessons and play them back in class, to create an interactive teaching environment, or to play music.
A voice amplifier will help you avoid sore throats by reducing the effort of talking, especially if you are in a large room and need to speak louder to be heard by the last student in the last row of the room. Please contact us at if you need assistance in selecting the right amplifier for you.

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