Classroom Speaker System

Published November 25th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

Teachers must consider using a speaker system that can help them in their daily teaching. Using a voice amplifier or a wireless loudspeaker with a microphone is helpful in delivering face-to-face classes.

WinBridge created a classroom speaker system for the following reasons:
1. Give consistent voice volume
We aim to provide equal chances for all the students to hear the teachers inside the four corners of the classroom. Normally, those in the front rows will not have difficulty hearing the teacher, but in a big class, the students in the end rows might not hear the teacher well, especially those with hearing problems or those with difficulty concentrating in class.
2. Provide a pleasing sound environment
Some sound system is not comfortable to use or can cause irritating echo or sounds. A good classroom sound system can be adjusted to the right volume to accommodate all students without causing stress caused by noisy feedback or interference of any audio device.
3. Allows the teachers to become more productive
Classes are more interesting when teachers can use their hands to show gestures or use other technology equipment to make the lesson more fascinating and relevant. This can happen by providing more options to use a microphone by choosing between a wired headset, wireless headset, lapel or clip-on mic, or handheld microphones.
4. Use Bluetooth technology
In situations where the teacher needs to play music to do more activities and have fun learning in class, a Bluetooth speaker will be necessary. This will transform the teaching environment to bring enthusiasm and encourage an interactive session each time.
5. Promote voice health
Avoid vocal stress by eliminating extra efforts just to be heard inside the class. A teacher often needs to shout and speak louder than usual and doing this every day can result in health problems. By using a voice amplifier, you’ll get plenty of health benefits all year round.
6. Multifunctional
A multifunctional classroom speaker system can provide flexibility when using the device. If you can use the voice amplifier along with several functions, then you can use it not only inside the classroom, but when there are special occasions in school. It is even more practical to purchase a device that you can use to save time and effort.

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