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Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone SM01 Free Shipping

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  • [support provided by SabineTek] bluetooth clip type microphone and run on a mobile phone application support or regular bluetooth channel third-party applications (such as FILMIC Pro) cooperate to use - you can't be used with mobile phone camera to zoom, or can't use YouTube with FB live broadcast or do other things in live streaming;You can record it in your application and then upload it to some social media platform or computer via Bluetooth.
  • The bluetooth lapel microphone records full-frequency audio at 48kHz, more than six times the frequency of traditional mono microphones such as Apple AirPods.
  • No late editing, real-time syncing with video automatically via SmartMike + App. It can recognize, automatically record text and automatically generate subtitle files in over 100 languages.
  • The Wirelss lapel microphone can be used in conjunction with a 3.5mm headset for real-time monitoring.Listen to background music and your own voice best suited for recording dance tutorials or even creating your own personal music videos.Vlog, content creator, visitor, presenter, lecturer, etc.
  • This small wireless lapel microphone clips to the jacket or collar of a T-shirt and uses noise reduction technology to overcome poor sound quality and background noise.It weighs just 15.6g / 0.55oz and measures 2.3 x 0.4 x 0.6 inches.

Professional Bluetooth recording microphone

Use your smartphone to create music videos, interviews, or dance videos.Mixing your favorite music, shows and movies has never been easier!Use our WinBridge Bluetooth lapel microphone to synchronize audio and video in real time, and adjust background music and voice levels in real time through the app.SMike + App also allows you to mix audio from different audio sources in real time.

App has three modes:

Vlog, interview and audio.

  • the Vlog mode is a typical video recording mode, just like the mode you use in your camera application.
  • The interview mode also records videos from the mobile microphone and APP.
  • Audio mode only records audio.

The setup is simple, just like any other Bluetooth device.

  • Hold down the power button on the lapel microphone for 3 seconds.
  • In the "Bluetooth Settings" of the phone, select the corresponding APP.

What's in the box?

  • Bluetooth lapel microphone.
  • USB charging cable (USB-A to Micro-USB).
  • Gift box.
  • Manual.

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